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How to effectively listen to a Guru?

Senses are limited and you have no control over them. Ultimate Truth is beyond your perception. Then what connects you to the Guru? How can you still imbibe the teachings?

You, You and You

Most often your presence in front of your Guru, especially when he/she is giving a discourse or explaining you something is like the picture above. Either you are sitting, sleeping with eyes closed, pretending to be in meditation but lost in your own world, or you are hearing but not listening or you are trying hard not to yawn and appear sleepy. Some of you are trying hard to understand and absorb what is being said, but every sentence feels like a bouncer. It's exactly like how you must have felt in Physics, Math or Biology class during high-school. Nothing different. Though the need this time is different and most of you do want to understand and absorb what is being said. But how? Senses are going haywire, the mind is causing all kinds of nonsense, the body is doing tantrums of its own. You want to talk too and at times too much. Then how to absorb what #Guru has to give?

Naad Brahm

Self Realized Gurus are #Shiva/Unmanifest and can become #Shakti/Manifest when needed. They have the power/Siddhi of #Naad #Brahm. Naad is often denoted by #OM #ॐ symbol. Naad is the 33rd dimension of the #Cosmos/Existence. If you want to see where it stands, below is the comprehensive diagram of the Cosmic Dimension. If it seems too complex, leave the calculation part and just read the text. I will explain these dimensions in detail in future articles.

Cosmic Dimensions

Naad is the Sound which can impact the Universe, means which can impact you. Whether you understand the Guru's teachings logically/mentally (Length-First dimension) or not, Guru has the power to transform you through his/her voice/speech. Because Guru's speech contains Naad, the sound of #Universal Impact. Impact here means "transforming you". Just listening to such a Guru will transform you, if you can be quiet.

Most people live only in 3 dimensions which are Length and Breadth. How come these are 3 and not 2 dimensions? Well, for that you will have to see the calculations in the above diagram. The logic and language and all that is already known belongs to first dimension only, and that you speak and the speech that you give and the sound that it creates has no power at all. Neither you can bless nor you can curse anyone. Your verbal wishes/sayings cannot come true. Your talking is completely useless, powerless.

Self Realized Gurus have access to #Naadkala (42nd dimension), whatever they say becomes true, they have the power to manifest. At this dimension, they are the manifestors of the Universe. When such a Guru Initiates you, or when he/she creates something that has Universal impact, he/she is being Shakti (Divine Power of Creation) at that time, being a Creator, rest of the time he/she is just #Shiva/#Unmanifest/#Absolute.

Hence just have "#faith" that whatever the Guru is teaching is being imprinted in your existence, just surrender. It's being encoded into your energy body and whenever you will need that information if you are calm enough then entire #Wisdom/#Jnana/#Gyan can be recalled by you.

Science of Prana

Only Prana connects all 11 dimensions of existence!

Breathing (inhale-exhale) generates Pranic Shakti (#Prana/#Chi/#Qi) till you are in 11 dimensions. Once you are beyond, you are connected to the Cosmic Source/Shakti/Power and hence regular breathing is not needed. Length, Breadth, Depth (including #Shabda) are 11 dimensions of your existence. These 11 makes your world. Those who go beyond these 11, realize that it was an illusion/Maya. Because reality is not just limited to these 11, instead your perception is limited and can perceive at max 11 dimensions.

Not being able to perceive beyond 11 dimensions, and thinking of those 11 as ultimate reality is #Maya/Illusion. It's not that what exists or happens in those 11 dimensions is unreal or illusion in any way. Mental understanding of all 75 dimension doesn't remove Maya, only the perception of all 75 removes Maya/Illusion. Perceive to know!

If perception is enhanced, transformed through #Yog Sadhana then all 75 dimensions of creation going up (dissolution), infinite dimensions going down (creation) can be perceived. Hence the reason to go through "Perceptional Transformation". Your existence is spread across these 11 dimensions whether you perceive all of them or not. Not everyone is Creative or Visionary or has known Silence, means they have not even experienced 3 dimensions. Instead of Oneness from Depth dimension, most of you have known Entanglement (transactional relationships) only. I love you, so you love me. I live with you, so you should live with me. I bear you, so you bear me and so on.

One thing connects your multi-dimensional (11 dimensions) existence and that is #Prana/#Chi/#Qi. If you do regular Pranayam (Breathing Exercises) you can perceive all 11 dimensions and may be able to go beyond if you combine it with other Yog Sadhanas and Initiations/Deeksha. Self Realized Guru has gone beyond existence, beyond the manifest and is Shiva/Unmanifest, but he/she still has one thing common with you and that is Prana. Whenever such a Guru is chanting any #Mantra or speaking something, if you just follow the rhythm of his/her breath, his/her chanting then your Prana will start vibrating somewhat close to the level of Guru's Prana. And this closely vibrating Prana is what will transmit the teachings, wisdom to your existence. It's like downloading all from Guru's existence to yours.

Your Prana is imbalanced and produces Shabda (wild, no transformative impact sound). While Guru's Prana is balanced hence creates Naad/OM/ॐ Sound. Your breath is external (inhale/exhale) for all the breaths that you take. Guru's breath is internal (#kumbhak) and inhale-exhale happens hardly 50% of the breaths. In other words, ideally, in calm, quiet, restful state you take 16 breaths on an average per minute, 30-35 (approx) breaths in mental working or anxious mode, while Self-realized Gurus take hardly 5-8 breaths per minute in calm/restful as well as mental working mode. But when they are talking, giving a discourse, teaching something then they are breathing a little more and that way its easier for you to follow the rhythm of their Prana.

Guru's Prana has become Naad. Your Prana can connect you to Guru's Naad. Your Prana is the connecting channel.

You have already known some breath facts. Like, during sexual intercourse two people start breathing at the same rate, their breath goes on in unison and it elevates the experience, the perception because their Prana becomes one, means starts vibrating at the same frequency. If you alone start taking deep breaths in a rhythmic manner then you can arouse yourself. You cannot cry or feel happy while deep breathing. So, breath, deep breathing pattern has an immediate impact on body, mind, emotions (lower dimension). In the same way, the breathing pattern has an impact on the higher dimensions of your existence.

If you cannot even do that, then know that just by continuous sharing of the breathing space with your Guru could transform you over the period of time. That's not an open invitation to go live at your Guru's house :-)

Work on yourself!

Jay Shivay!


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