ॐ भूर् भुवह स्वाहा महा जना तपस सत्यम्


Kriya yoga was initially taught by Maharishi Patanjali and is explained in Yoga Darshan. The initiation first was started by Mahavatar Babaji long time ago. Who gave it's Deeksha and Gyan to Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya and who taught it to Guru Yukteshwar Giri, who taught it to Paramhansa Yogananda and so on.  Among many other students, Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya also taught it to Adiguru Prakriti who did a lot of strenuous sadhana in the past life and then in this life.  


The nuclear life force of the Universe is called the Primal Force or AdiShakti (AdyaShakti). This force being latent in the spiritual seeker is to be awakened through practices, the sadhana of Kriya Yoga. 


Kriya Yoga & Tantra Course Teaches Japa, Pranayama, Meditation, Asana, Mudras, and other ancient techniques that uplift and purifies the energy centres in our subtle body (Chakras). Various initiations awaken the sleeping powers within and help manifest the life at a larger scale. Your physical, mental, emotional and other limitations are dissolved and you start expanding as a being. Kriya Yoga and Tantra prepares you for a higher purpose, for the Realization of Self by awakening your Kundalini Shakti. Only human life can attain such a Realization. 


One must ponder, can we determine our duty unless we know ourselves? We are used to of saying my body, my senses, my life etc. But one never say "I am the life" or that "I am the mind". Kriya Yoga and Tantra Sadhana remove the Identification with gross and subtle that stop one from reaching the causal. 


It is always to be remembered - 

उद्यमेनैव हि सिध्यन्ति, कार्याणि न मनोरथै

It means that a mere desire is not sufficient; one cannot attain success without efforts. 


There is no substitute for hard work, Tapas (कठोर साधना). The desire for something is the "first step". After that, you need to do the intense hard work to reach your goal. But many people's journey never goes beyond this first step, because their energies are scattered, their life force keeps on losing intensity. That's where Tantra; a combination of Mantra and Yantra is helpful. 



Pranamaya Kosha consists of 72,000 Nadis and 114 Chakras, out of which 7 are main Chakras. Walking the spiritual path without Kundalini & Chakras is like trying to physically walk without the Nervous System. Now before one can awaken Kundalini, one must awaken each Chakra and before working on each chakra one must purify and balance the system. One must become courageous enough to face oneself. When a Guru tells you what is within you, you need to understand and accept, rather than going in denial.


The Internet is full of a lot of junk information about Kundalini & Chakras which is highly deluding. It's better to find a real Guru and take Deeksha & Gyan of Chakras and Kundalini from a real Guru. If you are doubtful about finding the real Guru, then know that real Guru will find you when you are ready. And if you haven't been found that means you are not ready, keep making more sincere efforts. Now many of you have met the real Guru, Guru who is Enlightened, Self Realized but it's of "no use" for you because you are not ready yet. That means you as existence is still not able to connect to the Guru's infinite existence, because your existence is still heavily confined to your physical, gross boundary. So you find the Guru's physical body and finding, meeting Guru's physical body is of not much use to you. You as an existence must be able to "invoke" the real Guru Tattva from within the existence of real Guru, and that's what being ready means. So you may be with the world's most powerful Guru and it may mean nothing. When we say Guru finds you, it doesn't only mean Guru finds your physical body, it means Guru finds you through your Subtle existence. But if you are not ready, if you haven't yet learned to perceive the Subtle then you need to do more Sadhana to be able to get the most out of a Real Guru. 


Combined Cosmic presence of Gurus is called as "Guru Mandal". Many seekers, disciples when were ready were contacted by the cosmically present energy of their Guru who is not in the body. They may or may not have Guru-Disciple relationships in a previous lifetime. Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya's ever-present Cosmic Energy form helped Adiguru Prakriti walk her journey towards Self-Realization. Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya was helped by the ever-present Mahavatar Babaji. 


Many seekers confuse Pranotthan (Heightened Pranic Shakti or Arising of Pranic Shakti) with Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini awakening or Chakra manifestations are not about some light and sound show, chakras do not spin like wheels, chakras have nothing to do with any physical symptoms as such. Real Kundalini Awakening always contains "awareness", doubtless, unshakeable awareness about itself, life and everything. When Kundalini awakens you do not need to go and ask someone else. Kundalini Shakti makes you Conscious, highly Conscious not just about your physical existence but your subtle and causal existence as well, because it's not just Vajrini Nadi within Sushumna but also Chitrini Nadi which is Pure Consciousness and Brahm Nadi; all these 3 subtlest subtle Nadis within Sushumna are awakened. Kundalini Shakti cannot be awakened and taken all the way to Sahasrara Chakra in one lifetime.  And many are born in this lifetime who have risen above and beyond a couple of Chakras or more, those who have done some Sadhana in previous lifetimes. 


