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Ayurveda: Clarified Butter doesn't mean Ghee

Whether it is Spiritual Wisdom, Sanskrit or Ayurveda, people translating traditional wisdom in English have corrupted the culture and have shaken the foundation.

Cows & Ghee
Cows & Ghee

Whether you are aware or not there are large intellectual groups who are busy taking the traditional wisdom about culture, health and other matters and go on mistranslating and/or wrongly-equating it in the English language. Such groups are funded from inside and outside the country, for socio-political and most importantly financial gains.

Just pay attention seriously and think for some time, how come so many mistranslated words, terms exist and what are the "impacts" you have in your life due to such deeply rooted misunderstandings?

Be mindful, because unknowingly you are going to give these misunderstandings as a legacy to your children, the younger generation and the negative impact on them will be manifold.

Hence please do not enjoy & celebrate the bliss of ignorance.

Indian people usually were less sick when they were eating proper Oil and Ghee, instead of Refined (technically which is not oil) and Butter Oil (technically which is not ghee) and were following lots of other Ayurveda Practices. In countries like America USDA is one of the most corrupt and insanely profit-driven organization totally committed to "creating sick population" and shaking hands with Pharma Industry under the table to fund hidden researches for financial gains, not the public welfare, and Agriculture industry to create monopolistic giants like Monsanto and promote GMO, Sugars, Sodium, Fluoride, Slow poisons in so many hidden ways that normal public can't even imagine. USDA Calorie specifications, guidelines, standardised regulations have created the highest sick population in the history of America.

Once such organizations have extracted all the juice from their own country population, they head towards other countries, to find most corrupt and rich "insiders" in the country and team up with them to start injecting the similar poison on the name of health standards, regulations and then collaborate with Pharma Industry to provide sickness suppression medicines because now there is enough sick population and then with agricultural industry to complete and maintain the "vicious circle". And they have a proven track record to create sick population and grow pharma industry.

Common people fail to see the distorted "big-picture".

Such "Rakshas Forces (Infiltration Forces)" heavily start campaigning against the Original/Traditional Wisdom of the Country saying that "ghee is bad, oils are bad", this cholesterol, that trans-fat and such a limited "hidden agenda" driven scientific research outcomes are forced on the general public. Doctors are trapped into such campaigns, they are taught "prescribe only what pharma industry has to sell", Industrialists come forward to set up new industries/refineries and it seems whole country "buys-in" and slowly the Natural, Organic, Thousands of years of "Proven Wisdom" is thrown out and this "newly born limited scientific research" is forced on to the life of common public. Ghee, Oils are thrown out, Refined is brought-in and in couple of decades we see an epidemic of Arthritis, Gout, Joints pain, Diabetes, Hypertension and people over 30 years of age live life depending upon Doctors and Pharma industry who have no intention to "heal" them, as that's against their interests.

To maximise Profit Margins and duration, this infiltration is specially done to those countries where population is more and is younger and is going to be younger for few decades to come, like India.

So, people please Wake Up, before it's too late. If you really want to live a healthy life, read, educate yourself and understand the wisdom of Ayurveda. Modern Science is good for instant pain reliefs by suppressing pain-centre in the brain and surgeries. There is NO CURE available for any disease whatsoever. The Ratio & Percentage of Physically and Mentally Sick people are "highest" in the human history. Something has gone seriously wrong, let's just start fixing from our "kitchen" in the house.

Such Rakshas forces have succeeded in infiltrating our lives because many of us were just "too lazy" and "too busy with mundane" to educate ourselves and "TOO HYPNOTISED" by the English Language.


Ghee is prepared from "Makkhan" and Clarified Butter produces Butter Oil. In Western Countries like America and Australia, many Indians buy butter and heat it to clarify and use that "thinking it's Ghee". What they do not realize is that the Raw Material for Butter Oil is Butter which they are heating. While the Raw Material for Ghee is "Makkhan" which they do not have.

