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NYAYA DARSHAN - Science of Knowing & Proved Knowledge - Siddhi of Jnana

Is your knowing fault-proof? Is your knowing perfect? Is your knowledge going to cause more bondage, or will take you towards Moksha? The Knower within you is pro-life or against life? Why different people have different perspective about the same thing, person, situation, place? What limitations perspectives have? Understand the Science of Knowing and make sure the Knower within you is carrying Proved Wisdom and have fine-tuned Viveka (Power of Discernment). Attain Siddhi of Jnana!

Knowing is for all but Science of Knowing is only for Humans
Knowing is for all but Science of Knowing is only for Humans

Monkeys will not become Human just because they "know Darwinism". Ponder upon this! Most of the time people walking their spiritual journey have "erroneous" knowledge about themselves, others, Divine, samsara, happiness, suffering and everything else. No matter how much you know, you will not attain Moksha, will not attain any worldly goal either, if your knowing about yourself, others, Divine, Samsara, Happiness, Suffering, any subject/object is not "pure", is not "error-free".

It's not about the Quantity of Information, its about the Quality, purity of the Information & it's holder, the Knower.

You may go on reading scriptures, listening to Gurus on YouTube but if the "knowing" that is happening to you contains limitations & errors of perception & inference then you will have "faulty-knowledge" and if you apply it in your life, you are done, doomed in one way or the other and you will "blame" the Scriptures, Gurus and will loose Faith, instead of trying to understand the errors, faults in the process of your "knowing", instead of polishing, educating the Knower within, you will try to fix the world outside.

Nyaya Darshan is one of the six Hindu Philosophical Scriptures. Nyaya Darshan is about Proved Knowledge, it's the Science of Knowing, it's the Technology for understanding the "Knower" within. It's about cultivating a laser-sharp Intellect, Pure Viveka (power of discernment) to separate Truth from Untruth. A must study for Seekers.

It is ancient than Yog Sutras by Patanjali. Nyaya Darshan, the "ancient" one is written by Gautam Rishi (also known as Akshaypad - having eyes in the feet), commentary was written by Vatsyayan Rishi (also knows as Pakshil Swami).

Nyaya Darshan is not about giving you a predefined perspective to go on measuring proofs and truths. Its about helping you develop the Knower within to be able to Know the Truth. It's our responsibility to be able to Discern what wisdom must be taken and what should not, why it should or should not be taken. It helps you validate and transform yourself and others.

Nyaya Darshan helps one attain "Siddhi of Jnana".

Understanding Nyaya Darshan is about understanding Dharma and Spirituality and move towards Moksha.

Manu Smriti asks - What one must do to understand and apply the Purified Dharma in life? The answer says - One must always have knowing through Agamas (Scriptural ways of knowing), Direct Perception as a way of Knowing, Anumana (Inference) kind of knowing and one must study Nyaya Darshan to understand "all ways of knowing the truth" through logical reasoning and understanding and "validating" it.

One should never be a blind follower. Devotion is not blind, it is the result of laser sharp intellect and pure viveka.

Nyaya Darshan is about "Purification of Knowing Process" and hence "Purification/Transformation of the Knower". Without logical reasoning and arguments the Purification of Knower and his/her Knowing cannot be done. One must not forget that Jnana is needed for Moksha. Jnana (Wisdom) is the ground for Moksha. For Wisdom you need to read, understand Nyaya Darshan for creating a ground for Moksha. Discussions, logical reasoning, debates must happen to purify the Knowings/Knowers to create a solid ground of Wisdom.

Is your knowing fault-proof? Is your knowing perfect? Is your knowledge going to cause more bondage, or will take you towards Moksha? Is your knowing pro-life or against it? Why different people have different perspective about the same thing, person, situation, places? What limitations knowings/perspectives have?

Because not everyone knows "how" to "know", not everyone's knowing is "truthful", not everyone's knowings are "pro-life" and "pro-moksha", hence understanding Nyaya Darshan is very important.

Are scriptures the only way of knowing? Is direct perception the only way of proving your knowledge? Can inference lead to truthful wisdom? Are there truthful inferences? Which way of knowing must be used "when" and "in what situations"? Is one human life enough for knowing just through Direct Perception? Why inference is the most complex kind of knowing yet leads to proved wisdom of Moksha?

We use our senses, we use our cognitive skills, we use our intuition, we use our intellect, we use books, scriptures to "know". That means we all go through the process of "Knowing" and try to "Prove the Knowledge" that we gain through our actions in life. Based upon this "knowing process", based upon the "proved knowledge" the "Knower" within, goes on reducing his/her Karmic burden, removing his/her Chitta-Vrittis and goes on transforming himself/herself. Incorrect Knowing Process, or undeveloped Knower within will not be able to walk his/her Spiritual Journey.

There are so many Books in the World and Articles, Talks on Internet by people who have had faulty, erroneous Knower within and hence their Knowledge in the form of Book, Article or Speech can be proved wrong by an educated Seeker and he/she will not waste time on such materials.

When I was walking my own Spiritual Journey, as an IT professional I had access to Internet and all kinds of books & material. But nothing could fool me or waste my time. Just within few minutes I was able to discern "whether to take it or leave it?", "what can be taken and what must be discarded?", "what is complete and what is incomplete knowledge?", "comparing my perception with that of the author/speaker and finding loop-holes", "that which I have taken as knowledge, how I should apply it on me?", "how to avoid errors during application of knowledge in my life?", "how to attain pure wisdom that can help me complete my journey towards Moksha.... with bullet speed. Yes, I was carefully sharpening the intellect, attaining Ritambhara Pragya so learning can happen by itself through internal modes. I walked carefully the path of attaining Siddhi of Jnana.

Not in this life, but some previous one I have definitely studied "Nyaya Darshan" seriously, thoroughly, religiously like Yog Sutras and other Scriptures. And I have practically lived them in this life to complete my journey. And I do feel that it is tremendously helpful for Seekers.

Jay Shivay,


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