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Yog: Journey from Divine to Human

You were taught that Yog/Yoga is a journey from human to divine. Well, that's incorrect. You were taught it's about merging with Divine. That's incorrect too.

You cease to exist

Note: This article is not for those who have even more butchered understanding of yog/yoga like it is a way to exercise your body or calm your mind and all such bullshit.

When you start on the path of #Yog/#Yoga if you start with the perception that you are a human and you have to merge with Divine, means its a journey from Human to Divine, then you will forever be human and will never reach divine. Because, see who is trying in you, who is making efforts in you? A Human.

That means a Human needs to stay active, keep making efforts, stay alive to merge into Divine. Right? A human should always be there, else who will do Yog? Who will merge with Divine? Those who start with this fabulously faulty perception are still doing Yog after decades, after half a century.

Yes, I have met many such people. This perception keeps you on the track of doing, experiencing and knowing. What is a human after all? An Experiencer, Knower, a Bhogi/Bhokta in a nutshell. And such people are very proud of their long, old Yoga practices and worldwide knowledge & experience of it. They have turned it into an endless journey which never reaches the destination and they are very proud of it. As if Patanjali or Yoga Shastra/Scriptures declared - Whosoever is a lifetime member of Yog Abhyasa/Practices, they will be Enlightened/Self-Realized.

If you are not Realizing the Self in 5-7 years max, then question yourself as to - what exactly are you trying to do? All those who are walking Spiritual Path for than 5-7 years have something fundamentally wrong with their perception of Yog/Yoga and their whole journey.

True Yog

Yog is actually a journey from Divine to Human. Because Divine is so powerful the Human cease to exist. It's a journey of cessation of human Ego/I-Maker, all your identities. It's a cessation of I-Thought/Aham. It's a death of you as an individual, a separate identity. Those who start with this perception they are actually keeping the Divine alive throughout their Journey and finally that separate little Ego/Aham dies in the process.

Their efforts are targeted towards deleting the existence of a separate individual as opposed to strengthening it. Their efforts are towards "removing ego/aham" from the equation and then what exists is "Divine". Their efforts are existential and not physio-psycho-logical.

Their goal is to empty themselves as opposed to those with faulty perception who keep on filling themselves with experiences and knowledge. Just see within, analyze as to how many years you are on the spiritual path and what is your starting perception about your Spiritual Path? Are you being a man, woman trying to merge with Divine, or you as a man, woman emptying yourself, removing your aham/ego/identities so that Divine descends and lives! You do not merge with Divine. You cease to exist and Divine only lives.

That's True Yog. Transform your perception to reach the destined end or else after a few years, you will end up justifying your inability to be Self-Realized in some funny way. I will be there to hear it though :-)

Jay Shivay!


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