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Throw all goals into a goalpost

Oh! You do not have any goals in your life. You are such a waste.

Shed all your goals
Shed all your goals

All your life you were told you have to have goals and then take steps to fulfil them. You got lectured that all successful people make goals to achieve something in life. You were told to dream, dream big and then work hard on it until you make it true. Well, if you have done that, year after year making a list of goals and then chasing them, then you must be a happy person. Isn't it? Well, then I am sure you wouldn't be reading this. You are here because despite achieving your goals, despite chasing your dreams you are not happy within. Instead, you feel empty within. As if something is lacking, something is still missing.

Get rid of all your goals

“All those who achieved the world were empty within. The one who empties himself becomes the world.”

Yes, you can go on verifying this truth. All those who achieved name, fame, wealth and what not are hollow within, are painfully empty within, are still searching for God knows what. Yes, this is the bitter truth of life. So then what is the use of all the #goals? Throw away all your goals into some goalpost, and be free. Yes, be free! Those goals were limiting the life that you are. Those goals carved a very tight path, a strict one. Be free, be spontaneous.


Life is a synonym for #spontaneity. When you become the Life itself, you become spontaneous. Imagine no struggle, no thoughts, no hypersensitivity, no anxiety before saying anything, doing anything, dealing with any situation in life. How cool would it be? It's like as if some pressure is off, a lid has been lifted. Yes, it feels that free, it feels light. A spontaneous life is like a bird's feather, very light and quick and always lands on the ground without hurting itself.

Be Natural, Be You

“When you wear any of your personality, you are not natural, you are not you.”

When you are being any of your personality you are bound by its expectations. The expectation that others have from that personality and expectations that you have from your own personality. Expectations are a spider web. You can entangle yourself all your life in the name of freeing yourself, to no avail. It will kill you in the end. All your goals belong to those personalities that you have created. Throw them.

Goal-less goal, Gate-less gate

Yes, life in itself is a goal-less goal. To be life is a goal in itself. To be natural, to be you is the greatest goal. And for that, you will have to tear away your goals list and be free. Be free to enter into the gate-less gate of Infinity.

Jay Shivay!


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