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Sacred Journey - From Buddha to Siddha

Buddha here means an Enlightened one and Siddha means a Mystic. The journey of finding the "Self (Brahm)" makes one Buddha (Enlightened) and for some after that begins the journey of being a Siddha (Mystic). The one who is the Buddha; to him/her Divine Shakti herself becomes the Guru and the wisdom of the entire universe is poured onto him/her. Such a Mystic is free of Karma and the bondages that an ordinary person can cause oneself. This mystic goes on serving humanity in ways unimaginable to the ordinary mind. 

An ordinary person may also become a Siddha, but then his/her Siddhis will create more Karma and Bondage for him/her and it will be even more difficult to come out of the illusionary nature of the relative reality (Maya).  One must be very careful while treading on this path and must seek guidance from an Enlightened Guru who is a Siddha (Mystic) himself/herself.  It's not wrong to have Siddhis, it's just that they must not be used to create more Vasanas & Karma. 


The word Tantra has become very polluted due to some people practising & teaching all kinds of nonsense tantrums on the name of Tantra. Here we do not teach you how to be good at sex or relationships etc as that is the natural side effect of yogic life. Real Tantra practitioners do not need to touch anyone's physical body (Annamaya Kosha), do not need to drink alcohol or indulge themselves in other ways on the name of Tantra. We teach the Yogic ways for much higher purpose and accomplishments. 


Do you know that Shakyamuni Buddha was a Mystic (Siddha / Tantra Yogi)? Another Buddha (Enlightened one) named Padmasambhava was also a Mystic. So were Shirdi Sai Baba, Guru Nanak, Ramakrishna, Yogananda, Anandmayi Maa and so many others. All Buddhas do become Siddha. Each one of them holds lots of Siddhis which they acquire directly from various Shakti.  Those who became Siddha after being a Buddha they were all highly revered and whole religion has been created on their name & teachings. When we think of such Gurus and Mystics then the word Tantra or the fact that they were Tantriks (Tantra Practitioner), Siddhas of very high order doesn't create an aversion. So you see, real tantra is highly Sattvik (Pure) in nature and so are its Gurus. Such Gurus  *do not forcibly* sleep with their students, or abuse them, do not create fear in the minds of their students, do not exploit students in any way on the name of teaching Tantra. But the entire fault is not of such Gurus alone, some seekers do think of it as the highly mighty thing to happen in their life. Seekers need to stay away from such Gurus if they are serious about their spiritual journey. When a Buddha becomes a Siddha, their Shakti is powerful beyond imagination and they do not hesitate to establish Dharma as and when needed.


Tantra essentially means following the path of Shakti. Source of Shakti is Shiva. Hence Tantra includes the path of Shiva, Bhairav as well. It's also called Agam and Nigam. When Shiva spoke to Shakti it's called Agam and when Shakti spoke to Shiva it's called as Nigam. It's also called as Shaiv and Shakt. Both are equally important. One is the path of Source (Static) and another is the path of Shakti (Dynamism).  If the fire is Shiva, then its heat is Shakti. One is Purusha (Masculine) and other is Stree (Feminine). When the union (Yog) of both is achieved it is called as Ubhayalingi Tantra or Gayatri Tantra. Gayatri is the only aspect of creation in which there is a Union of Shiva and Shakti, hence it is considered as the Tantra of the highest order.  Tantra involves Mantras, Yantras and other spiritual practices of Yoga, Mudra, Meditation, Pranayama, Yagna, Nada etc. Tantra practices are highly in tune with Nature, Cosmic Cycles, Time & Space. Hence special date, time, location matters for the practices to be effective. 


