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    • Guru Purnima 2018: Grace at its peak

      Importance of Guru Purnima (July Full Moon): When grace is at its peak, what can you do for maximum benefit? Full moon day during the month of July (Hindu Calendar - Ashada) is known as Guru Purnima day. Traditionally, this day is reserved for the worship, remembrance of the Guru. On this day disciples pay respect to their Gurus in many different ways. #Guru refers to the Spiritual Guide, an Enlightened/Self-Realized Being, who helps the disciples, students through his/her wisdom teachings and #Shakti (Divine Power) to pursue the sacred journey of finding oneself and the ultimate truth. Guru Purnima is also known as #Vyasa #Purnima and this day is commemorated as birth anniversary of Veda Vyasa. Veda Vyasa was the author as well as a character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. #GuruPurnima is also celebrated by Buddhists in the honour of Gautama Buddha to commemorate the day when Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, India. Many times in my life I have been the recipient of Divine Grace in different ways or you can say that in a way whole life is nothing but Grace. This day of Guru Purnima holds a very special place in my heart. I was in the small and highly religious town of Mathura (UP), India with my parents. Whole town was decorated and was full of pilgrims from all around, preparing for rituals & worship on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima. Roads were full of people walking for Pradakshina (Circumambulation), traffic was diverted and celebrations were going on everywhere. That's when I was rushed to the hospital and was graced with #Motherhood, on this day, my son was born. In a million ways the young woman that I used to be meta-morphed into a Mother on this day. It was a deep transformation that I went through when I first held my newborn son in my arms and looked at him and he looked at me. The profoundness & joy of that moment can never be explained in words. It felt as if I blossomed to my fullest potential as Human Being. Little did I know that one day I will blossom into the ultimate potential of Being Human. The day of Guru Purnima I hold into my heart, my breath every moment also because on this day in the year 2015, first time my past life Guru Lahiri Mahasaya (Great grand guru of Yogananda) appeared in my vision during late evening Samadhi, and I learnt all about my Sadhana (Spiritual Practices) and my connection to him. The roaring fire of my devotion for him engulfed me, consumed me and took me all the way to Self-Realization in 2016. When one is open and is in a high state of receptivity then this Guru Purnima day, full moon night can be truly miraculous, magical. Many spiritual seekers were Enlightened on this day. Many more found their Guru on this day. Universe/Divine truly delivers the profound transformation to so many on this beautiful day. All you have to do is "be receptive". How can you be highly receptive? Here are a few things you can do: Take day-off from work. Take shower early morning, have clean quiet surroundings, home. Eat light and keep your spine straight, sit upright, do not lie down or sleep. Straight Spine, keeping the body vertical aligns it with the enhanced power of moon, sun, earth. It's like tuning in your radio to the invisible radio-waves for a particular radio station. If this is a lunar eclipse as well then do not eat during eclipse hours and take shower afterwards as well. Meditate if you can, else keep yourself thoughts free, harsh emotions free to an extent possible. Sanctity is needed not only in your surroundings and physical body but in your mind and emotions as well. Sit or lie down on your back, outside the house, not on Asphalt or Concrete insulation but on the grassy ground or soil directly or on a cotton/natural-fibre sheet. Do not stand, increase your contact with Earth for some time. At night be quiet & awake for however long it is possible and sit with back straight and burn a lamp or candle by your side. You can meditate, chant a mantra, or do Pranayama. Visualize & bow down to the Guru if you have one, if not then the Guru within you and clearly intend and say - "Oh my inner-guru, please guide me towards the ultimate potential, towards ultimate freedom/moksha and let me fulfil the responsibility of Being Human". You don't have to say these exact words, you can improvise. If you have like-minded friends & family members then all of you together can meditate, pay reverence and participate on this day. Make sure to light one lamp/candle for each person. Remember one thing, its not an obligation, not a business-transaction, not a