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Grounding is not needed, don't waste your time!

Walk barefoot, drink lots of water, bath with salt, spend time in nature and all 99 grounding techniques are not needed actually.


Whenever you go through higher vibratory, elevated, peaceful, joyful, relaxed experience you fell in love with yourself. Then comes the time to come down, feel angry, stupid, agitated, energy-less, anxious, fearful, painful, awful and what not. Now you hate yourself.


The moment you come down from your elevated experience, you start creating #guilt (Vasana) within. You very well know deep down in your heart that you were not able to hold that higher vibratory state. Yes, that is the Truth. You were not able to hold that higher state, better state. But there is no need to generate guilt for that. If you were not able to hold it, then there is a reason for it. Pay attention to the diagnosis and reach correct the diagnosis, do not be a quack. But you are not able to go that route, instead, your guilt overpowers you and you keep yourself hooked to it. You love guilt-trips.


Some of you take that guilt a lot far away. Instead of finding the true reason, the correct diagnosis, you start blaming someone or something. Because correct diagnosis is a challenging task, while #blaming (Vasana) is super easy. You start blaming people around you for sucking your energy, being energy vampires. You start blaming the surroundings, environment not being spiritual, healthy. You start blaming stars, planets, solar-flares, angels, job, boss, time-cycle (Yuga), even menstruation (if you are a female) or PTSD, ADHD, ADD, ghosts, spirits, medications, other-worldly entities & controlling powers and so on. You are damn eager to put a label & reason for your lowered state through blaming. You love victim-hood. Even if someone or something is pulling your energy down it was supposed to be like that because others are nothing but Echo and Reflection (Echoflection) of you. One bitter truth pill is "looking for reasons outside you is futile". So, how about pointing that finger towards yourself only, but not with guilt, with true, correct diagnosis of it.

Bhoota (Elements/Tattva)

There are five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space (Akasha). You are made up of these 5 elements. The impurity in these elements in you is what "breaks" your higher vibratory state, thoughtless/meditative state and pulls you down. It's like you are a muddy water. When the mud is settled, water is clearer, you feel elevated, joyful, peaceful, calm. The water is clearer because you the muddy water was left untouched (means there was nothing to cause a stir), not because that mud was removed. So, mud particles are still there. Higher Vibratory states in themselves are great stirrers. The stir caused through them is going to bring up even the mud which was settled at the bottom. Hence you feel a serious low, serious powerlessness. Your elevated states are broken, because your system (constitution of 5 elements) is not ready to handle the higher vibrations for a long time, for forever.

Bhoota-Shuddhi (Elements/Tattva Purification)

“The one who has finally purified the Space/Akasha in oneself can be Enlightened just by the touch from a Guru.”

Yes, that is what you have to do. You have to make serious efforts to purify each and every element in yourself. Also, make efforts to not make the pure ones muddy again. It's like washing, cleaning the white-shirt that you have to wear, and trying to keep the one you are wearing, spotless. It's a serious commitment. Once all the elements in you are purified, balanced, in sync with the Cosmic Vibrations (Pure Consciousness), your elevated state will not break. When you will reach Enlightenment, you will be rooted in it, it won't be a breached one. In other words, even the Enlightenment won't break.

Grounding Candies

When you are dealing with lowness and are looking for reasons outside yourself, you are given some sweet-pills of grounding-techniques. Just like how a mother gives candy to a crying, tantrum-throwing child. Through the physical and psychological effects of those grounding techniques, for some time your mind is taken away from your guilt-trips, victim-hood and challenging emotions and you feel relieved. In reality, the situation doesn't change. Diversion works only for so long. Just an hour or few after your best grounding technique application, you are back. You are back to that lowness. In fact, you fight with it for days & weeks, day & night. Know that, grounding techniques do not help you purify your elements, do not help you transform yourself into a Being who constantly remains in Higher Vibratory, not just elevated but the Pure States of Consciousness. Just like psychedelics cannot transform your consciousness permanently. It can change it for some time and then you are back to square one. Grounding techniques are candies, life can be lived without any.

Transformative Grounding

“To embody light, you first have to embrace and embody the darkness within."

Darkness Transforms

Stop running! Yes, stop running away from that lowness, from anger, frustration, anxiety, fears, unloving lowly vibrations. Stop, making efforts to find the cure to all that as if they are some kind of disease. Yes, it causes a heck lot of uneasiness, but it's not a disease. Stop denying, chasing them away by walking barefoot, bathing with salt, burning incense, breathing grass and all that. Stop pushing the negative charge from you to mother Earth. Grow up! Face Yourself, handle yourself.

Those low vibrations, all those suppressed emotions are demanding space, they just need to be understood in the right perspective and they will leave you forever. You were pure and pristine to start with. What made you muddy is part of you. You cannot push aside, chase away, ignore, suppress it again. Examine what exactly you are feeling during your lowness. If it is guilt, see, analyse, write down how many times in life you were guilty, and guilty for what? If you are feeling angry, be loving enough to see your anger clearly as to how many times in life, for how many events/people you have felt angry and you have suppressed and so on, examine each emotion that is coming out.

“Ground yourself into the mud that you are as of now!"

Even if you just consciously look at every emotion and allow yourself to feel it as is instead of running away from it, you will be transformed forever. Infuse your consciousness (Chetna) into your feelings, emotions and be conscious. That's all that is needed. Feel it, let it pass through you because all that is coming out now from within is what you have suppressed since so long. Don't fight it. Allow lowness to exist in the infinite space that you are. That's #transformative #grounding!

Jay Shivay!


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