In a raw manner, Tantra translates to "System", or system of "Expansion (Tanoti - Tan) & Liberation (Trayati - Tra)". Tantra is a methodology of human expansion and liberation from the factors that cause bondage (Moha & Maya) like ignorance which humans end up suffering as physical and mental/emotional diseases, imbalances and birth-death cycle. In the sixty-four written tantras, there are hundreds of such methods meant for highly developed as well as undeveloped individuals. The science of mantras is so precise and scientific that it creates an awakening. Therefore, Mantra Shastra is the foundation of Tantra Shastra. The methodology involves subtle aspects of human existence like feelings/emotions (Bhavna), especially of devotion (Bhakti) and Kriya (Awareness). Tantra is a scientific methodology that involves precise steps, methods and techniques.  When this precise science of Tantra along with Beeja Mantras, Dhyana (Meditation) is used then any drifting mind can be rooted in the Self (Atman & Brahm) and if enough energy is generated then any tattva (element) of the universe can be transformed. Though a Tantra Yogi must never interfere with the Cosmic Laws of Karma and should not fool around with elements of nature out of ignorance. First, learn to see the big picture then do whatever is needed. It is not wrong to practice Lakshmi Tantra for "abundance" (health-wealth) or Kali Tantra for breaking the walls of ignorance or learning more about Cosmos but the guidance/advice of a real Tantra Guru is a must to show you the big picture, the Karmic laws, so you do not create more bondage for yourself. It's like you got wings to fly, but you end up covering & hiding within the embrace instead of flying. Your childish mind may want to get Siddhis like teleporting, mind reading, future visions, but you may end up hurting yourself instead of liberating. After years of practice & attainment, you will realize that when you use teleporting you become physically sick for days due to time & space-bound physical body. If you attain mind-reading you will realize that you are learning all the bullshit that everyone has in their heads which is of no use actually and it's a disturbing power to have, because you will go on receiving signals from everyone's mind and you may go crazy. Even though you may know what others are thinking, they may still go in denial and not listen to you. If you learn to see future visions (Kaal Siddhi) then you will realize that there is no point in living as everything can be changed and all will come to an end, most of the time abruptly. You will realize that though you can see the future, the past it can be changed only to an extent unless you "Enlighten" yourself. Looking for Siddhis is human desire, an attempt to expand, to be something more. And with the guidance of a Real Tantra Guru, it is possible to do so without hurting yourself. 


Why choose the path of Tantra?


Tantra works with Shakti which is in the perception of every human being. Humans have Iccha Shakti (Power to desire), Kriya Shakti (Power to act) and Jnana/Gyana Shakti (Power to guide, disillusionment). Hence it is easier and faster to work with Shakti and attain the highest goal. Tantra works with Shiva which is also in the perception of every human being. Tattvas, Inert Gunas of the Universe are all Shiva principle. Once you are adept at Shiva and Shakti principles, then only it is possible to attain their Yog (Union) and be liberated from all that is (Shakti) and all that is not (Shiva). Tantra is the path of moving faster like a Scientist, it's about transformation through direct experience. 


You may say that one can use Vedanta. If you say so, then you do not understand Vedanta or Jnana (Gyana) yoga at all. Vedanta is the 'goal' of the spiritual journey, not the 'path' or 'methodology' itself. Jnana yoga cannot be done, it happens when the ego doer is almost disassociated from the real Self (Atman). If you are trying to do Jnana yoga through ego-mind by learning, parroting Vedanta Darshan (Philosophy) then you are making your mind very clever and in future, you will have a hard time on your Spiritual Journey because the mind will go on imagining all light, sound, gods, angles show and even the chakras in the subtle body system and you will not be able to perceive reality. Do not strengthen your Mano-Loka (Psychological World, Ego's World). Here it's very important to understand that Vedanta is a Darshan Shastra and not Philosophy. Darshan means "to see, to know through direct experience" while Philosophy means the nature of knowledge and it's intellectual aspect meant for mental gymnastics. Darshan is a word of Subtle existence, while Philosophy is about Gross existence.


As the English language does not have words for Subtle & Causal existence or aspects of life, hence Hindi and Sanskrit terms are wrongly translated and associated with the words of gross/material aspects in the English language. 