mind-game. Its something you do by heart. If your heart is not into it, don't do it, but also don't cry or crib later about life, guru & everything else. Grace is not received "through efforts", grace is received "through allowance". You have to be deeply relaxed and calm to allow grace to function in your life. All the above activities are to relax your body, mind, emotions and energy. All layers of your body must be relaxed, tension-free, peaceful. Also, when grace descends, sometimes it is disguised as an "unfortunate event". We label it as "unfortunate or bad" due to our small, limited understanding of life, and our incapability to see life years later. When I was 14 years old, grace descended through one of the cruellest Dance of Death. But that grace truly forced me to ask bigger questions about life & death, made me a renunciate and kick-started my transformation. The same thing is true about the Guru as well. Anyone, anything in this Universe could play the role of your Guru. If you are ready to learn, ready to receive then a bird, a stone, a river, a fish, any person around you, any situation/event can teach you one thing or the other about yourself, about the direction you need to take. You just have to maintain a state of high-awareness and you will be shown the way. Whether it is your Spiritual Journey or Life Journey, its all about finding the True Self, knowing who you truly are, beyond those 99 masks/identities. And for that matter, anything & everything in this Universe can be your Guru/Teacher/Guide if you allow it to be so. If you do not allow, means if you do not keep yourself into the state of receptivity then you may be around the world's most powerful Guru and yet you may not receive anything at all. It would be like staying thirsty near the Fountain of Life. When you are so full of you, nothing else can be given to you. Only when you are a little empty, Universe can pour into you. May you all become receptive and allow Guru & Grace to unfold your life! Happy Guru Purnima 2018 तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः Jay Shivay, Prakriti

    • Moksha/Nirvana is not the pursuit of Panchakosha perfection

      Boat is given to you to cross the river, not to start perfecting the boat and become a sailor. Spiritual Journey is not a pursuit of attaining perfection in any Kosha (Body/Sheath). Don't be stuck at one or more Koshas. Spiritual Journey for Moksha or Nirvana is not about - 1. Learning all the Asanas and perfecting many Yoga Postures. Making those Asanas the ultimate goal of your life. Fixing your eating, breathing, sleeping, cleaning and life to an extent that it seems your Physical Body is "the most" important thing for you. In other words, it is not about perfecting Annamaya Kosha. 2. Learning all possible Kriyas of the Kriya Yoga, all about 72,000 Nadis and all 114 Chakras and opening and balancing each one of them. The journey is not about raising Kundalini to play with the Powers of Astral Body and open chakras. It is not about doing Bhakti of Shakti for the sake of visions & powers. In other words, it is not about perfecting Pranamaya Kosha. 3. The spiritual journey is not about attaining 100% purity of emotions and 100% balance of Mind. Yes, "I-Thought" needs to die, but it doesn't mean you become all Love, Bliss & Peace before this happens. Yes, you will be using your emotions as tools later on, but that doesn't mean you focus too much on the Tools. You will have to wear your Ego again as a Costume after Self-Realization, but that doesn't mean you focus way too much on perfecting it because it's like spending too much time on your costume than the Real Thing. It is also not about fixing each and every Karma of yours, because Karma is nothing but the output of tools & costume. It is also not about surfing the waves of sweet-pleasant emotions of Bhakti at all times, because in the end whether it is a Bhakta or Shakta or a Bhogi, the Experiencer will be dead. In other words, it is not about perfecting Manomaya Kosha. 