Abuse in Spiritual Organizations

Updated: Jul 22

In the last 100 years many spiritual organizations, their leaders, staff and Gurus have been accused of abuse and other crimes against humanity. Let's understand what can be done to prevent it.

Different elements tied together
Different elements tied together

Every now and then you see some spiritual organizations, their leaders, staff and Guru or Gurus being accused of sexual abuse, molestation, rapes, murder, child abuse, financial crimes and the list of charges is very long. Many of these accusations are legally proved to be true while many can't be proved. Only the sufferer knows the truth if there is one. Yet there are many organizations and Gurus who do not come under the scrutiny, do not make the news and crime perpetuate silently on the name of spirituality and no legal action is ever taken and no justice is ever delivered. As a result, people & their lives are scarred forever. Many people end up in serious life-long therapies afterwards. Who is to blame?

It has always been a trend that young generation's misfit, neglected, rejected, abandoned, sufferers and lost ones find acceptance & belonging in spiritual groups. Yes, it is a bitter truth and there is nothing right or wrong about it. It's just the way it is. And these people at times are running and managing the show. Spiritual communities appear to be broad-minded and accepting so they grow in leaps & bounds. Once such people find their belonging they are in submission psychologically. But how far this submission should go? How deep should it be? Where should you draw a line? Many people when do not find the relief, the solution to their problem or answers to their questions anywhere else then they turn to Spiritual Gurus. Such people have lost faith in doctors, psychiatrist, religion, family, society and everything else. They have lived in a dark tunnel for too long and are looking for a silver lining. They are on the edge of either making it or breaking it. They are on the verge of losing all. They are ready to put everything on the stake. Really? Define & Know "your" Everything! Pa