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The Future of Humanity : Vision of Adiguru Prakriti

Anadilinga Being Shiva Foundation

Eastern cultures have witnessed the glorious, sacred consecration of thousands of Shivlingams in different countries since time immemorial. Anadilinga is another magnanimous one whose consecration will be witnessed esoterically by graced ones.

Anadilinga will be the essence of the entire yogic sciences and does not attribute to any particular belief system, religion or faith. It's purely scientific and existential in nature. It's a technology that works regardless of one's faith and will benefit tremendously in breaking unconscious patterns and raising Consciousness. People of any race, religion, caste, creed, or gender can unite and Meditate in peaceful surroundings. The esoteric consecration process will ensure that it doesn't require any ritual or worship going forward and will reverberate pure cosmic energy for possibly thousands of years to come.

The mercury-based Anadilinga will be consecrated by the Self-Realized Guru, Mystic and Yogi Adiguru Prakriti through intense Meditation (Samadhi) for months/years through the ancient process of prana-pratishtha.

From the metaphysical standpoint, Anadilinga will be a Master, a Guru with tremendous energy to unlock the potential of everyone around. By helping spiritual practitioners achieve higher meditative states, Anadilinga will offer the presence of a living guru. Traditionally, the powerful presence of real mystics and masters is only available to a few. The eternal vibrations from Anadilinga will help dissolve the unconscious patterns (Karma) to speed up the spiritual process/journey and expand/elevate the Consciousness so that life can be perceived beyond the physical. It is going to be a doorway to Enlightenment and Spiritual Liberation.

Why Anadilinga?

Humanity is in ever greater need of energy vortexes (Lingam/Ellipsoids) than before. To eradicate physical, mental, and emotional issues and to heal & lift everyone from their brokenness, we need to unite and build such a thing. Raising the consciousness globally is the only way to end human misery! We need consecrated spaces where "all" religions, castes, creeds, races, colours, and gender people can come together and be benefited. Consciousness is ONE in ALL. Let's stand up as humans for once by keeping all differences aside!

What is Anadilinga?

Anadi means "the one without the beginning", which, in other words, means "the one without an ending". The one which is "whole". Lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning Ellipsoid, which is an energy vortex. As per Science and Quantum Mechanics, that's the shape of the "energy of creation". Anyone coming near such a lingam will find physical relief, emotional stability, and mental clarity, and their consciousness will be uplifted magnanimously to attain Meditativeness and Mindfulness. Without it, it will take months and years to achieve this state and lead a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

How Anadilinga will be created?

Anadilinga will be a tall ellipsoid tower which then will be consecrated through esoteric methods, extensive meditation/samadhi and an ancient science of "Prana-Pratishtha" using which many such energy vortexes (Lingam) were created throughout the world. Then, a long process will charge the lingam to reverberate with the energy of creation, holding the emptiness/void out of which the entire universe happened.

The Vision of Adiguru Prakriti

Adiguru Prakriti Realized the Self in April 2016. During her spiritual journey, the sequence of Visions started, which showed a magnanimous, glorious Shiva-Lingam, which appeared to be talking to her about the details of what has to be done, why it has to be done, and how it will be built and consecrated. When she asked, "What will it be called?" a loud voice responded, ", Anadilinga". It was as if Shiva materialized as Anadilinga and was speaking to her to bring it to reality, like how the true Self may talk to the mother before rooting itself into her womb and being born as her child.

Those visions also made it clear that she would have to move to Australia. She sold her house and belongings in the USA and moved to Australia as soon as possible, as visions drove everything. Before leaving the USA, ideas guided her to visit Mount Shasta in California as she had to collect something from there. Not knowing what it could be and where and how she would get it, she visited Mount Shasta and hiked up to 9,800 feet to mystically find a Crystal and Gold plated statue of Goddess Durga. Details about that journey are on the blog.

