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There are many gross and subtle benefits of Shiva Kriya Yoga program, some can be measured as they are gross and some cannot be measured in the ways that you know. The ones that can be measured are given here. For knowing subtle benefits you need to join the program and have direct experience. 


The Science of Inner Transformation has been termed as Shiva Kriya Yoga by Adiguru Prakriti.


Shiva Kriya Yoga Program is a unique blend of Kriya Yoga & Tantra which provides hands-on techniques and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want to. It gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of body, mind, emotions and energy using methods from the distilled essence of ancient Kriya Yoga and Tantra sciences. The program imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within. The program has been designed by Adiguru Prakriti, an Enlightened, Self-Realized Kriya and Tantra Yogi.

A study conducted on Kriya Yoga and Tantra Practitioners who practised techniques and methods for a minimum of one year has shown these improvements.

Your Physical Body Mechanics

Entire Yogic Science is about the play of Pranic Energy (Fundamental Life Force) in you. When your physical body is in any kind of danger then stress hormones, chemicals are released into your body. But in today's modern fast-paced life even simple situations like cancelled plans, traffic jams, disagreement with people around can release the same hormones and your body chemistry will be changed as a result. Even just by thinking about something that happened in past or useless fears about future can trigger the release of these stress hormones even though the physical body is not in any real danger or threat. 

Improvements reported by Yoga Practitioners

Anxiety & Depression Relief

Relaxed Mind Brainwave Pattern

The relaxed mind gives a much better experience of life and enhances productivity enormously. Relaxation of mind can be seen through the brain wave pattern. Many universities and research foundations have done studies around the world to study brain wave pattern of the brain of Yoga Practitioners and results have been published worldwide. Practising techniques and methods provided through Shiva Kriya Yoga Program have shown increment in Alpha waves which demonstrates the relaxed mind, significant decrease in Beta waves responsible for anxious, active and compulsive thinking and a significant increase in the Delta waves responsible for Deep Sleep which ultimately results in proper regeneration of cells in the body and impacts overall health positively. 

Sleep improvements reported by Kriya & Tantra Practitioners

By the age of 30, many people lose their ability to sleep properly and in today's modern world and fast-paced life sleeping disorders are becoming very common. Sleeping disorders are closely associated with one's inability to generate Delta brain waves for a sufficient amount of time. On the deeper level, sleeping problems arise due to unprocessed suppressed emotions and too much Subconscious Brain activity. Shiva  Kriya Yoga practitioners are able to untangle their emotions, are able to balance their emotional body and have reported that it is possible to "sleep like a baby". 

Reduced Menstrual Disorders

Energy Improvements

Significant energy improvements are reported by the Shiva Kriya Yoga program practitioners. When the mind is relaxed, the emotional body is balanced then your fundamental life energy drain stops and you can utilize this energy in evolving, uplifting yourself and having a better experience of life. 


Shiva Kriya Yoga Program contains techniques for holistic well-being and a better life. Significant benefits can be achieved through the practice of methods. Change in perception brings a larger, much broader understanding of life and helps you realize your full potential. It helps you achieve better physical and mental health and a highly energetic body.


It's a path for complete transformation. Our Science hasn't evolved yet to the level of proving that which is beyond our physical, material world and hence lots of benefits of this program can only be proved by pursuing your own journey. 

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