4. The spiritual journey is not about attaining all 8 to 18 Siddhis/Psychic Powers. They are not the prerequisite for Self-Realization or Moksha. If you develop and strengthen this Vigyanmaya Kosha a lot, then you stand a very heavy chance of creating mountain-load of Karma. This is the worst kind of attachment/trap. It is also not about gathering the knowledge about ALL possible sacred scriptures, texts, books, shlokas, mantras, Tantras, Yantras and all. 5. Spiritual Journey is also not about enjoying the bliss through Anandamaya Kosha for as many times as possible, as long as possible. The more perfection you attain the more attachment you are creating for yourself, which will be very hard to break later on and will actually defeat the purpose of Spiritual Journey. So you see, the perfection of all these Koshas is not the "aim". Aim or Goal of the spiritual journey is Moksha! You are given all these Koshas as a medium to reveal your True Self, to be Self-Realized. They are like a boat being given to you to cross the river. Imagine you intend to cross a river and you got a boat. But instead of crossing the river, you took the boat and started carving it, decorating it, perfecting it and then practising a lot in the river to sail it this way, that way and upside down and in few years you became a Boat Expert and/or Best Sailor. Means you did everything except crossing that goddamn river and be on the other side! How to know when it is too much? Very simple. When you start liking and enjoying your Sadhana! When your focus & attention starts going more on the pleasure, pleasantness, joy/bliss, love (sweetness of emotions) instead of your Vasanas, Karmic Lessons. Do not forget that each Sadhana/Spiritual Practice was given to you to fulfil a purpose, if it's done, leave the Sadhana. No need to keep doing it. If you don't know the purpose or expiry conditions of a spiritual practice, ask your Guru, Teacher who gave you that Sadhana. You might have been taught "to do the Sadhana". But you also need to know "when to stop doing it". When to leave it. There comes a time on Spiritual Journey when the only Sadhana that is needed is "not doing any Sadhana", Non-Doing, Dissolving the Doer, Surrendering!!! What if you have got an attachment with one or more Kosha & you are trapped? Well, now your Guru/Teacher have to be tricky with you :-) Many Gurus will do this - They will give you Sadhana & Teachings to strengthen another Kosha in you and then you will automatically leave the attachment of the other Kosha. For example, if someone is way head over heels about their beauty & physical appeal, then these type of Gurus will help their students develop & strengthen their mind or energy or something else so much that their beauty to them feels like something of no great importance. This is a "replacement of trap". Means earlier your trap was made up of Ebony and now it is made up of Sandal Wood. Many Gurus teach you to replace your negative thoughts with a positive one. Replace one thing with another. Well, it may look like a solution, but it never is. Real Gurus (Outer Sadh-Guru or Inner Guru - Trikuti) will "show" you, your own attachment by purifying your Intellect/Buddhi step by step. So that you start "seeing attachments/traps/hooks/cage". They give you Shakti to break the attachments. Once you start seeing them for what they really are and how they hold you back, you will leave them and also will never get caught in another one. Those who give you just Shakti but not Buddhi/Intellect to see the traps, then you may get into another one. So awakening/purifying your Buddhi is a very important step. This means all attachments/traps exists only until Buddhi/Intellect is not purified and Light of Wisdom is off. Once that Light is turned ON, everything appears the way it is. Attachments and Traps do not glitter like gold anymore, instead, are seen as such, a cage of thorns. One thing to remember here is that all that you can ever "experience" or "know" or "be" through any or all of your Kosha(s), is so limited in comparison to the #INFINITUDE that you will be once you break the traps of any and all Koshas. So, trust your own ability to break the barriers of all Koshas. Through your spiritual practices, you are becoming more and more Conscious, Aware of your different Koshas and knowing more and more about them not to fall in love with them, not to make them your home, but to break the boundary that they impose on you. Many Gurus can teach you Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga. But Jnana (Gyan) Yoga can be taught effectively only by a Self-Realized Guru. In other words, only a Self-Realized Guru or Inner Guru Chakra - Trikuti can purify your Buddhi/Intellect. Many Gurus and people can touch/purify your Koshas, Shakti (Energy, Kundalini), Mind, Emotions, Power Center, Chakras and everything else, but only a Self-Realized Guru or Trikuti can teach you the purification of your Buddhi/Intellect. Buddhi/Intellect is that which "veils the truth". The truth of who we really are. It veils the "SELF". That veil is what we call Maya/Ignorance. After purification Buddhi/Intellect "transcends" and becomes MAHAT - Cosmic Intelligence and you become the Cosmic Being and finally you even break that boundary and just "be", only "SELF". TRUTH BITE Not all Self-Realized ones can do Hatha Yoga and all Asanas/Postures perfectly. Their physical