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Emotional Infection

Sudden emotional upheaval, feelings of fear & despair. Where is all this coming from? Who is responsible? Special advice for Spiritual Seekers.

Emotional Infection

You were fine today morning, you got ready joyfully, enjoyed your workout, breakfast, but the moment you hit the road and started driving you feel anxious so much so that you always make sure you are on call, on your phone while driving. You call it time-pass or better use of your long driving hours. You think that's better than being angry about traffic conditions and crazy drivers. You don't realize that something has caused sudden #anxiety that is forcing you to talk, be busy with something.

Sometimes you may be joyful, peaceful until you reach office and then suddenly you become over-reactive, or you go into self-defence mode due to some unknown #fear of being offended, attacked. Or out of the blue, you may find yourself worrying about something small. Or you may have no fears until a year ago, but nowadays you are fearful for anything and everything. Sometimes you are just sad and in low-mood without any reason. At times your kid comes back from school with droopy shoulders without any reason or is overwhelmed so much so that next day he doesn't want to go to the school and he has no reason, no way to explain that to you.

What changed? What's impacting you?

Impurities in Global Collective Consciousness (#Jagat-Chetna).

You are an Individual #Consciousness (Swa-Chetna). All people, entire humanity constitutes Global Collective Consciousness. All beings with body, without a body, souls, spirits, celestial beings, humanity, all varieties of beings in all dimensions together constitute the Cosmic #Collective Consciousness (#Brahmand-Chetna).

Emotionally Sick

Since last few decades, since the invention of #Antibiotics and #Vaccines for major physical problems, most people are suffering mentally & emotionally only. Let's not worry about reasons for suffering here and further pollute the Collective Consciousness. Mental & Emotionally suffering people are releasing lower vibrational energy. It doesn't have to be a continuous suffering. It could be a one-off random emotional/mental outburst. Like someone did something bad to you or said something and you became angry while driving or while working in an office or walking in the park or at home.

So your mental & emotional state releases energy and total-sum of such energy by humanity is called as Collective Consciousness. Collective Consciousness can be further divided into the groups of office people, traffic/people driving on roads, school/college students/staff, people visiting temples/shrines/churches, people visiting in hospitals, people/crowd in Stadium, Cinema Hall or Rock-show Auditorium, people of one religion, nation, family and so on. Collective Consciousness of #America or #Australia is a subset of Global Collective Consciousness. Collective Consciousness of #Christians or #Jews could be another subset. Collective Consciousness of #Cricket fans or Soccer fans could be another subset and so on. In however many ways you can group the people together that many subsets of Collective Consciousness exist.

Wherever you are, you are "releasing" the energy through your emotional state, and you are "absorbing" a lot of energy from the subset of Collective Consciousness that you are in at any moment. Just think how many people in your office today might be emotionally suffering? How many on the road driving and having an emotional outburst? And that changes how you feel within. Wherever you are, you might be catching this emotional infection.

This is how it is in schools and colleges too these days. So many kids do not get good night sleep due to quarrelsome parents, or abusive behaviour of parents/guardians/relatives, late-night parties or schedules at home, or hunger or scary dreams or excessive tiredness, or lack of loving environment and they are constantly suffering emotionally and mentally. Then there are emotionally suffering teachers & school staff to add on to the pollution of Collective Consciousness of the school. And then your kid who may be from a loving & supportive home environment goes to school and starts harbouring sadness without any external reason to the extent that he/she starts hating school. Or comes back grumpy & tired, or starts showing sudden behavioural issues and doesn't want to go to school, but when asked can't explain the reason. Children absorb much more from the polluted collective consciousness than adults. Children are more susceptible to #EmotionalInfection.

Who is responsible?

Well, for the pollution of Global Collective Consciousness everyone who is living an unconscious, reactionary life is responsible. Most of you are polluting it at one time or another or most of the time in fact. So, yes for pollution, you are responsible.

Just like in spring season not everyone will become pollen-allergic. When air-borne or water-borne or food-borne diseases hit the city not everyone gets sick though. Extremely cold weather or bright sunlight doesn't give a migraine to everyone. Exactly, in the same way, not everyone catches the Emotional Infection from polluted collective consciousness. Aha! that's good news!

