3 Types of Perseverance (Dhriti): Tamsik, Rajasik and Sattvik

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What makes you slog for a promotion or cut down expenses to save money for a dream car or house? What makes you hold onto your goal? What gives you the power to direct your thoughts, emotions, senses & actions towards a goal?

Dhriti - Hold onto your goal unwavering
Dhriti - Hold onto your goal unwavering

Dhriti (Perseverance) is an important factor along with Buddhi (Intellect) in pursuing any goal in life. Especially when goals are months and years far away, or perhaps lifetime away. In this article, we are addressing Dhriti only. You can read the article on Buddhi on the blog.

Achievement of any goal requires an unwavering mind. Which means your thoughts, emotions, senses, energy, actions al