body, habits, eating, sleeping, living, lifestyle is 100% Conscious, but may not be perfect. In other words, if someone's Annamaya Kosha is not perfect then that doesn't mean they are not Self-Realized. Yet in other words, the perfection of Annamaya Kosha is not the prerequisite for Self-Realization. Not all Self-Realized ones are adept in Kriya Yoga and the knowledge of Mudras, Kundalini, Chakras, Pranayama etc. Yes, technically Kundalini awakens, and their Pranamaya Kosha is 100% Conscious, but it is not necessary that the one who is Self-Realized has done some special Kundalini Sadhana and he/she may have blockages in certain Nadis/Chakras. Means perfection of Pranamaya Kosha is not the prerequisite for Self-Realization. In other words, if a Self-Realized one doesn't talk/teach/preach about Shakti/Kundalini and/or if they have blocked Nadis/Chakras, then that doesn't mean they are not Self-Realized. Not all Self-Realized ones are great in releasing Vasanas through Mental/Emotional Body, means Manomaya Kosha. And their emotional tools and ego costume may be really faulty, they may not be worldly-wise at all, they will feel and cry in love & pain of the entire cosmos, as their Manomaya Kosha is 100% Conscious. Just because they are in tears easily and make bad worldly choices doesn't mean they are not Self-Realized. The perfection of Manomaya Kosha is not the prerequisite for Self-Realization. Not all Self-Realized ones are Mystics as their Vigyanamaya Kosha may not have attained the height of perfection, it is 100% Conscious though. Having or not having Siddhis/Powers in no way is a measure for Self-Realization or the greatness of the Self-Realized one. Because the perfection of Vigyanmaya Kosha is not the prerequisite for Self-Realization. Everything around them works through the power of SELF and the power is applied wherever it is needed. Anandamaya Kosha is merged with the Cosmic Anandamaya Kosha, Supreme Consciousness, SELF. Hence Sat-Chit-Ananda is the very nature of a Self-Realized one, but may not be reflected as such if the Manomaya Kosha is not that developed or expressive, or may be reflected through their Physical body as a glow/light or through their Aura from Pranamaya Kosha. So not all Self-Realized ones may instantly, easily look like sailing in Love, Peace, Bliss. They are though, but it's just that it doesn't flow down to the lowest level to be visible through their Koshas. Some Self-Realized ones look crazy, furious instead. Their Anandamaya Kosha is 100% Conscious. But the display of Peace, Bliss, Love through Anandamaya Kosha or any other Kosha is not the criteria or prerequisite for Self-Realization. Not all Self-Realized ones have perfected all aspects of TRIKUTI (Guru Chakra) & VOID (Space of all previous Gurus & Wisdom) and hence may not become Guru to teach/preach the humanity. They may stay in Samadhi forever and live life in Sahaja but may not become a Guru for anyone or everyone. Mastering all these and/or becoming Guru is also not a prerequisite for Self-Realization. Becoming 100% Conscious of your Koshas and your whole existence is different than strengthening their abilities, powers. Being 100% Conscious is the requirement for Self-Realization. Being 100% powerful and perfect is NOT the criteria for Self-Realization. Self-Realized ones are 100% Conscious, they are not 100% Perfect. When you become Aware/Conscious of your Koshas, you break the boundaries, but if you perfect your Koshas then you fall in love with them. One thing that is the CRITERIA & PREREQUISITE, as well as a COMMON ground for every Self-Realized one, is - SELF-ILLUMINED BUDDHI/INTELLECT. In other words 100% Pure, Sattvik Buddhi. Buddhi is what makes one Buddha. Jay Shivay, Prakriti

    • Fear: A crippling disease

      Why are some people fearful? How is fear created? Where does it come from? How to eliminate it? In spiritual scriptures, Fear is considered as a great human curse. It is a negative flow of energy that puts one into the bondage as opposed to liberation/Moksha/Nirvana. Fear is your worst enemy. Fear can assume various forms, like, fear of death, fear of disease, fear of public criticism, fear of losing your property or money, fear of losing a relationship, fear of losing love, fear of losing pride, etc. Fear afflicts many lives and makes people suffer. Different types of fears can play in your life at different times. Some people can bravely face an army on the battlefield, but they are afraid of public criticism, public opinion. Some people can fight the entire world but are fearful of disagreeing with their spouse. Some can face a tiger fearlessly in the forest, but they are afraid of the syringe in hospital. Some have a fear of physical losses, material