After reaching Australia, she settled in Melbourne and started working on drawing the designs, details and everything from her visions. Being Shiva Foundation is Adiguru Prakriti's effort to bring Anadilinga to reality. According to her, building and consecrating Anadilinga is a sacred cosmic offer to her directly from the Creator, and it will be her contribution back to humanity, to world. It will unite all who must contribute and participate in this sacred process. The journey of building it will get many people together and reveal their potential and energy in a way they have not perceived before; it will give sacred meaning and purpose to many lives around.

Anadilinga will benefit the entire human race. In a thousand or so years, it's an opportunity to be part of something that will outlive many generations to come. Anadilinga will be built to last 5000 or more years to come, and the cosmic vibrations/energy emanating from it can benefit all beings and, most importantly, humans.

When a vision of such grandeur happens, it changes the fate of humanity; it changes the era of the level of consciousness forever and elevates everything to higher vibrations of energy and higher dimensions. Such visions are delivered from beyond time and space as Universe itself is trying to evolve, and matter/energy, the consciousness of beings, and planets are trying to be more purified and stable. The realization of such a cosmic vision will stabilize life not just for humans but for planets as well.

You can be part of this Cosmic Adventure by volunteering for anything you can help with or donating. Be Blessed!



The concept of Anadilinga was received as a vision by Adiguru Prakriti, and it is based on the fact that Cosmos has Pure Energy that can be used to uplift humanity and break the karmic patterns. Using this tremendously powerful Shakti human consciousness can achieve a long due breakthrough and must happen now.


The cosmic energy will be stored in the mercury-based ellipsoid/Lingam through ancient esoteric methods.


The Lingam will be placed inside a Temple shaped like a Star Tetrahedron (Hindi/Sanskrit - Shatkona). The entire space will be consecrated so that no rituals are needed to maintain the power of the Lingam and Temple space.


In geometry, the three-sided pyramid is known as the Tetrahedron. When two Tetrahedrons are merged, they form a Star Tetrahedron. When seen two-dimensionally, it is a hexagram or Shatkona in Hindi/Sanskrit. Three-dimensionally, the Star Tetrahedron symbolizes the union of Shiva (Unmanifest) and Shakti (Dynamic Power). When one is Enlightened/Self-Realized, then in Crown Chakra, the Union of Shiva-Shakti takes place, and such a Being is connected to the Cosmic Kundalini. Shatkona symbolizes the original human consciousness (4th, 5th, and 6th-dimensional consciousness) to which the human race is returning. In discussing the hexagram, Wikipedia says:

The hexagram is a mandala symbol called Shatkona yantra or sadkona yantra found in ancient South Indian Hindu temples. It symbolizes the Nara-Narayana or perfect meditative state of balance achieved between Man and God, and if maintained, results in “moksha,” or “nirvana” (release from the bounds of the earthly world and its material trappings).

In the myths of Ancient India, the shape is generally understood to consist of two triangles-one pointed up and the other down-locked in a harmonious embrace. The two components are called “Om” and the “Hreem” in Sanskrit and symbolize man’s position between earth and sky. The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the sacred embodiment of femininity, and the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva (or fire principle), representing the focused aspects of masculinity. The mystical union of the two triangles represents Creation, occurring through the divine union of male and female. The two locked triangles are also known as ‘Shanmukha‘-the six-faced, meaning the six faces of Shiva & Shakti’s progeny Kartikeya. This symbol is also a part of several yantras and is deeply significant in Hindu ritual worship and history.


