Before you join our programs it is recommended that you follow the detoxification and deep breathing guidelines for some time so you can bring the necessary awareness in yourself. Detoxification, Deep Breathing and other necessary preparatory practices are taught for *free* and you can learn about them on your own time. Once you are done with preparatory stage, then click on Register and enrol yourself into the Shiva Kriya Yoga program and start learning directly with Adiguru Prakriti.



You need to learn the proper way of breathing before you can start with any Pranayama or other Yogic practices. Watch the below videos,  (available in Hindi and English) read the articles and start your practice right away. After all, whatever you do, involves breathing!


Physical and Mental detoxification purifies body and mind and prepares you to receive the Subtle Teachings, Deeksha (Initiation) and grace. It's not difficult to detoxify yourself. Please watch the below videos (available in Hindi and English) and read the articles and start on the path of purification inside-out.

Emotional Release

Are you able to cry and laugh easily? Or you just have suppressed years of grief and have failed to laugh to the extent of hurting your stomach? Well, suppressed grief and happiness are stored in your stomach area, around the navel. You need to empty yourself. Watch the videos (available in Hindi and English) below and read the articles to figure out how to release these suppressed emotions and be somewhat empty before starting on your Yogic journey.  

Sensory Control

Slave or your senses or Master? Or have senses gone numb? If 'a slave' and 'yes' is an answer here then you do need to practices some really simple yogic exercises to build more sensitivity with the strength to control your senses. Senses are doors, the point of contact to the world. When senses are in control then it's easier to sit in meditation, do yoga, pranayama and walk your life journey. Watch the videos (available in Hindi and English) below and read the articles to learn simple techniques and be in control from today.


Life is your sacred space. When there is no sanctity in this space then awareness is lost and you become a pattern-oriented robot and compulsive behaviour becomes the way of life.  Everything in life starts to feel wrong as if life is an accident. Watch the videos (available in Hindi and English) below and read the articles to learn how to bring highly needed sanctity to your life starting from body and mind.  Get back into your sacred space.

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