losses, some have it for emotional losses, for their ego, pride, honour, personalities, identities. Some #fear time, past through painful memories and some fear time, future for unknown. The greatest of all is the Fear of Unknown! Fear in Sanskrit/Hindi is termed as #BHAYA and Fearlessness is termed as #ABHAYA. What creates Fear? Where does fear originates from? How to remove it? Fear is due to the #Vasana of #Moha (Attachment, Emotional Love - Love as you know). If you have attachment/emotional love/Moha with your physical body, you will be fearful of losing it, hurting it, being sick, afraid of diseases, criminals or anything that harms, destructs your body. If you have Moha with your personality as a Man/Woman, as an Employee/Professional, as a Parent, as a Sibling, as a Lover/Spouse/Friend etc then you will have Fear losing it, you will be fearful of anything that destroys your different personalities/identities and you will dance on the tunes of Expectations and Obligations and will disguise them as Responsibility. If you have Moha with your relationships, you will be fearful of losing them. If you have Moha with your money, your assets, properties then you will be fearful of losing them. Some people have Moha with their Freedom, some have it with their pleasures, comforts in life and accordingly, they have fears. Why one has Vasana of Moha? The Vasana of Moha is due to the delusion that someone/something is yours and can be lost, means someone/something belongs to you, and you can lose it. Only if you knew that no one and nothing ever belonged to you, and that even you did not belong to yourself and that you/your real Self, the Absolute is the only Truth that exists, there is no other, then the question of belonging itself doesn't arise. Only because you are not your Real Self, the Absolute/Brahm you go on playing with these delusions and are identified and attached with people, places and things only to find in the end, at the time of your death that you were born empty-handed and you will leave like that. There was nothing that ever belonged to you, and there never was a question of belonging as there was only #Absolute that ever existed and there was no other. Avidya/Agyan/Ignorance for Absolute/Self/That/Truth/Brahm is the cause for the Vasana of Moha which ultimately creates Fear. Hence in order to get rid of the fear one has to reduce Moha, through Spiritual Sadhana/Practices and apply Jnana/Wisdom in life to remove fears. One should get rid of all sorts of fears not just one or some. Adharma- Suffering Fear of Unknown and Fear, in general, makes people Lie, Cheat, Corrupt, Kill or do many crimes or Adharma (Non-Righteousness) that one is not supposed to do. Many people kill spiders, snakes not because they are harming, just because they are fearful. People are fearful of Truth. People are fearful of Wisdom/Truth about Life. People fear Awakening/Enlightenment/Self-Realization. People feared Buddha, Jesus, Socrates and so many more and killed, crucified them just because of their own fears. On one side people want an Avatar, a Savior, a Reincarnation to be born to save them but if they encounter one they run in totally opposite direction or faint, or live in disbelief, ignorance, denial and unacceptability. Only because they are fearful of the Power of Truth! Fear only brings suffering! Fearless - ABHAYA Two greatest Moha are: 1. Moha with physical body, Annamaya Kosha 2. Moha with Ego/I, I AM One of the greatest of all Moha is the Moha with Body (Annamaya Kosha). In other words, the Fear of Unknown arises because of the Moha with Body. The one who throws away the Annamaya Kosha through Spiritual Sadhana (Yoga) and/or Jnana/Wisdom is free from Fear. Those who do not carry their body in their mind and are detached from it are free from fears of all kinds. Such a person is ABHAYA - Fearless. There are many who are born Abhaya (Fearless) in this life. They are not afraid of anything at all. They do not fear known or unknown. They are the only right person (Adhikari) to know the Truth/Self/Absolute and have Wisdom of all that is known and unknown because they can handle it. They have the courage to make use of it. Abhaya is a Divine Quality and some are born with it. When one has removed the first Moha, with body, Annamaya Kosha then through spiritual sadhana one can remove the sense of I AM or "I" and that's when one is Self-Realized. All other Vasanas belong to this "I AM" or "I", all relationships, all Moha, all fears, all Koshas, all that you are not belong to this sense of "I" which in itself exists because of the Root Vasana of Ignorance/Avidya. Using Jnana/Wisdom one can remove Ego/Aham/I-Maker and can remove all identities and be free, be liberated. Many Gurus, Buddha, Shiva, Goddesses are shown in Abhaya Mudra, means in the pose of giving a boon of fearlessness, with their right hand up with open palm facing the receiver. Such a boon is a game-changer. Whenever a Guru raises their right-hand in Abhaya-mudra, another Truth/Wisdom beholder is born. It is considered as the boon of the highest value, or the best boon to have and to give. Every boon or good deed or good karma loses its power as the time goes by, but Abhaya is the only boon whose power increases over time. It's a living and breathing power which keeps on playing until one becomes the Source/Absolute/Self. May you all be Abhaya! Jay Shivay, Prakriti

