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Bring light into your life

Experience the Experiencer. Know the Knower. Be the Being.

Bring light into your life
Bring light into your life

Fly the sacred journey from Experiencing the #Experiencer within, Know the #Knower within and ultimately be the #Being.

“Experience & Know all that you are not, and that which you are will be revealed.”

Question yourself as to "who I am not?"

I am not

List down all that you are not. All that you have acquired in the process of taking this human birth and living this human life. All that you have taken from the mother Earth, people, society, religion, culture and the world around you. Keep improving that list, keep adding to it. Do this exercise for at least two months, so all that you think you are can be revealed. In reality, this list creation may go on for a year. But it will be a good investment of time & energy. Once you think that the list contains every possibility, every role, every personality, every identification, then you are ready to embark on the journey of seeing the spider web that those personalities/identifications have created around you and once you have your full web in the view, you can break it, you can come out of it and be free. That doesn't mean you won't play the roles and you won't bear the responsibilities that you have, you won't care for the loved ones around you. It simply means nothing can bind you anymore. You will own everything but nothing will own you.

Be free! Be in the Light!

Jay Shivay!


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