BUTTER IS NOT MAKKHAN Though both of them are prepared by reversing the emulsion of the milk-cream. That means from oil-in-water to water-in-oil. But they are not the same. Butter is prepared from fresh cold cream by churning it, till water oozes out and butter is formed. To prepare Makkhan the milk is first turned into Curd (Active Culture Dahi/Yogurt) and then this Dahi is subjected to a traditional churner, in the process the foam, which comes up is Makkhan. So the raw material for Butter is "Cold Cream" while the Raw Material for Makkhan is "Dahi".

CHAACH ( छाछ ) IS NOT BUTTER MILK While preparing Makkhan from Dahi, the leftover is called " Chaach (छाछ) ", some people refer to it as Butter-Milk, which it is NOT. While preparing Butter from Cold-Cream the byproduct is called as "Butter-Milk".

Similarly, you need to understand that "Non-Homogeneous Milk" must be used to create Makkhan and not the Homogeneous Milk that we find in Grocery Stores in the USA and Australia, which you can boil endlessly and it won't produce proper "Malai".

So, Butter is NOT Makkhan, Butter Milk is NOT Chaach (छाछ), and Clarified Butter is not Ghee.

Now, you may ask "how does all this matter?" Well, it does.

Your body pains, your health issues, your rusted intellect, your ageing body is screaming out loud that it matters. We are the most comfortable generation, yet most sick generation on the planet; physically, mentally and emotionally.

It matters because of "how the body absorbs, digests and reacts" to Butter, Butter Milk, Butter Oil in comparison to Makkhan, Chaach and Ghee. The latter are easily absorb-able, digest-able and "Jatharagni" (Digestive Fire/Heat) doesn't react to them badly and "Apana Prana" in our body is not disturbed, hence "Gastric issues" do not happen, and headaches, body aches, arthritis, joint-pains and lots of other health problems do not happen.

Disturbance to the Apana Prana is the primary cause of Heart Attack, Stroke and Paralysis. And Apana Prana gets disturbed due to the Reactions of Jatharagni. When Jatharagni is "low" that means the food inside your stomach is being digested on "candle", just like we say sometimes "are you cooking food on the candle, means why is it taking forever to cook?" So lower Jatharagni means food will stay for a long time in your stomach and intestines, and because of lower heat, bacteria will start infesting and causing all sorts of nonsense in your system. Bloating, Gas, Acid, Gastric Attacks, Headaches, indigestion will happen and then no matter how much you walk or roll-on-the-floor it can't be fixed easily. And serial-crime on your body might result in serious and permanent damage.

In Ayurveda, Ghee has been praised for its medicinal properties. Many Ayurvedic medicines are prepared using Ghee and especially Indian Cow Ghee. It is highly used throughout India since ancient time. It is easily digestible and helps in digesting food, provide lubrication, good heart and used as a skin moisturizer as well. Cow’s ghee contains various anti-oxidants and riboflavin. Ghee is lighter than Butter Oil and does not deposit in the body if used in a limited amount.

Moderation is the "key" in life for consuming anything; may it be food, or thoughts, or emotions or some other poison.

It's difficult to stop, think and make the correction and cause a paradigm shift.

On the name of convenience, we have accepted many things which are incorrect fundamentally. Hence we must stop, think and make a correction as we go before it's too late. The most important thing to understand here that, it is not about which language is being used, it's not the fight between two languages, and it's not about the "words" either, it's about "the meaning, the concept, the correct process" which cannot be conveyed through wrong translation and wrong equations, to those who do not have direct experience, embodied wisdom of traditional Hindu culture.

Note: These Rakhshas Forces are not imaginary, and these talks are not entertainment. This is a serious matter and you can research about it yourself, if you need help, email us and we will send you some information about widely, publicly available disclosure material about big-time infiltration into countries and cultures, especially India. Have the patience to read and digest voluminous information, think about it, use your intellect, before blindly throwing an opinion and throwing your life into the hands of your ignorance. A Yogi, a Seeker should be healthy. Without health, your Sadhana and Spiritual Journey is a very difficult task.

Jay Shivay,


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