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Relaxation in Knowing

I don't know this, I don't know that, how will I do this, what will I do? And the anxiety prevails!

Relax in Knowing
Relax in Knowing

Did you ever realize that when "you know", you are much relaxed, in any given situation in life? When for a long time you stay identified with the Experiencer within you, then the intuitive knowings are lost and the #Knower within is doomed. In any difficult situation to be the Knower you have to keep calm, breathe and then knowing, understanding will start happening by itself. Don't go from anxiety to panic attack in thirty seconds, instead just breathe, deep breaths. Nothing else is needed.

“You can invoke the Knower within you on demand. Not the fake Knower who relies on data and information from just his/her past few years or this lifetime. The Real Knower is the one who has the Intuitive capability of knowing and can access the infinite cosmic data warehouse.”

It is important to understand the difference between self-aggrandized "Knower personality" that you have created who believes he/she knows a lot, almost everything, because you have seen life, events, lived difficult situations, you have seen the world, have grey hairs, wrinkles, you have aged due to life struggles and blah blah blah. Sorry! I am not referring to this kind of Knower Personality. The Real You is not a personality based on life experiences. The Real You, the Real Knower is beyond Time & Space and has Intuitive, Psychic Knowing ability.

The Real Knower

The real Knower just knows. They may not know "how" they know, but they just know. They may not have a logical, rational explanation for their knowing for quite some time, may not have a justification, but they just know. A lot of people around the world, many leaders, innovators, change initiators actually live their life on Intuition. They usually do not have any logical/rational explanation for their decision making and they are seldom wrong. What blocks the Real Knower within? Fear! Yes, the Real Knower cannot awaken within you, the intuitive capability cannot be honed in you until you are fearless and are able to handle the Knowings without any logical/rational justifications (walking without crutches) until you are able to handle the information from beyond time & space. Know that, you are given only however much you can handle.

Jay Shivay!


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