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Dharmic Partner of G20

Through collaborative efforts and policy reforms, we aim to empower governments to initiate measures for the holistic betterment of all citizens worldwide. Together, let us create a world where Dharma flourishes, enriching the lives of individuals and communities alike. Know that without Artha (Finance/Resources), Dharma (Values sustaining life in this Universe) is not possible. Hence, your contribution is highly appreciated. Dharma ≠ Religion. 

CIVIL 20 (C20) Policy Reform Initiatives



Explore the ancient wisdom of yoga, meditation, and spiritual journey and meet Adiguru Prakriti, an Enlightened, Self-Realized Mystic Guru. 

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a "set of values" or "universal principles" that sustains all life in this Universe. These values are not imposed on Conscious Beings or humans by some higher power or authority but are woven into the fabric of microcosmic and macrocosmic existence. Dharma encompasses the fundamental order and harmony, guiding all life towards its inherent purpose and fulfilment.

Dharma is the ethical foundation upon which individuals, societies, and the entire cosmos operate. Furthermore, Dharma is not limited to human beings but extends to all forms of life and existence, including plants, animals, and even inanimate objects. Each being has its own Dharma, its unique role and purpose in the grand tapestry of existence, and fulfilling one's Dharma and allowing other beings to fulfil their Dharma is essential for the Universe's overall harmony and well-being.


Dharma (Set of Values, 8 Universal Principles for sustaining all life) 

  1. Compassion (Hindi/Sanskrit - Karuṇā)

  2. Non-Violence, Non-Cruelty (Hindi/Sanskrit - Ahiṃsā)

  3. Truthfulness (Hindi/Sanskrit - Satya)

  4. Non-Stealing, Non-Exploitation (Hindi/Sanskrit - Asteya)

  5. Moderation, Contentment, No Greed for resources & power (Hindi/Sanskrit - Aparigraha)

  6. Consciously Dutiful towards Oneself, Others, Society, & Nature (Hindi/Sanskrit - Kartavya)

    • One's duties towards oneself - are to adhere to Dharma, pursue a spiritual journey (Kriya, Jnana, Bhakti, Karma), and realise the Eternal nature of the "Being/Atma/Atman" that you are and the Eternal aspect of Nature and the Creator. The eternal aspect of Prakriti (Nature), Atma (Being), and Paramatma (Supreme Being) is called Sanatana, and when one lives as per these Realisations, it is termed Sanatana Dharma. Spiritual realisations of Moksha/Mukti/Enlightenment, Karma & Rebirth are Sanatana Dharma. 

    • Duties towards others & society—As a parent, child, spouse, kids, relative, colleague, businessperson, government official, soldier, politician, or citizen, one must consciously fulfil one's duties towards others & society, and country by adhering to the Dharma. To achieve this in a systematic way, the Varna System (Brāhmaṇa, Kṣatriya, Vaiśya, Śūdra) & Ashram System (Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa) were devised based upon the consciousness & natural learning inclinations of people. Know that the caste System was the sick & twisted propaganda devised by Thomas Babington Macaulay & forcefully imposed on Indians during British Terrorisation/Colonisation. 

    • Duties towards Nature - No pollution, cleanliness, respect and care for earth, mountains, forests, rivers, air & all beings. 

  7. Conscious Charity (Hindi/Sanskrit - Dāna)

  8. Protection of Dharma & Dharmics (Hindi/Sanskrit - Raksha:)

    • Soft Protection (Intellectual Kṣatriya - Śāāstra/शास्त्र) - Through Education & Awareness (सनातन शास्त्र विद्या), Dharmic Laws, Enforcement & Justice System, Recognition & Support System, Native/Indigenous/Civilisational Wisdom & Culture Preservation​ & Continuity, Raising Consciousness and many other ways of Soft Protection, & by deeply understanding the Adharma around (Śatrubodha) and knowing the Adharmics around. 

    • Hard Protection (Physical Kṣatriya - Śāstra/शस्त्र) - Through Soldiers, Armed Forces (सनातन शस्त्र विद्या) founded upon the principles of Dharma & by deeply understanding the Adharma around (Śatrubodha) and knowing the Adharmics around. 


Countries, Governments, Societies, Organisations, Families, and People may identify with various religions and faiths around the world or atheists and non-believers. Yet, if they want to survive with peace and harmony, they must live the life of Dharma. Those living by Dharma (a set of values sustaining all life) are called "Dharmic" countries, governments, societies, organisations, families, and persons. 


Not living the Dharmic way gives rise to terrorism, colonisation, slavery, Exploitation of natural resources, wars, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, inequality, natural disasters and ill-functioning societies, organisations and mentally ill people, in the long term, are not self-sustaining for the country or group of people and are termed as "Adharmic (opposite of Dharmic/Dharma). 


