Confusions about Guru Chakra's Position

Updated: Jul 26

Let's see where exactly it is

Agya Chakra & Guru Chakra
Agnya Chakra & Guru Chakra

Mostly you see the drawings like above for different chakras. Above you see the Agya (Ajna or 3rd Eye) Chakra and it has Trikuti - Guru Chakra on top of it. Means Guru Chakra - Trikuti (Triangle) is overlapping the Center Circle of Agya Chakra.

Note: Pronunciation is "Agnya" but it is written as "Ajna" due to IAST Translation. Just like pronunciation is Gyana or Gyan but it is written as "Jnana". Agnya Chakra is also called as 3rd Eye Chakra, because of one of its expression as "seeing beyond" what is visible through other two eyes. Or in other words, it represents the "Seer of Truth" which means having Vivek (Power of Discrimination). Note: In the above Diagram 2 left petals and a circle in between is Agnya Chakra. The Triangle in between the inner circle is Trikuti - Guru Chakra and the OM Symbol is the representation of Chakras beyond Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). This diagram is like a layered representation, in fact, a system called as "Brahma-Granthi" (Knot of Supreme Consciousness or Divine Cosmos).

While looking at these drawings you fo