Consecration can be done in many ways; one way is through chanting specific mantras and performing Yagya; such a consecration is called Mantra Pratishtha. Deities consecrated this way constantly require poojas and other rituals to maintain their energies. In contrast, Prana Pratishtha is done so that the energies are locked within the deity, and the deities maintain their points constantly and do not require rituals or any other means of re-energizing. Prana Pratishtha is a months/year-long process by Enlightened/Self-Realized Beings. Deities consecrated in such a way to retain their energy for thousands of years and benefit humanity by uplifting the Consciousness and helping humankind break the unconscious/karmic patterns. Intense Meditation/Sadhana/Tapas is done to consecrate through Prana Pratishtha. This esoteric process takes place beyond the realms of mind/body/emotional dimension, beyond the 5th Dimension. Sustained states of Samadhi are maintained with minimal body consciousness and require much care for the environment, surroundings and the people involved. After the consecration, it is difficult for people interested in staying in the body after prolonged minimal body consciousness. Adiguru Prakriti is ready to embark on this journey of Prana Pratishtha despite knowing that after consecration, she might have to leave the body or be left with a damaged one. As per her, there comes a time when one has to do whatever needs to be done to uplift the Consciousness of the entire country/planet. As she has received this as her Cosmic/Divine Order, she has to fulfil it. Many die diseased on hospital beds, in accidents or in sleep; this is a better and more divine way to leave the body. Death doesn't happen to an Enlightened/Self-Realized Being.


Shiva: The Yogi

In Yoga, Lord Shiva is considered the Adi Yogi and the Adi Guru. He is the foremost among the yogis and the first teacher of the science of Yoga. He is an ideal renunciate and an ideal householder. He is depicted as sitting in a lotus pose on Mount Kailas, in deep samadhi, unmoved by the events of the universe. His body is smeared with sacred ash. In his hair is the crescent moon symbolizing mystical vision and knowledge. The serpent coiled around his neck represents the mysterious kundalini energy in all of us. The river Ganges cascades from the crown of his head, symbolizing perpetual purification, which he bestows upon his devotees. He is the three-eyed one or Trilochana, as he has the third eye or the eye of wisdom, in the centre of the forehead. He is described as the "blue-throated" or Neelakantha. His trident represents Nature's three gunas or qualities: tamas, rajas, and sattva. He is Yogeshwara, the lord of Yoga; Maheshwara, the Great God and Bhuteshwara, the lord of the five elements from which the universe is created.

Shiva: The Nothingness

Shiva is considered with and without form: the Manifest and Unmanifest. Languages cannot describe the void, the emptiness, the nothingness, or the shoonya he is. He is the Absolute, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, beyond Consciousness and yet Supreme Consciousness. Shiva is described as formless, worshipped as the Siva Linga, and considered the ultimate reality. Even though the supernatural cannot be given a form, the oval-shaped, ellipsoid Shiva Linga is said to be the first form taken during creation. Shiva suggested that a human need not be contained in the defined limitations. There is a way to be included in physicality but not to belong to it. There is a way to inhabit the body but never become the body. There is a way to use your mind in the highest possible way, but still, never know the miseries of the mind. Whatever dimension of existence you are in right now, you can go beyond that - there is another way to live.

Shiva & Shakti

Shiva is considered the supreme consciousness in which the play of creation happens in the form of Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are inseparable, just as the product cannot be separated from the creator. The whole of creation is described as Shiva Tandava or the dance of Shiva—our Prostrations to the formless One, who has taken a form out of Compassion. Shiva and Shakti are in Union in a Self-Realized/Enlightened one. They are depicted as Ardhanarishwara (Androgynous).

Ardhanarishvara is one of the 64 manifestations of Parashiva, the aspect of Lord Shiva, who is Absolute, beyond all human comprehension and is hence considered the Nirguna Brahman (the Supreme One, who is beyond attributes). Since Ardhanarishvara represents the perfect synthesis of male and female forms, it also embodies the Prakriti and the Purusha, the feminine and masculine energies of the cosmos. Also, it illustrates how Shakti, the Sacred Feminine, is inseparable from Shiva, the male principle of God. This form also symbolizes the all-pervasive, all-enduring nature of Lord Shiva. The concept of Ardhanarishvara indicates that "totality lies beyond duality" and the essentially similar nature of both masculine and feminine energies. It talks about being part of the Supreme Being, being two equal parts, and making the whole.


