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Universal Language: E-Motion

You do not understand Stillness, Silence yet. When Energy is in Motion you understand. You do not understand Shakti any other way.


Yes, that's why the #Emoticons became so famous and are a preferred way to convey feelings. They are part of most conversations in your everyday life.

Yes, #Emotions are #Energy in Motion and that's one language that is understood by all humans and even animals. Love, Hate, Anger, Sadness, Surprise is easily understood by you. Your Mental-Emotional body is highly developed. Just a look can convey love or hatred while two people may belong to different countries, race, religions, gender and language. Just one finger can convey Anger. Isn't it? Certain songs or music can invoke feelings, whether you understand the lyrics and/or language or not. You can interpret feelings/emotions in another person almost instantly and almost all the time you are right, though another person may be in denial. Your preferred way of communication actually is through emotional/feelings exchange. Whether it is a corporate/professional setup or it is your personal life, you are looking for an "expression through emotions in you". Terms like Job Satisfaction, Emotional Intelligence, Client Relationship are important for you and you know your emotions are ways to measure your happiness or unhappiness and they are your ways of communication. Emotions are a #UniversalLanguage.


In your personal and professional life, "Silence" often meant trouble. Yes, ask all the husbands the real hidden meaning of their Wife's #Silence. Ask two lovers in how many different ways Silence is interpreted between them. Ask a son or a daughter when Mom or Dad doesn't talk to them and go Silent about something. So in a way Silence is actually scary and something painful, something not very pleasant. There are sayings like "Silence before the Storm". What does all this mean? It means #anger, #sadness, #hatred and any other bad emotion can be conveyed through Silence. So people avoid that and another saying comes into practice "Communication is the Key", means don't be silent if you are not happy about something and if you are happy then everyone knows you will not be silent at all, because you are still a child who enjoys by making noise in one way or the other.

All this means you have not known the Real Silence!


When you are on your spiritual journey what language should a Guru use to make you understand something?

That which you understand the best. Isn't it? Speech - More than half of the time you won't understand Guru's Words because your Ego & Manas (Lower Sensory Mind) and Chitta (Sanskaras/Vasanas Storage house) have clouded your Buddhi/Intellect. So whatever you are listening is being interpreted by your Ego & Manas according to the frame/structure/box of the Chitta that you have. So it may not be of any use.

Shakti - Pranamaya Kosha - 99% of you are in such a state that you won't see, feel, perceive or realize the language of Shakti. Your Pranamaya Kosha is so underdeveloped that you won't understand Shakti at all. Guru may give you Shakti by thoughts, by look, by touch, by pat on your back, by talking to you, by listening to you and through other thousand ways, but you will not understand it. Shakti will do it's job, not that it will wait for your mental understanding, but still, your mind is your mind and at times "what, how, when, where, why" needs to be understood by you.

Karma - In order to put you on the "right path" a lot of the time Guru's actions may seem totally opposite of his/her Intention/Volition. And you have no way to understand the Intentions of your Guru. Many times in life you failed to understand the Intentions of your parents and your loved ones with whom you have spent decades or half-century.

Shakti (Energy/Power) In Motion - Emotions!Yes, this is one language you understand the best. So if a Guru can create different emotions in him/her and invoke the same in you then you will understand the best. Then you stand a best chance to follow the instructions accordingly.

Now, which are the Two Strongest Emotions - Love and Anger. Also known as Carrot & Stick.

And these are the strongest one for all human beings and even animals. Love and Anger can get a lot done, can move the mountains. In normal people Love cannot be invoked easily and all the time because of "Memory" which can bring out something bitter or habitual pattern information about the other person from previous experience, so Anger is easier to Invoke and comes naturally. If somehow your memory about the other person is deleted immediately after interacting with them then you can easily invoke Love within yourself for them. So next time you see your Guru explaining something, conversing with you using Love or Anger then don't be surprised.

They are just speaking the "only language you understand the best". Self-Realized Gurus can use emotions (Shakti in Motion) as a tool and they leave them right after their use is over. Means "they do not memorise it", they do not hold that emotion longer than it was needed. So that next time again they can "invoke" the required emotion for you "Spontaneously" and their past experience/memory with you is not there to cloud their judgement about "what you need right now". They never create notions like "you are this way or that way and you will be like that always". They treat you exactly how they might treat a New Person they meet every time. And you actually are changing every hour, day, week, month, year. You are a new person every moment.

But other's around you do not see you that way, because they keep holding the past experience, an image, a memory of you. Self-Realized Gurus don't do that. You are forever changing, blossoming and they can see that. Though if they see you going against your own blooming in their presence then they might realize that "anger" is the best tool to fix you. Mother and Father do the same thing too. At times a parent is really angry when we are head over heals in our drama, tantrum, stubbornness or ignorance. Guru may not even remember it a couple of days later. So, don't think Self-Realized ones cannot display emotions. They can, especially if they need to get something done by a person, who doesn't understand any other way, who can't interpret correctly.

Though all Self-Realized Gurus secretly wish for you all to understand and be able to interpret the SILENCE. Teaching that way is the "best way" because you are in your "least resistance" mode when you learn something through the Silence of Nature, Silence of Beauty, Silence of Love, Silence of a Guru.

And mind it, this Silence is actually a symphony, an orchestra, Naad (OM) in itself. Silence is within & without.

May the Silence pervade your existence! May the Silence become the Universal Language.

Jay Shivay,


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