Hence, Adharma (violation of Dharma) is as follows:

  1. Selfishness, Self-Centeredness (I, Me, Mine)

  2. Violence, Cruelty

  3. Lies (Half-Truths, White Lies)

  4. Exploitation of resources, people, societies, countries, civilisations

  5. Greed (for resources & power of any kind)

  6. Undutiful (Absence of responsibility & accountability, Entitlement)

  7. No Charity

  8. No Protection of Dharma & Dharmics


Disastrous Consequences of Adharma:


"Conflict, No Peace, No Growth, Loss of resources & lives"

  "Internal & External Presence of Conflict is an Absence of Dharma"

"Adhering to Dharma is the Prevention of Conflict"

"Resolution of Conflict requires replacing Adharma with Dharma"

  1. Selfishness, self-centeredness - 

    • A selfish/self-centred person cannot be part of a healthy family and will eventually break it. 

    • A selfish/self-centred organisation/society will create high-income disparity, poverty, hunger, corruption, pollution, propaganda and labour exploitation. 

  2. Violence, Cruelty - 

    • A violent, cruel person will cause the untimely death of generations of animals and humans and will disrupt the natural order in the world. Such a person will cause lifetime trauma to others. 

    • A violent, cruel organisation/society/group of people will cause the mass extinction of humans, civilisations, cultures, and other beings. It will cause generational traumas, leading to dysfunctional families and societies for hundreds of years. 

  3. Lies (Half-Truths, White Lies) - 

    • A liar will manipulate family members and colleagues, will suffer from low self-esteem, and will never be healthy enough to do greater good in the world. 

    • A liar organisation, society, or group of people will create propaganda, fake news, and fake information and ultimately cheat people of their money, resources, and livelihood. They will also incite people, causing violent protests and activism and disrupting harmonious growth. 

  4. Stealing, Exploitation - 

    • If caught, a thief will end up in jail, and if not seen, they will suffer alone, and such a person will not be of much use to the family or society. 

    • A thief organisation, society or group of people will loot the resources and starve people of food, education, culture, and resources and will terrorise/colonise and will have a sick end with traumatised people around. These organisations or groups of people will exploit humans, animals, beings and Nature to the extent of causing more significant imbalances & natural disasters that may last for hundreds of years & fail to create a self-reliant, self-sustaining world for future generations. 

  5. Greed (for power & resources) - 

    • A greedy person will hoard resources and money and will obsessively cling to the relationships, making others feel exploited physically & psychologically, lacking the means required for healthy living. Such a person will not do any good in the society. 

    • A greedy organisation, society, or group of people will attack and exploit other countries, cultures, Nature, and civilisations and, in the process, fail to develop a self-sustaining society and world for future generations.  

  6. Undutiful (towards oneself, others & Nature) -  

    • One must fulfil one's duties towards oneself and others. Undutiful individuals fail to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities towards their parents, family, and relatives, leading to strained relationships and potential consequences in their professional lives. They lack accountability and are full of a sense of Entitlement. Pollution and digital footprints increase due to being undutiful towards Nature and other beings. 
    • Undutiful societies, organisations, and groups need more cohesion, trust, and accountability. This can lead to internal conflicts, inefficiencies, and failure to achieve common goals or objectives. It can also break social bonds and injustice and perpetuate harmful practices or ideologies. Pollution and resource exploitation increase because organisations and societies are not dutiful towards Nature and other beings. 

  7. No Charity -  

    • One must always give money, resources, time, energy, and skills to less fortunate people, organisations, societies, and groups working towards establishing Dharma in the world differently. No charity instils Selfishness and greed. 

    • Organisations and societies must have philanthropic initiatives without greed and self-serving agendas; otherwise, goodwill suffers, and in the long term, it becomes unsustainable. 

  8. No Protection of Dharma & Dharmics

    • When a person doesn't live with Dharma, he/she cannot protect the Dharma in his/her family, society, community, organisations, and country. Such a person becomes Adarmic and perpetuates Adharma starting from his/her own family. Everyone must protect the Dharma for oneself first by any means and protect himself/herself and other Dharmic family members, people, communities, societies, and organisations. 

    •  Organisations, societies, states, and countries must protect the Dharma through laws, rules, regulations, and other means for Dharmic people, organisations, societies, communities, and countries. ​Otherwise, anarchy will prevail, and due to Adharma, the population will end up killing each other and will not let the Dharmic people live peacefully. 


Know that the Human Being is the smallest entity, a unit that has to adhere to Dharma. Only a Dharmic Human Being can create a Dharmic Family, Dharmic Society, Dharmic Organisation, Dharmic Country and a peaceful, harmonious world. 


Introspect yourself!

Also, know that Dharma, this set of values or universal principles, was first conceptualised and adhered to by the people from the world's oldest living highly conscious civilisation, the "Indus/Sindhu/Hindu Valley Civilisation," hence it is also termed "Hindu Dharma."

