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Vritti (Psychological Patterns) Analysis

What are Vritti/Psychological Patterns?

In Human Architecture, Chitta is the Hindi/Sanskrit term, and one function of it is to store the mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns that one has accumulated for a long. The patterns in Hindi/Sanskrit are termed Vritti or Chitta-Vritti. When a Vritti is active, some people term it as Vasana. Vritti means wave-like, so mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns are like waves that arise from their epicentre or seed, called Samskara in Hindi/Sanskrit. These seeds are deep-rooted, and since these waves consume you, it's hard to identify them and see them playing you from within. For a successful transformation, the first step is to identify these Vrittis, and the second step is to see them playing within. Then there comes an acceptance of "what-is". And from that point onwards, you are on your journey for transformation. 

Taking the first step is never easy; facing yourself and knowing what is buried inside isn't easy; hence, most people are in denial. Yet, some courageous ones like you come to a decisive point in life to know your false self, shed it, and be the real you, the new you. 


What are the different categories of Vritti/Patterns?

These Vritti or Patterns can be divided into five categories:

1. Avidya (Ignorance, Lack of wisdom of life)

2. Asmita (Identities)

3. Raga (Attachments)

4. Dwesha (Aversions)

5. Abhinivesha (Fears, Resistance to Change)

Now each of the above can give rise to many different emotions and thousands of thoughts within you and can turn your internal world into a battleground full of misery, pain & despair. 

How do you know which ones are driving you and controlling your life? If you are starting your journey of transformation, what should you be changing in yourself? How to see within?


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Vritti (Patterns) Analysis
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