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Path of a Knower

Starts with intuitions and goes to Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness: Knower of Infinity
Cosmic Consciousness: Knower of Infinity

It starts with intuition, gut feeling. Most of us have experienced it in life quite a few times. And most people lose it by the time they are in their thirties. After all the #Experiencer makes so much noise that #Knower is lost. Experiencer agitates the mind so much, that even when the Knower knows it all, Experiencer leaves no stone unturned to doubt it, to cross-question it, with an intention to kill it. Yes, 90% of the time this killing spree is successful. Fortunate are those in whom Knower wins in the end and stays alive despite a wild goose chase given by the Experiencer.

Cosmic Consciousness

“Intuition when takes a solid, higher ground, we call them Oracle, Psychics, Knower of past, present, future. Such people climb the ladder of spiritual evolution and reach Cosmic Consciousness. The 7th dimension. And are called Siddha/Mystic.”

Cosmic Consciousness is vast as a Cosmos, as Infinity. One can know whatever one wishes to know without Experiencing it. Like intuitive knowing also happens without experiencing, without logic, facts. While in #Cosmic #Consciousness, One can play & meet with Celestial Beings, befriend them or annoy them. Can visit any & many dimensions, be scared or be joyful. One can play with time & space and beyond. One can play as much as one wants to. Bear in mind though, that accessing Cosmic Consciousness occasionally or on-demand (mediums) is one thing, as oppose to permanently settling in it.

Cosmic Eye

Whether one is an occasional renter, or a permanent dweller of Cosmic Consciousness the life lesson, Karmic Lesson is one. To visualize, experience and know that All Beings are One. No being is more important than the other, or lesser mortal than the other. If Crane bird is eating a fish, whom will you save? If Ghosts are possessing a human whom will you save? If you save one then other has to die. So no saving, no help, no interfering with the Laws of Karma, the design of the Universe, because it is perfect the way it is. That's what a Cosmic #Eye is. The eye of #Oneness. Which sees all beings with body, without a body, an animal body, bird body, insect body or human body and so on, as One.

Please do not help others

“Those who have learned the Oneness lesson through Cosmic Eye, attain the power to see other's Karma.”

No, no, I am not saying that you shouldn't help anyone at all, or that I will not help you in any way. At times it is your Karma to help the other in need. Since you cannot see yours or others Karma then it is better to help the one in need. But make sure on the name of help you are not self-aggrandizing, controlling, emotionally manipulating or disabling the other person in any way, and you do not have hidden agendas. Because then that means you are trying to gain something, or you are "fearful" about the loss of who and what you are, you need external approval, praise to sustain your life, or fearful about losing something. Then you are creating damn bad Karma for yourself, be sure about that. If this is the case, please do not help anyone at all, help "yourself first", and treat this as an emergency. You yourself are in serious need of help. Don't worry about me, I help by first looking into your Karma to see whether you should be helped or not. Because direct help from me, in other words, means interfering with your Karma. That interference could bring manifestation of what you want and that may not be so good for you, could enlarge and emphasize what you have within (most people have fears, pains, suffering), could speed-up your Karmic Cycle. So I see, if you can take up the speed or not, are you ready to be helped by me or not. And sometimes, to some people, I just deny and do not help at all. Not because I cannot help, but because they cannot take it, they are not yet ready.

Kill the King

However, everyone has a false notion that they are ready. Then it becomes like a story of a King who goes to the Oracle to know his future and forces the Oracle to tell him and comes to know that he will die from a sharp blade tomorrow. At once he removes all swords and knives from his palace, and closes himself in his room exhausted so much, turns on the fan and relaxes too close to it, and the loose fan blade hits his neck and slices it. And he eventually dies. If he wouldn't have forced the Oracle, he would not have closed himself in the room, exhausted so much so that to lay too close to the fan and who knows he might be alive. Seeing the future is not harmful, but telling it to the one for whom it is intended for, definitely brings the wrath of the Cosmos, Universal Karmic Laws, and eventually makes it look like as if that's how it was supposed to happen. So help should be avoided when it becomes the case of interfering with other's Karma and Universal Karmic Laws, and when it should not be done. No matter how much you think you are ready to be helped by an Enlightened/Self-Realized one, trust their decision, it is for your betterment, even when they make you run-away empty-handed.


Are you done? Done playing as Cosmic Consciousness? Did you get Cosmic Eye? Did you learn the Life/Karmic lesson of Oneness? If yes, then say goodbye to the "Knower" that you are. It's time to be a Being!

Jay Shivay!


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