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Occultist & Mystic

The difference between an Occultist and Mystic is not that easy to understand, and is not for everyone. Understanding an Occultist is not a problem for anyone, but understanding a Mystic is almost impossible for a lot of people. Still, let’s give it a try!


Occultist and Mystic, both have Siddhis/powers, but not in the same way, not for the same purpose, not for the same reason. They are actually exactly “opposite”. Note that, Siddha is a Hindi word, it simply means “possessor of Powers/Siddhis”. A Siddha could be an #Occultist or a #Mystic.


Through the Open Psychic Center in your Mind, means through the functional 4th Kosha (Psychic/Intuitive Body) one can download a lot of information, knowledge from the Cosmos, from the Collective #Consciousness (Jagat-Chetna) and that knowledge, that downloaded information, knowing, can give certain cognitive skills/abilities which can make person a Siddha, means the one who has super human powers, special #Cognitive skills or #Cognition.

This is one way of acquiring powers/siddhis. Where you download a lot of information and you practice a lot to get better and better at it, you experiment a lot in order to see when it works and when it doesn’t, where it works and where it doesn’t, on what/whom it works and on what/whom it doesn’t and how it works and how it doesn’t. Years of practice and experiment and experience goes into it. Why?

Because you want it to work with 100% guaranty. Your approach is result oriented. You have higher stakes onto those results, you have lots of consequences attached to those results, because maybe your image as a Siddha, as a Guru, as a Powerful Human, as a Special Human, as a Unique Human, as a successful Teacher/Master is attached to it. Or maybe your living, your earning is connected to it. Means some power-fullness is associated with it. You start practising it, experimenting with it and you feel happy when it works and you are very much sad when it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work fully, or doesn’t work the way, or to the extent you want it to. When it doesn’t work then you come up with some supernatural, universal explanation for it for others, because you do not want people to lose trust in you and your powers.

Your heart sinks, your heart chakra closes when people lose trust in you, your heart chakra expands, opens somewhat when you have a lot of people around who trust your powers/siddhis, your value. In other words, this also means your #Siddhis/Powers define you, means somewhere deep down you feel you are nothing without them, you are nobody without them. They make you an important person, a special kind of a person, helper of humanity, and you start seeing yourself as some highly mighty being, a saviour, a pain-reliever, a suffering-diffuser, and over the period of time, you build a Mountain High Ego/Aham because of all this. All these people who achieve the powers through above-explained way, and practice the powers/Siddhis as I explained above are #Occult Practitioners or Occultist.

Occultism is a Trap

“Spiritual Gurus when say do not indulge with Siddhis, don’t pay much attention to them, don’t play with them, they are bad, they create bad karma, they are roadblocks on your path to Enlightenment/Self-Realization then they are trying to save you from becoming an Occultist. ”

What difference does it make if you hold the power as a CEO or President of a Company, or a Hollywood, Bollywood celebrity, the fire of your Ego/#Aham shouldn’t be fanned at any cost. Ego/False-Self image shouldn’t be strengthened, cemented any more. Or that maybe you are nothing, still you carry mountain like ego. You have no realization that you (Ego) are nothing but a speck of a dust in this Universe. Spiritual Journey is about removing Ego, all false-self-images, so your True Self, which is the Ultimate Power can be revealed. Gurus are trying to make you Ultimately Powerful, but you were so damn #powerless since all of your lives that becoming an Occultist seems more powerful to you in comparison. It’s a temptation, real bad trap. It's like when your master is trying to make you a World Champion Weight Lifter and you go on playing "Coolie", because now you can lift more weight than before.

The End: Not everyone should read further

Understanding the difference between an Occultist and Mystic is not that easy, and is not for everyone beyond this point. Understanding an Occultist is not a problem for anyone, but understanding a Mystic is almost impossible for a lot of people. Why? For land creatures like human the duality of wet & dry exists, but does it exist for a fish/water creature? No. Fish doesn't know what is "wet" because she never was alive to know what is "dry". To understand the reality from the Fish's point of view you have to become one. To understand, to know a Mystic, you have to become one. That's a challenging feat. Still, if you want mental/logical/wordily understanding, here you go.


“The nature of Consciousness (Chetna), the Real You is such, it flows, it changes shape. Real You is a Mystic."


Suppose there is a tree in front of you, you know that it’s a tree, but just by knowing will you become a tree? Suppose there is a river in front of you and you know that it’s a river, but just by knowing, will you become a river? No! But if you infuse your Consciousness into your knowing (as opposed to mental knowing) means when you as a Consciousness knows that it’s a river, then at that moment you become a river. When the real you, the consciousness has expanded at the Cosmic level it becomes Cosmic Consciousness, means Consciousness of everything at once, then you “become what you know”, you are a Being then. You are being a tree, when you look and know a tree, you are being a river when you see, you know a river and so on for anything and everything. Why does this happen?

Nature of real you

The nature of Consciousness (Chetna), the Real You is such. It moves, it changes shape, it flows into that which is being looked at, what is being known in order to merge the Seer, Sight and Seen, in order to merge the Knower, Knowable and the Knowledge. So the duality (Seer/subjects, Seen/object) does not exist and hence the relationship/Sight also do not exist. There is no “separation” between You, the function of looking/knowing, and what is being looked at. There is no time & no space. There is instant oneness. Experiencer (Seer), Knower (Seer) has merged itself with the Seen/Object. Subject and Object becomes one, hence the function of seeing/knowing or Experiencer/Knower is no longer there, so there is no separation.

Be a Mystic, Be One

“You exist, because I do. Only because you can refer to thyself, I exist. When I cease to exist, You will too. "

Mystics are those who through Spiritual Evolution has reached the state of Oneness with the Cosmos, Universe, all elements. They have removed the separation between them and the Universe by removing the Ego/False-Image as “I/Me/Mine”, hence “you/yours/they/them/it” do not exist. They are Beings and are Cosmic Consciousness themselves. Mystics have all open and balanced chakras, their heart chakra has expanded for the inclusion of everyone and everything and is full of Love. Not emotional love, but the Universal Love. Through their spiritual journey, Mystics also have acquired Siddhis/Powers but they are not obsessive about them. They have not acquired, downloaded them through their 4th Kosha, Psychic/Intuitive body, instead by removing the separation/walls between them and all that exists.

Their power comes from being an existential reality. If & when those powers have to be used or applied to anyone or anything it will be done at Cosmic/Divine Will because they do not have their Ego/I to exercise personal/individual/separate will-power. Mystics are simply the medium for Cosmos to express itself. They are not worried about the results/consequences of the application of power/siddhis, because powers do not define them, their value, the powerful-ness is not coming from those siddhis/powers as they have achieved the Ultimate Power by finding, revealing the True Self/That/Brahm/Christ Consciousness/Shiva.

True Self cannot be bound by anyone, anything, so these powers do not create Karma or bondage for them, they are liberated (Jivan-Muktas) beings. You are not your body, not your senses, not your cognition, not your perception, not your Vasanas, not your karma, you are just pure consciousness. That pure consciousness is in everything and everyone. When one becomes just that, just pure consciousness, a physical, tangible, perceptional and cognition change happens and that's who is a Mystic! A Mystic is a living oneness with all that exists.

Jay Shivay!


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