Who doesn't catch it?

The one who is joyful (inner-happiness, happiness without reason) in life. The one who is emotionally healthy by having learnt the basic life-principles and have the correct perspective of life, relationships and oneself. The one who is less unconsciously compulsive or reactionary by nature. In a nutshell, the one who is more Conscious & Alive. What reduces the Unconscious/Compulsive/Reactionary part of you and makes you more conscious & alive? Yog Sadhana (Spiritual Practices).

Temporary relief can be found in nature, mountains, rivers where there are fewer people or nobody at all.

Who catches emotional infection? And which one do they exactly catch? How does the process of catching works? What is the root cause?

Know that, just as you can catch the lower vibrations of fear, anxiety, sadness etc from the Collective Consciousness, you can also catch the higher vibration of #Joy, #Peace & #Love. As many people on this planet are truly joyful. Many beings like Trees, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, Animals, Bugs, Insects, Butterflies etc are conscious enough to not pollute instead cleanse the Collective Consciousness. Many are #Enlightened/Self-Realized and are Pure Consciousness themselves, purifying the Cosmic Collective Consciousness just by existing.


Still, you do not catch joy, love & peace easily. Why you have a stronger ability to catch fear, anxiety, sadness, worries, hatred etc? Because of your #Vasanas (Vedas: #ChittaVritti) which means latent tendencies residing in your Unconscious Mind (#Chitta).

You can call them; #Sanskaras, Vasanas, Set Patterns, #Engrams, #Imprints or Chitta-Vritti. Some call it "compulsive behaviour/actions/reactions" because people exhibit them as an unconscious compulsion as opposed to conscious choice. If you have a Vasana of being "#Angry" then you will catch the vibrations of others who are angry in your collective consciousness subset and you will be angry in less than an hour. If you have a Vasana of "Lack of Courage", you will catch the vibrations of fearful people and will start being fearful for anything or everything. If you have a Vasana of "Impure Intellect" then you will catch the vibrations of misunderstanding and delusions. If you have a Vasana of "Pain of #separation" or "#Abandonment" you will catch the emotional infection of sadness. If you have a Vasana of "Jealousy" you will catch the infection for feeling lowly, less, limited, unfortunate and so on. In less than few hours your emotional state exhibits that infection. You suddenly become angry, sad, jealous, hateful, fearful and then mind does an amazing crooked job of finding out "reasons" for you being that way. Mind is very tricky, it can even bring out some very old, past stuff to be angry, grumpy and sad about. Mind looks for justifications, hence it creates one, however useless, senseless it may truly be. Mind doesn't understand Emotional Infections from Collective Consciousness or the presence of Vasanas within, because Mind is part of it.

Your bad Vasanas lowers your #EmotionalImmunity. Vasanas become bad due to the wrong or #impure #perception of life-principles. When these perceptions are transformed through the understanding of basic life principles then these Vasanas are purified and we call them Good Vasanas. Existing good ones need no further purification.

Your good Vasanas like being an #Empath, #Intuitive, #Healer, #Visionary, #Creative, #Psychic, #Gyani (Life Wisdom), Pure Intellect, #Vairagi/Renunciate, Courageous etc will always catch Inspiration, Pure #Wisdom, Ideas, Enthusiasm, #Symphonies from the Collective Consciousness. Your good Vasanas can reach out to not just the Global Collective Consciousness but to the Cosmic Collective Consciousness. That's how most inventions, discoveries, and creativity happens.

You always catch the vibrations of exact same frequency match that you are vibrating within. So if you have caught the Emotional Infection then ONLY YOU are responsible. Which emotional infection you will catch depends upon your Vasanas and your emotional/mental state changes accordingly. The root cause of Emotional Infection is your Vasanas.

Advice for Spiritual Seekers

If you are Consciously walking your spiritual journey and your energy body (#Pranamaya Kosha) has become a lot more Conscious, means if it is in your perception to a greater extent then you will have hundred times deeper, the harsher impact of the Emotional Infection. The rules of catching the type/kind of emotional infection remain the same. Means, which kind of emotional infection you catch will depend upon your Vasana. It's not true for you though 100% of the time. But if it is true, then the good thing is, it helps you see your own Vasanas and it becomes easier to remove them. It's just that such an emotional infection may put you completely off for some time or may make you severely tired, or may make you run away from particular person or group of people, or may make you physically sick with body-aches, headaches, upset stomach for weeks due to "Highly Conscious Pranamaya Kosha". In this case, for some time it's good to stay away and not lower your energy anymore.

