Shiva Kriya Yoga

Shiva Kriya Yoga

Shiva Kriya Yoga has Ten sessions with Adiguru Prakriti and the first session includes Shaktipaat or other Initiations as per your eligibility and stage. You can attend in person if you are in Melbourne, Australia or you can have Online/Skype sessions.  It also involves your Vasanas (Chitta-Vritti) analysis and creating a personalized Yogic path for you & your growth model. You can do this program as many times in life as you need to. And every time you attend it will be progressive for you. In one year attending it twice will be enough. Though senior seekers do attend it in a continuous fashion. Along with this program, you can do other Tantra Initiation programs as per your interests regarding being a Siddha. 

  • Total Sessions - 10  ( with Adiguru Prakriti)

  • Each Session is an hour long

  • There can be One or Two Sessions per week and can be set up as per your work/schedule

  • You can attend personally, face to face classes in Melbourne, Australia

  • Or you can attend online through Skype/Zoom session with Adiguru if you cannot attend classes personally

  • First Session includes an Initiation/Deeksha/Shaktipaat

  • Please fill up and submit the registration form below and pay the course fee and our staff will contact you for further instructions

  • Course Fee - AUD $2100.00

  • Course Fee is to be paid all at once before starting the sessions

  • Payments are accepted through Paypal and it allows you to pay through any Credit/Debit Card, you need to know your bank/merchant fees if there is foreign exchange involved

  • Please read our Refund Policy here



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