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    • Benefits | Being Shiva Foundation

      Be a Kriya Tantra Yogi Shiva Kriya Yoga Benefits There are many gross and subtle benefits of Shiva Kriya Yoga program, some can be measured as they are gross and some cannot be measured in the ways that you know. The ones that can be measured are given here. For knowing subtle benefits you need to join the program and have direct experience. The Science of Inner Transformation has been termed as Shiva Kriya Yoga by Adiguru Prakriti. Shiva Kriya Yoga Program is a unique blend of Kriya Yoga & Tantra which provides hands-on techniques and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want to. It gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of body, mind, emotions and energy using methods from the distilled essence of ancient Kriya Yoga and Tantra sciences. The program imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within. The program has been designed by Adiguru Prakriti, an Enlightened, Self-Realized Kriya and Tantra Yogi. A study conducted on Kriya Yoga and Tantra Practitioners who practised techniques and methods for a minimum of one year has shown these improvements. Your Physical Body Mechanics Entire Yogic Science is about the play of Pranic Energy (Fundamental Life Force) in you. When your physical body is in any kind of danger then stress hormones, chemicals are released into your body. But in today's modern fast-paced life even simple situations like cancelled plans, traffic jams, disagreement with people around can release the same hormones and your body chemistry will be changed as a result. Even just by thinking about something that happened in past or useless fears about future can trigger the release of these stress hormones even though the physical body is not in any real danger or threat. Improvements reported by Yoga Practitioners Anxiety & Depression Relief Relaxed Mind Brainwave Pattern The relaxed mind gives a much better experience of life and enhances productivity enormously. Relaxation of mind can be seen through the brain wave pattern. Many universities and research foundations have done studies around the world to study brain wave pattern of the brain of Yoga Practitioners and results have been published worldwide. Practising techniques and methods provided through Shiva Kriya Yoga Program have shown increment in Alpha waves which demonstrates the relaxed mind, significant decrease in Beta waves responsible for anxious, active and compulsive thinking and a significant increase in the Delta waves responsible for Deep Sleep which ultimately results in proper regeneration of cells in the body and impacts overall health positively. Sleep improvements reported by Kriya & Tantra Practitioners By the age of 30, many people lose their ability to sleep properly and in today's modern world and fast-paced life sleeping disorders are becoming very common. Sleeping disorders are closely associated with one's inability to generate Delta brain waves for a sufficient amount of time. On the deeper level, sleeping problems arise due to unprocessed suppressed emotions and too much Subconscious Brain activity. Shiva Kriya Yoga practitioners are able to untangle their emotions, are able to balance their emotional body and have reported that it is possible to "sleep like a baby". Reduced Menstrual Disorders Energy Improvements Significant energy improvements are reported by the Shiva Kriya Yoga program practitioners. When the mind is relaxed, the emotional body is balanced then your fundamental life energy drain stops and you can utilize this energy in evolving, uplifting yourself and having a better experience of life. Conclusion Shiva Kriya Yoga Program contains techniques for holistic well-being and a better life. Significant benefits can be achieved through the practice of methods. Change in perception brings a larger, much broader understanding of life and helps you realize your full potential. It helps you achieve better physical and mental health and a highly energetic body. It's a path for complete transformation. Our Science hasn't evolved yet to the level of proving that which is beyond our physical, material world and hence lots of benefits of this program can only be proved by pursuing your own journey. Register for Shiva Kriya Yoga