You may say that one can use Raja Yoga. And you need to know that yes ultimately we all do become Raja Yogis, Royal Yogis who are "fearless", "knower of truth" and are "abundant" in every way. But if an undeveloped, average person starts with Raja yoga directly then he/she will learn to hide fears, lies and poverty of mind, emotions and life. The one whose Anahata Chakra is fully blossomed is a Raja Yogi. But until it is so until you have hundreds of fears and your mind is clouded by ignorance and life feels like lacking this or that, then you have to go through the path of Tantra to awaken individual chakras, awaken Kundalini Shakti, make yourself fearless & abundant. Just think, how many people are truly abundant, fearless and can stand for Truth despite all odds? Those who can; are Raja Yogi and they have reached there through trials & tribulations like that of Tantra. 


You may say that one can use Bhakti Yoga. Then you need to know that Bhakti Yoga doesn't contain the systematic blueprint of transcendence, of Inner Transformation. It's so hard for people to differentiate between 'Love' and 'Attachment'. It's even harder to know the difference between 'Love' and 'Bhakti' through direct experience of life. It's very hard to explain in words about what is 'Samarpan' (roughly translates to surrender) which is the foundation of Bhakti yoga.  So many people love at least one person intensely in life, but then their love doesn't transform to 'bhakti' and doesn't help them transcend reality. Not every lover ends up being Enlightened. Why? Because most people are not yet capable of loving from Anahata for forever. Most are yet caught up with the love & attachments of Swadhisthana Chakra. Now you may be surprised to know that we all become Bhakta when Atma-Bhakti arises in us, Bhakti happens by itself when Anahata with Agya Chakra blossoms and from there on the spiritual journey becomes automatic, as there is a very strong pull from the Atman-Brahm. Such a yogi, bhakta lives in Samarpan (Surrender) and is Enlightened soon enough. Bhakti & Jnana are interdependent and both require Samarpan of ego-mind (doer). 


So you see a Yogi has to go through different paths of yoga at different times/stages. In other words, a Yogi is a union of all yogas, that's why he/she is called Yogi. Yogi is not even identified with the gender of the physical body. Atman-Brahm is beyond gender. Hence there is no need to use two different words as Yogi & Yogini. If one is still identified strongly with the physical body then it may matter, else it doesn't. 


Tantra has techniques and practices for every individual at different points of evolution. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, a Brahmachari or married, high born or low born, selfish or unselfish, a seeker of moksha or siddhis, it is tantra shastra which gives you a way for yourself. Even sannyasins can practise tantra sadhana and develop higher powers and utilize them for the good of mankind.


Mahanirvana Tantra is the tantra for sannyasins, Brahmachari and hermits. All those who have not succeeded in their sadhana even though years have elapsed should accept the scientific, tantric way of realization. In this era (Yuga), when minds are no longer pure, habits have degenerated, passions have burst out, faith is missing and life has become completely material, it is tantra that is the way for spiritual aspiring souls of both east and west.


Tantra - A path from Siddhi to Samadhi


Siddhis can be used as a path but they are never the goal. Because Siddhis are also part of the Maya/Illusionary reality and one can play till infinity. For what purpose one may need Siddhis? To get name, fame, power over others? Does that mean less powerful ones must exist for the Siddha to become a hero? Or even to start on the path of Siddhis, there should be a feeling of lack, being less in something must be there, isn't it? Some people attain Siddhis not because they feel powerless within, or not because they want to control something or someone, but to live in abundance, establish Dharma, and deepen their wisdom of subtle to transcend & to help loved ones, humanity, or for them, it's the search of Ultimate Truth. Such a seeker when will pursue the path of Siddhis will ultimately realize that the highest way to help anyone or to know the truth is to attain Samadhi. Be one with Self (Brahm) and then lead others. Here are some of the Siddhas & Buddhas. 

Mahavatar Babaji& Mataji

SRI Lahiri Mahasaya

Sri yukteshwar giri

All of these Gurus, Yogi, Mystics have taught so many others and have genuinely impacted so many lives. All of them have/had Ashta (eight) Siddhis at a minimum to start with.  Yet some were/are the Mystic of Cosmic level. Kundalini Shakti awakened in each one of them and Kriya Yoga & Tantra is the path they themselves walked. If you want to be a Siddha & Buddha like these Gurus, then walk in their footsteps. 