There are many Myths about Kundalini Shakti going wrong, in wrong places and wrong Nadis and all psychological disorders being blamed as the wrong manifestation of Kundalini. All this is just bull-shit spread by some fearful people who do not understand the subject matter.  Such a thing doesn't happen. It's like how people in early times used to think of Electricity as Evil. How people in earlier times accused Wright Brothers of witchcraft as they invented the aeroplane. Kundalini Shakti consists of Purest Consciousness and Purest Prana, life-giving force, people do not go crazy or mad or physically burnt because of it unless they are allergic to Purity (pun intended). Kundalini is in Pranamaya Kosha and your physical body is just like a remote control to a larger system, network or program being played elsewhere. If your TV is telecasting a cricket match then it's not happening inside your TV, and certainly not in the remote either. If you are seeing red, blue, white lights, crawling sensations in the spine, energy moving here and there in your physical body, please get yourself checked with the doctor (Neurologist perhaps) and do not strengthen your Mano-Loka (mental world). Kundalini Shakti when gives you physical symptoms it comes with a greater force of Transformation within you. Kundalini Shakti expands human consciousness to the level of superhuman, the symptoms are not just physical or mental, it transforms you in a highly positive way, it's pro-life at a larger scale in the Universe. It's about your subtle and causal existence, where you cannot reach if you have any fear and/or your imagination have gone crazy and is limited to the physical & mental perception of life. 


When Chakras Awaken (blockages-free), your Dhyana (Meditation) deepens, you may become an overnight poet, writer, musician, interior designer, highly intuitive, mind reader, full of wisdom & intelligence, an avid reader, higher powers of comprehension, fearless, very loving, compassionate, highly energetic, pure Viveka (discernment) to be able to separate Truth from Lies in an instant, highly aware/conscious of what goes on within you, able to catch all thoughts & emotions as they arise, able to identify your Vasana and know your Karmic lesson, vivid dreams & visions, unshakeable determination & faith on yourself, on the Universe, Karma.


When Kundalini Awakens, Samadhi starts happening, physically you may rarely get sick, except body aches (due to energy changes at the cellular level or bad energy contact) physical energy will be inexhaustible to the extent that I moved 6.4 tons of Stone from one place to another and 25 bags of sand 80 pounds each, dig and removed the grass of 500 square feet of area and built an outdoor barbeque kitchen myself in the backyard of my house in Florida in 10 days without much help and without breaking my back or body in any way. You hardly sleep for 2-3 hours and you are on your toes doing all hard work. You do become very powerful in your physical body as if it's the body of Vajra. Though "only" physical strength is not the sign of Kundalini Awakening as Pranotthan too will make a person tremendously powerful.


Subtle changes given above are some of the signs. Other signs include being Conscious & Be Aware every moment. Deep Dhyana and Savikalpa Samadhi. So, all this happens due to the real manifestation of Chakras, removing the Chitta-Vritti from Chakras and as Kundalini Shakti rises up. It makes you a human first, then it makes you super-human. 


I have met many who tell me that they see Bindu since last 20 years but are not able to pierce it or see Blue Diamond or Red light or White light and energy travelling from one chakra to another, hearing this sound or that sound and all such silly imaginations, and they are highly fascinated by all this but not even an iota of transformation has happened within, all fears still exist, all seriously grave mental tendencies still exist. How ironic it is that one can see all this light and sound show, but cannot see his/her own emotions, thoughts, identities, attachments, wrong perceptions, vasanas? That one can hear all kinds of bells and drums sounds in Anahata and wherever but cannot hear their own inner voice?  Do not target on seeing, hearing & feeling all such nonsense, instead, target knowing your own Vasanas, catching each and every thought and emotion as it arises in you and that indeed is a sure-shot sign of Kundalini rising.

~ Adiguru Prakriti


Adiguru Prakriti teaches you Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Shakti Tantra, the science behind it and helps you to be that scientist who learns through his/her own direct experience. She saves you from pitfalls and making lots of mistakes and that reduces the time you spend on your own journey. 



A divine lineage of connection beyond Kaal (Kala - Time & Space) exists between Kriya Yogis. Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya met Mahavatar Babaji through that connection. Paramhansa Yogananda met Guru Sri Yukteshwar Giri through that divine connection. Adiguru Prakriti met her Gurudev Sri Lahiri Mahasaya through a similar cosmic bond. A golden chain of these divine connections goes on and on. This is also a perfect example of the fact that once you have been given Deeksha (Initiation) then whatever Sadhana you do in one life it never goes waste. In the next life, you walk the remaining steps of your journey and finish it. Once you finish your Journey you become a Sadhguru (a Guru who is Self-Realized) and share your Shakti & Gyan (Wisdom) with others. 