    • Shiva Kriya Yoga | Being Shiva Foundation

      Shiva Kriya Yoga Shiva Kriya Yoga Shiva Kriya Yoga has Ten sessions with Adiguru Prakriti and the first session includes Shaktipaat or other Initiations as per your eligibility and stage. You can attend in person if you are in Melbourne, Australia or you can have Online/Skype sessions. It also involves your Vasanas (Chitta-Vritti) analysis and creating a personalized Yogic path for you & your growth model. You can do this program as many times in life as you need to. And every time you attend it will be progressive for you. In one year attending it twice will be enough. Though senior seekers do attend it in a continuous fashion. Along with this program, you can do other Tantra Initiation programs as per your interests regarding being a Siddha. Learn more about Tantra More about Kriya Yoga Total Sessions - 10 ( with Adiguru Prakriti) Each Session is an hour long There can be One or Two Sessions per week and can be set up as per your work/schedule You can attend personally, face to face classes in Melbourne, Australia Or you can attend online through Skype/Zoom session with Adiguru if you cannot attend classes personally First Session includes an Initiation/Deeksha/Shaktipaat Please fill up and submit the registration form below and pay the course fee and our staff will contact you for further instructions Course Fee - AUD $2100.00 Course Fee is to be paid all at once before starting the sessions Payments are accepted through Paypal and it allows you to pay through any Credit/Debit Card, you need to know your bank/merchant fees if there is foreign exchange involved Please read our Refund Policy here Registration Submit Thanks for submitting! PAYMENT

    • About | Being Shiva Foundation

      About us Experience the Universe by Being Whole, Integrated within! Being Shiva translates to “being that which is not”, and it means, “being everything by being nothing”. It is a sacred pursuit of casting aside all boundaries, limitations, identities and experiencing the life & universe by “being whole”, integrated within. Many paths lead to this wholeness, this ultimate potential, there are many ways to transform oneself and live a fulfilling life. Being Shiva Foundation Being Shiva Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organisation founded by Adiguru Prakriti dedicated to cultivate and nurture the ultimate human possibilities. The foundation is a human service organisation that helps people attain spiritual liberation by helping them walk their spiritual journey. It is a movement towards Global Consciousness Breakthrough via individual transformation. ​ Being Shiva Foundation is operated by a team of volunteers and is headquartered in the beautiful and most livable city of Melbourne, Australia. The organisation provides courses, programs, techniques, retreats and talks through various channels to empower people for spiritual healing, shedding the false self, cultivating yogic/spiritual lifestyle, striving for physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being. When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel, the emotional wound is pushed deep inside and they are forced to find answers to questions like “why me?” To answer this painful call by modern age men, women, youth, teens, Adiguru Padmé has developed an Inner Transformation program, Meditation and Spiritual Healing techniques based on 4th Dimensional Yogic Science, which is now being used by many people worldwide. Being Shiva Foundation, a vibrant spiritual community is also dedicated towards several other human service projects to support individual growth in distressed times, rebuilding human relationships and energise the environment positively by changing individual energy signature, the Aura. Modern science has proven that it purifies the collective consciousness, reduces crimes and helps elevate humanity by raising the energy vibrations higher than 528 Hertz, the vibrational frequency for love & compassion. Group meditation and Satsang sessions by the Foundation are a movement towards global peacefulness through alleviating the pain and suffering of human life. May this life be a truly joyful experience for each human being! ​ Adiguru Prakriti Have questions? Want to learn more? Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below. Send Thanks! Message sent.

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