Paramhansa yogananda




Kriya Yoga and Tantra is the path for women gurus/yogi as well. There have been many highly powerful Kriya & Tantra Yogis from time to time.  Most stayed hidden, less known to the public at large as masses were not ready. In search of Ultimate Truth, they walked the path from being a Buddha to Siddha and some started with Siddhis and reached Samadhi. Their journey started with Kundalini Shakti awakening and they became the yogi/yogini of the cosmic level.  Here are some of the women yogi/yogini.  

64 yogini

anandamayi maa


Tantra Yogi does not need to renounce the world unless it's super necessary. Tantra yogis do not divide the reality into worldly & spiritual. As per the laws of Karma, they go on living in the world with all its nuances, yet are renunciate within. They eat, sleep, work, have sex as Bhogis do, yet when you go closer you will realize they do not have any attachment with anything or anyone. Nothing owns them, binds them. Tantra Yogis do not deny anything in life, because they are not scared of anything. No temptations can ever bind them. They are courageous to walk alone, go above & beyond any bondage (Bandhana). 


Shiva Kriya Yoga - Path of Adiguru Prakriti 

In 2011 when Adiguru Prakriti experienced Kundalini awakening it opened the Guru Chakra, Trikuti and the Cosmic Shakti, Universal Guru Shakti started guiding her towards Enlightenment. She used to wake up at 3:00 AM and used to do her Kriya Sadhana in the early morning hours of Brahm-Muhurt. Other than this Sadhana, all day long, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year the very way she lived was Kriya, where everything was Dhyana (Meditation) & Samadhi. 3.5 Years she kept on peeling the layers of Self and was Enlightened on 5th March 2015. Afterwards, the vision of Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya guided her towards Self-Realization. She is MCA, MBA, holds diplomas in Cyber Crime and was working full-time in America for 12 years as a Software Professional at a high position in the Fortune 500 company and was also working on her own venture as a Serial Entrepreneur. She has been a lecturer in University Colleges in New Delhi, India. She is a mother and is a householder. Nothing could stop her. She did give up her software ventures and moved to an easier position in the company. She did not make any excuses for not being able to do Sadhana or not being able to follow her path. No challenge from life could shake her resolve to find out the Ultimate Truth.

Despite being busy with Leela in the world she was able to complete her spiritual journey because she followed the path of Kriya Yoga and Tantra. Hence the reason she created the special program called Shiva Kriya Yoga for seekers from around the world from different walks of life. Spiritual Journey is about "Chitta-Vritti Nirodah" means removing the Karmic patterns from your Consciousness. She is a Guru who will explain you about the Karmic Sanskaras (Chitt-Vritti) that "you" hold and then will teach you the appropriate Kriya Yoga and Tantra Sadhana to achieve your goal, with appropriate Initiation (Shaktipaat, Urdhvpaat, Brahmpaat, Divyapaat).  


As a Guru, she stresses upon being abundant in life and she teaches "Lakshmi Tantra" to almost everyone so they do not face problems related to Health & Wealth and can do their Sadhana easily. According to her "If you lack anything in life except Ultimate Truth (Brahm) then you will be pulled by that, but once Ultimate Truth is the only thing then nothing can stop you from being Enlightened (One with Brahm) and be the embodiment of Ultimate Truth. Hence be "abundant" first with health, wealth and most importantly Love. 


Adiguru Prakriti emphasizes Sadhakas being able to do Spiritual Sadhana (practices) without any Fear & unforeseen obstacles. She teaches Kriya Yoga with Kali Tantra, Rudra Chandi Tantra, Vajra Tantra, Kapala Tantra, Bhairav Tantra, Asht Matrika, Das Mahavidya, Maha Nirvana Tantra, Gayatri Tantra, 64 Yogini Tantra, Dwadash Nag Tantra, Agam & Nigam Darshan and many other required Tantras as per the needs of the Sadhakas (Spiritual practitioners) along with Kriya Yoga & Patanjali's Yog Darshan.