Being "Hindu (Sindhu originally, Indus)" is a civilisational identity (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, and worldwide), cultural identity (Sanatana Dharma, Persians, Jews, Muslims, Sikh, etc. lived or living in Hindu/Sindhu/Indus civilisation geography), and religious identity (Sanatana Dharma, Vedic, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc. the original religions/faiths that existed & exists in the Hindu/Sindhu/Indus Valley Civilisational areas since thousands of years before barbaric attacks & forceful conversions by Turks/Caliphates/Islamic, Vatican, Britishers, Portuguese & Dutch etc., i.e. religions not forced upon by perpetrators, looters, terrorisers, colonisers). For Hindus, Civilisational Identity, which is in constant pursuit of consciousness & wisdom (seekers) & Dharma and is hundreds of thousands of years old, is ancient and is so deep-rooted that it prevails over Cultural & Religious Identities. Hence, Hindus are gentle, Dharma-adhering, Wisdom seekers, Consciousness Raising Yogis & citizens of countries worldwide. For Hindus, Dharma comes first, and religion, culture, language, and other identities come later. Hindu/Sindhu/Indus Valley Civilisation has had the most religious & culturally diverse population living in harmony from time immemorial in India because of adherence to Dharma. Hindu Civilisation is a leader in wisdom, consciousness, spirituality, holistic health, diversity, equality, peace & harmony. From that perspective, the entire world should become Hindu to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. 


When Westerners, Modern so-called Academics, Media Folks, and Propaganda lovers use the term Hinduism, they are essentially referring to the world's oldest, most ancient religion & religious identity only, which is Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma. In that sense, Hinduism is an abstraction or a piece of a whole identity, devoid of Civilisational & Cultural Identities. By doing this, their purpose is to create the "religious divide" and create growth disruptors; after all, it's hard for them to digest the magnanimity & highly conscious wisdom & ancient existence of peaceful humanity.


Another term, "Hindutva (Hindu Tattva/Element)", is used by Hindu/Sindhu/Indus Valley civilisation intellectual, political & demographic warriors in pursuit of saving Hindu Civilisation, Culture and Religions from perpetrators of other religions, societies, organisations, politicians and countries who have been seriously functional in destroying religions, cultures and peaceful civilisations worldwide in myriad gross & hideous ways. Originally, the term "Hindutva" connotes only a "Civilisational" Identity consisting of many & any religion that exists in India, but in the past and even now, those "division, Faultline creators & propaganda lovers" consider it to be just the religious identity because they are truly not aware of the great civilisational history of "Jambudweepa/Bharat/India" and have only chosen to see the world divided by one or other religion or the caste system ignorantly devised by Thomas Babington Macaulay & forcefully imposed on Indians during British Terrorisation/Colonisation. 

We all have learnt that in the last 1000 years of the history of humanity, some 45+ countries were colonised by Britishers, so many by Spaniards and by French & Portuguese and Arab & Islam to have a bloody past & wars are raging the countries till today. Around the world, thousands of Native and Indigenous Tribes, cultures & civilisations were burnt, raped, butchered & destroyed, natural resources looted & exploited. Generations have accumulated "Bad Karma" by living and perpetuating the Adharma, the burden of which is evident in current generations' psyche. It is evident from history that "Dharma" was neither taught in the Western World nor found a place in other Abrahamic religions ruled places.


Do we want our children, the future generation, to continue like that, or can we stop all the Adharma?

It's high time that #UN, #IMF, #WorldBank, #UNICEF and other International Organisations reform their policies by adopting the Dharmic perspective for the greater good of humanity. It's high time that the philanthropic wings of multinational corporations give up their greedy agendas in the name of philanthropy and become Dharmic in their approach to humanitarian work. It's high time for politicians and countries to reform their policies to include the Native/Indigenous population and give them what was rightfully theirs instead of sugar-coated words and schemes for namesake only. It's high time that colonisers accept their crimes against humanity, start offering public apologies to the Natives/Indigenous, and start making real amendments before it's too late to fix some of the Karmic repercussions & mother nature decides to settle all by herself in the most painful & disastrous way. 


Dharma must be adhered to for peaceful and harmonic humanity, regardless of religion, faith (Christian, Islamic, Judaism, Shaivite, Vaishnavite, Buddhist, Jainism, Sanatana Dharmic or any other), or lack thereof and regardless of civilisational, national and cultural identity.


Just like the physics law of Gravity, will impact everyone the same way, regardless of religion, caste, culture, nationality, race, gender or any other identity. Similarly, Adharma impacts us in the same way. Wake Up!


Dharma is for the Humanity! 

One Earth! One Dharma!

Let's build a harmonic & peaceful world together, 

Adiguru Prakriti 


Partner & Contribute

Are you a Dharmic Human Being, Dharmic Society, Dharmic Group of People, or Dharmic Organization? 

Individuals and organizations interested in exploring partnership opportunities and collaborating their resources with us, please send an email to 

Together, let us craft the sacred history (Itihasa) of humanity's flourishing Dharmic future.

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