After Mataji (Mahavatar Babaji's Divine Sister) very few feminine forms became an adept in Kriya Yoga and Tantra. Many divine souls were Bhakti Gurus or Bhaktas in the feminine form. After a long time; Adiguru Prakriti is one such adept at Kriya Yoga who has a feminine body and she is Shakti herself to teach Kriya Yoga to humanity. Adiguru Prakriti's mission is to teach Kriya Yoga & Tantra to the entire world, every household should have a Shiva Kriya Yogi. She says that everyone has the right to live a healthy, wealthy and fulfiled life, so everyone should. 

Varna Lineage of Adiguru Prakriti

Born in Devkul being Devputra and Suryavanshi; Kayastha has the right to exercise the duty of both Brahmin, as well as a Kshatriya hence, are called as Dwij Varna.



The  4 human varnas are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya & Shudra. The lineage of Chitragupta is considered the 5th Varna. The 4 Varnas were created from the Gross Body of Lord Brahma, while Chitragupta was created through the Manas/Chitta/Consciousness of Lord Brahma. When creation is done through Subtle then it holds more power and is considered above the gross creation. Just like Atma is more powerful and subtle than the physical body.  When all 4 Varnas were being assigned the Karmic Duties, Chitragupta and his lineage were assigned the duty to perform Karmic Accounting of each Varna. They are called Brahmin because Chitragupta's father is Lord Brahma. All 4 Varna's lineage (Father & Mother) ends at the current Manvantaras Sapta Rishis or Kings or Devi, but Chitragupta's lineage Kayastha ends on him as well. All Brahmins reciting Rigveda Hymn prays to our Great Grand Father Sri Chitragupta as "यमाय धर्मराजाय चित्रगुप्ताय वै नमः" of whom Kayasthas are descendants.


For more information on Brahm Kayastha, you can refer to Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, Skanda Purana, Padma Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Vigyana Tantra, Garuda Purana, Apastambha Shakha of Veda, Meru Tantra and Mahabharata. 


While walking spiritual path one has to give up all identifications. Hence while walking my own journey I refrained from identifying myself with Jaati, Varna & Religion. Many Brahmin people around me asked me about my Varna and I shrugged. Some of them even tried to show their superiority. But I still did not answer so as to not identify with all that. I was on the journey of being No-Thing, Being Shiva first, attaining SAMADHI. Seeking is about dissolving all that you are not. And you are not your body, Jaati, Varna or Religion. So, here I am, being Yogi who attained Samadhi and giving Jnana (Wisdom) to others. Now, when it comes to Tantra one has to know his/her Moola Gotra, Rishi, Lineage and Varna. As a disciple, if you are taking an Initiation then it works in your favour to know the Rishi, Varna and Lineage of the Guru as many Mantras require adding Guru's Lineage Rishi's name to it. Also, the Shakti, the Siddhi, the protection comes from the Guru's Guru Mandal, Rishi and all Siddhas & Buddhas that have happened in Guru's Lineage and yours.


Please do not use such identification to create Vasanas in you, just treat it as a piece of information.

~ Adiguru Prakriti


Some other Spiritual Gurus that happened in Adiguru Prakriti's Varna lineage are - 


1. Swami Vivekananda (Founder of Ramakrishna Math)

2. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Founder of Transcendental Meditation)

3. Prabhupada (Founder of ISKCON movement)

4. Sri Aurobindo (Founder of Integral Yoga)

5. Paramhansa Yogananda (Kriya Yoga)




There are so many women whose energy walks ahead of them. They are born highly energetic.


Look at all those females who are in Sports, Martial Arts or Military Services, or other jobs which demand a lot of energy like a Scientist, Engineer or Architect and so many others. Even managing a household while working is not an easy feat. It requires being on toes and a very high level of energy.


Modern technology has made householder's life a lot easier. Much time & energy can be saved through automation or delegation of household chores. But often the saved mental energy is being spent in the wrong direction. In useless consumerism, gossiping, endless efforts towards physical beautification and other such nonsense. Working women also are left with a lot of energy but are spending time on useless drinking, partying, socializing and whatnot. 


All such women are "perfect" for doing Kriya Yoga. Shiva Kriya Yoga a combination of Kriya Yoga and Tantra helps balance & direct that energy towards spiritual growth, healthy body and wealthy mind & much-fulfilled life. All women need to start doing Kriya Yoga as soon as they are about 16 to 18 years of age. Though it's never too late to start, but sooner the better. Shiva Kriya Yoga is one such tool which helps you create health and wealth. 


As this yuga is progressing we need more and more Women Kriya Yogi. Every household must have a woman like that who can be the guiding light for the children, men, and old ones in the house. When the woman in the household learns the Shiva Kriya Yoga entire household is uplifted. Woman by nature knows to nurture, so she must be given such tools, techniques and wisdom which helps not only her own spiritual growth but the evolution of her entire family and community. 


Adiguru Prakriti's mission is to teach Shiva Kriya Yoga ( a combination of Kriya Yoga & Tantra) to every woman possible on this planet. No woman should be left behind.  As we have started doing this, entire humanity will change and the world will truly become a better place. 

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