Her vision is to teach Kriya Yoga & Tantra to every man, woman and child so everyone is able to live physically & mentally healthy, wealthy, resourceful, loved and rich inside-out. Everyone holds the potential to expand their Consciousness. And that will uplift the Jagat Chetna (Global Consciousness). 


Shiva Kriya Yoga for children - Baal Kriya Yogi Program


Adiguru Prakriti teaches Kriya Yoga, Gayatri, Sarawati and Neel-Saraswati (Tara) Vidyas to Children above 7 and 13 years of age respectively. That enables the kids to master different arts and live life at a deeper level. She also teaches Kriya yoga to children. It makes them "Tejasvi" and in future, they attain a fully developed personality and are able to lead a much better life in every sense. 


Deeksha - Initiation - Shakti Sanchar


An able guru can transmit his/her own experience through different kinds of Shakti Sanchar (Shakti Propagation) methodologies. It could be through Shaktipaat, Urdhvpaat, Brahmpaat, Divyapaat. Different methods are suitable for seekers at different stages. The number of times, Shaktipaat can be given is seven, means once for each Chakra. But there are people in whom One or two Chakras are already awakened so they do not need Shaktipaat seven times. Shaktipaat is given to awaken individual Chakras and finally Kundalini. 


Other types of initiations are given for different types of Tantra Sadhanas, Mantra & Yantra Sadhanas. Initiations bring your own Consciousness at that level where it can hold specific Wisdom and Shakti which is being transmitted by the Guru. Afterwards, it is your responsibility to make use of it. Shaktipaat given for Kundalini works in "this lifetime" only when your Anahata Chakra has started opening and to open Anahata you have to work on lower three chakras and remove the Chitta-Vritti from those Chakras. You cannot work directly on Anahata, because Anahata is a reflection of being an Animal (lower 3 Chakras), a Human (Higher 3 Chakras) and a Divine Being (7th and above Chakras). If Anahata is closed/jammed/contains vritti then Kundalini awakening will happen in next lifetime, despite receiving Shaktipaat in this lifetime. Receiving Shaktipaat speeds up the entire process of awakening, hence it should be received in this very lifetime, regardless of where you are on your journey. It is highly impossible to awaken Kundalini in one lifetime in Kali Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Treta Yuga. Only in Sata Yuga, it is possible to do it in one lifetime, as the level of Jagat Chetna and Pancha Tattva is highly pure and other factors of human-life are supportive. 


Adiguru Prakriti took Shaktipath and Kriya Deeksha from Gurudev Lahiri Mahasaya in the previous life and did a lot of Kriya Sadhana in the previous life. In this life, she was born with Savikalpa Samadhi state was able to reach Enlightenment and Self-Realization in this lifetime, again through the path of Kriya & Tantra. She shares her wisdom of two lifetimes with seekers and initiates them. 


You can also receive Deeksha (Initiation) for individual Tantra Sadhana. 

Individual Tantra Deeksha


You can receive the individual Tantra Deeksha for different types of Tantras. You can consult with Adiguru Prakriti to find out which Tantra is suitable for you. If you are asking for a specific Tantra Deeksha by yourself, then you must be suitable for that. Adiguru Prakriti will ask you questions and will assess your suitability for the Deeksha that you are looking for. Her decision is final in regard to whether you are ready for a particular Deeksha or not. Suitability or Eligibility (Paatrata) is a must, else it will not help you, you will not be able to accomplish your goal.  


Fees for Individual Tantra Deeksha & Gyan (Jnana) - AUD $1100.00

Total Sessions with Adiguru Prakriti - 2 Sessions (Can be attended in person or Online on Skype/Zoom etc.)


Note - From time to time, as per the specific Cosmic Time & Space (Muhurt) we organize large Deeksha Camps at the reduced price (AUD $600) for four hours. You can learn about the upcoming camp's schedule here. It is recommended if you can attend those Camps. You can attend the Mass Initiation Camp in an Online Mode also from your Country/City, as it is performed & webcast Live. Whether you attend in person or in an Online Mode, please fill up and submit the form below. 

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