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Fear: A crippling disease

Why are some people fearful? How is fear created? Where does it come from? How to eliminate it?

Buddha - Abhaya Mudra
Buddha - Abhaya Mudra

In spiritual scriptures, Fear is considered as a great human curse. It is a negative flow of energy that puts one into the bondage as opposed to liberation/Moksha/Nirvana.

Fear is your worst enemy. Fear can assume various forms, like, fear of death, fear of disease, fear of public criticism, fear of losing your property or money, fear of losing a relationship, fear of losing love, fear of losing pride, etc. Fear afflicts many lives and makes people suffer.

Different types of fears can play in your life at different times. Some people can bravely face an army on the battlefield, but they are afraid of public criticism, public opinion. Some people can fight the entire world but are fearful of disagreeing with their spouse. Some can face a tiger fearlessly in the forest, but they are afraid of the syringe in hospital. Some have a fear of physical losses, material losses, some have it for emotional losses, for their ego, pride, honour, personalities, identities. Some #fear time, past through painful memories and some fear time, future for unknown.

The greatest of all is the Fear of Unknown!

Fear in Sanskrit/Hindi is termed as #BHAYA and Fearlessness is termed as #ABHAYA.

What creates Fear? Where does fear originates from? How to remove it?

Fear is due to the #Vasana of #Moha (Attachment, Emotional Love - Love as you know). If you have attachment/emotional love/Moha with your physical body, you will be fearful of losing it, hurting it, being sick, afraid of diseases, criminals or anything that harms, destructs your body.

If you have Moha with your personality as a Man/Woman, as an Employee/Professional, as a Parent, as a Sibling, as a Lover/Spouse/Friend etc then you will have Fear losing it, you will be fearful of anything that destroys your different personalities/identities and you will dance on the tunes of Expectations and Obligations and will disguise them as Responsibility.

If you have Moha with your relationships, you will be fearful of losing them. If you have Moha with your money, your assets, properties then you will be fearful of losing them. Some people have Moha with their Freedom, some have it with their pleasures, comforts in life and accordingly, they have fears.

Why one has Vasana of Moha?

The Vasana of Moha is due to the delusion that someone/something is yours and can be lost, means someone/something belongs to you, and you can lose it. Only if you knew that no one and nothing ever belonged to you, and that even you did not belong to yourself and that you/your real Self, the Absolute is the only Truth that exists, there is no other, then the question of belonging itself doesn't arise. Only because you are not your Real Self, the Absolute/Brahm you go on playing with these delusions and are identified and attached with people, places and things only to find in the end, at the time of your death that you were born empty-handed and you will leave like that. There was nothing that ever belonged to you, and there never was a question of belonging as there was only #Absolute that ever existed and there was no other.

Avidya/Agyan/Ignorance for Absolute/Self/That/Truth/Brahm is the cause for the Vasana of Moha which ultimately creates Fear. Hence in order to get rid of the fear one has to reduce Moha, through Spiritual Sadhana/Practices and apply Jnana/Wisdom in life to remove fears. One should get rid of all sorts of fears not just one or some.

Adharma- Suffering

Fear of Unknown and Fear, in general, makes people Lie, Cheat, Corrupt, Kill or do many crimes or Adharma (Non-Righteousness) that one is not supposed to do. Many people kill spiders, snakes not because they are harming, just because they are fearful.

People are fearful of Truth. People are fearful of Wisdom/Truth about Life. People fear Awakening/Enlightenment/Self-Realization. People feared Buddha, Jesus, Socrates and so many more and killed, crucified them just because of their own fears.

On one side people want an Avatar, a Savior, a Reincarnation to be born to save them but if they encounter one they run in totally opposite direction or faint, or live in disbelief, ignorance, denial and unacceptability. Only because they are fearful of the Power of Truth!

Fear only brings suffering!

Fearless - ABHAYA

Two greatest Moha are:

1. Moha with physical body, Annamaya Kosha

2. Moha with Ego/I, I AM One of the greatest of all Moha is the Moha with Body (Annamaya Kosha). In other words, the Fear of Unknown arises because of the Moha with Body. The one who throws away the Annamaya Kosha through Spiritual Sadhana (Yoga) and/or Jnana/Wisdom is free from Fear.

Those who do not carry their body in their mind and are detached from it are free from fears of all kinds. Such a person is ABHAYA - Fearless. There are many who are born Abhaya (Fearless) in this life. They are not afraid of anything at all. They do not fear known or unknown.

They are the only right person (Adhikari) to know the Truth/Self/Absolute and have Wisdom of all that is known and unknown because they can handle it. They have the courage to make use of it.

Abhaya is a Divine Quality and some are born with it.

When one has removed the first Moha, with body, Annamaya Kosha then through spiritual sadhana one can remove the sense of I AM or "I" and that's when one is Self-Realized. All other Vasanas belong to this "I AM" or "I", all relationships, all Moha, all fears, all Koshas, all that you are not belong to this sense of "I" which in itself exists because of the Root Vasana of Ignorance/Avidya. Using Jnana/Wisdom one can remove Ego/Aham/I-Maker and can remove all identities and be free, be liberated.

Many Gurus, Buddha, Shiva, Goddesses are shown in Abhaya Mudra, means in the pose of giving a boon of fearlessness, with their right hand up with open palm facing the receiver. Such a boon is a game-changer. Whenever a Guru raises their right-hand in Abhaya-mudra, another Truth/Wisdom beholder is born. It is considered as the boon of the highest value, or the best boon to have and to give.

Every boon or good deed or good karma loses its power as the time goes by, but Abhaya is the only boon whose power increases over time. It's a living and breathing power which keeps on playing until one becomes the Source/Absolute/Self.

May you all be Abhaya!

Jay Shivay,


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