Many people live in #Ashrams/#Monasteries due to this very reason. I did not get that privilege. I was working in Corporate in America, so I end up taking as many sick leaves, paid leaves and work-from-home days as was possible, just to stay away from the sad-depressed-suppressed-fearful-painful collective consciousness of the office. I started taking shower in the evening too after coming back from office. I did not go out unless absolutely necessary. I stopped inviting people to my house and stopped going to their house unless absolutely necessary. Lost most friends no doubt and so many started having weird doubts :-). I played meditation music, mantras, bija-mantras, #solfeggio-tones only while driving to have a lesser impact from the collective consciousness of traffic, people on the road.

I stopped going and shopping at shopping malls. I strengthened my energy body through various #Kriyas/Sadhanas at early morning hours. I changed my diet, included more fruits, veggies and especially some green herbs like Sage, Dill, Parsley, Coriander, Mint etc. I stopped meeting and talking to those who were mostly grumpy, angry, sad, painful or most of the time had a burning issue to fire on me. I stopped taking useless phone-calls and stopped looking at messages by chatty ones around me. I deleted all my social media accounts. I stopped eating food at restaurants or even eating from someone else's lunchbox as not everyone is a happy cook. I avoided people touching my food, I ate alone mostly due to this reason. When I ate, I ate in a #Meditative way alone. I stopped shaking hands or hugging people as a way of greeting them. I stopped talking to any relatives as it was often highly infectious.

I slept on an average 3.5 hours per night only, mostly my brain was on fire with Ideas, Creativity & Visions and high-energy-body did not make me sleep much. I made sure that after office hours and on weekends no-one disturbed me except my immediate family members. I avoided going to people's desk to talk, instead managed with emails and chats mostly. I joined large meetings through the phone instead of attending them in-person. I often went out for a walk alone, dodging anyone who wanted to come along. I stopped going to large/public swimming pools. I stopped reading/watching news/media. I started drinking water in #Copper Bottles and Mugs with a piece of lemon and a few leaves of mint in it. I avoided taking water from someone else's hand. I spent a lot of time gardening and reading books. I often did astral debris/garbage cleaning, energy cleaning of my house to maintain the sanctity. I did many more such small-small things which I do not even remember now.

Not that I was under any obligation, but I couldn't explain this to anyone instead end-up giving excuses and silly reasons to anyone who tried to probe or annoy me. My spiritual journey was no-one's business and anyways all this is not for general public understanding.

So, I changed a lot in my routine, in my life to support my Spiritual Journey. Because it's wise to safeguard yourself until your energy body is strengthened enough. A lot of the above regime is still continued today even more strictly than before. Earlier the reason was Conscious Pranamaya Kosha & my Spiritual Journey. Now, the reason is less body consciousness, fully Conscious 5 Koshas, so it requires even more maintenance. And keeping the body safe, out of trouble is necessary to serve the humanity & execute the Divine Will.

So, if you cannot see any Vasana in you being highlighted through emotional infections, then you must stay away from infectious people. No need to entertain them in any way. Forget about helping the mental & emotional sufferers for some time until you complete your own Spiritual Journey. You will be in a better position to help afterwards. You must also strengthen your energy body through Kriya Yog Sadhana, through various breathing practices (Pranayama). Change your lifestyle in support of your body and spiritual journey. Spiritual Seekers are under no-obligation for anything. Do what helps you walk your spiritual journey.

The only obligation you have is from the Cosmos from the Divine to "finish your spiritual journey". #Shakti-#Shiva is watching you! When you help yourself, Cosmos starts helping you too in auto-magical ways. During your spiritual journey only "you" matter, nobody else, nothing else. As this is the last time "you are existing as you existed" since many lifetimes. End of Spiritual Journey, Self-Realization is the "end of you (Jeeva)" too.

Jay Shivay!


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