ANADI means without a "beginning", and LINGA means "form". Anadilinga means a form without a beginning.

One may wonder that form is physical and has a boundary; how can it be without beginning? Well, when the energy of a form is not just limited to the physical boundaries, instead is merged with the Cosmic/Divine energy/shakti. Then, the form has no limitations, and the impact of the form is super powerful. If one is receptive enough, then relative perception reality can be transformed in the presence of Anadilinga.

The one with "no beginning" has "no end" either. Only the Shiva/Nothingness/Emptiness/Shoonya to which modern science refers as "void" is Adi-Anadi (No End-No Beginning). Because it is "void", it is formless; all forms of manifestations are in it, and yet, in itself, it has no form. It is Absolute. When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga. Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid. Today modern cosmologists are saying that the core of every galaxy is in the form of an ellipsoid. Yogis have always been saying the first and final form is a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally form a Linga. From our experience, we know this.

The first form is a Linga. The final form before dissolution is also a Linga. So a Linga is a doorway to the beyond, whether you go this way or that way. Both ways, the final form is always a perfect ellipsoid before dissolving into nothingness. The science of Linga-making is based on this. If you give me an object, this wood, I can make it highly energetic and provide it to you. In a few seconds, I can make it highly active. If you hold it before and after you touch it, you will feel the difference, but the wood won't retain this energy; it will keep it for some time, and again it will become just a piece of wood. It cannot sustain it, but if you create a perfect Linga form, it becomes a perennial storehouse of energy. Once you charge it, it will always stay that way.

When one is Enlightened/Self-Realized, they become Absolute. It's not that they lose their physical body; it's just that their energy body (Etheric/Subtle Body) becomes Cosmic, and their Consciousness reaches the Infinite where Consciousness loses even the awareness of itself. They become a perfect divine vehicle and perform incredible feats like child's play. They are called Yogi and Mystic because what they achieve and can do is often beyond scientific explanation and the realm of the logical and rational mind.

Anadilinga will have all seven chakras manifesting themselves at their peak. It will be alive. Not only on the physical plane; but on the level of the etheric or spiritual body. Anadilinga will be like a body of an Enlightened/Self-Realized Being, where Cosmic Shakti/Energy/Power stays in its most dynamic form. It will be a Guru, maybe not a physical Guru who speaks to you, but still a Guru. A Guru is not just the one who speaks to you or guides you on the physical level. Your relationships in the world are physical, mental or emotional, but the relationship with your Guru is such that he touches you in those dimensions where others cannot. Anadilinga will touch the Consciousness that you are and will expand and transform it so you can live a fulfilling life with Divine Love for all in your heart. For some of you, it will be the Guru of the highest order because when you look at Guru with the human body, your mind starts judging as to what they wear, what they do and all that, but when a Guru is nothing like human-body you will stay receptive in many ways and reach the state of ultimate devotion easily. Otherwise, you visit caught up so much in your judgmental mind that you fail to experience the "Being" that a Guru is. Those who are too logical and whose ability to live life is very much on the surface may not be touched by Anadilinga. When you sit in front of a living Guru, you have many problems, judgments, likes and dislikes because you invariably look at his personality. People have left their Gurus for all kinds of frivolous things. There are hundreds of stories of people who left their Guru for something as silly as a tie or a needle. This is simply because, in your everyday life, you are profoundly caught up with your own physical and mental bodies and their dramas. What has happened to you on deeper dimensions is not in your awareness. In one moment, you will know that this is the most profound thing that has happened to you. The rest of the time, your mind will argue and prove it's not so. With Anadilinga, you will not have these problems because it will not carry a physical or mental body. If you experience him once, you will look up to him reverentially every time you sit. If he had a physical body, one moment, you would look up to him reverentially; the next, you would be judging him and condemning him for something. It's bound to happen. Anadilinga will have boundless advantages.

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