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Being Shiva

Ancient Tradition & Heritage of Yoga

Being Shiva translates to “being that which is not”, and it means, “being everything by being nothing”. It is a sacred pursuit of casting aside all boundaries, limitations, identities and experiencing the life & universe by “being-whole”, integrated within. Many paths lead to this wholeness, this ultimate potential, there are many ways to transform oneself and live a fulfilling life.


Being Shiva Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organisation founded by Adiguru Prakriti dedicated to cultivate and nurture the ultimate human possibilities. The foundation is a human service organisation that helps people attain spiritual liberation by helping them walk their spiritual journey. It is a movement towards Global Consciousness Breakthrough via individual transformation.

Being Shiva Foundation is operated by a team of volunteers and is headquartered in the beautiful and most livable city of Melbourne, Australia. The organisation provides courses, programs, techniques, retreats and talks through various channels to empower people for spiritual healing, shedding the false self, cultivating yogic/spiritual lifestyle, striving for physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being.

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel, the emotional wound is pushed deep inside and they are forced to find answers to questions like “why me?” To answer this painful call by modern age men, women, youth, teens, Adiguru Padmé has developed an Inner Transformation program, Meditation and Spiritual Healing techniques based on 4th Dimensional Yogic Science, which is now being used by many people worldwide.


Being Shiva Foundation, a vibrant spiritual community is also dedicated to several other human service projects to support individual growth in distressed times, rebuilding human relationships and energise the environment positively by changing individual energy signature, the Aura. Modern science has proven that it purifies the collective consciousness, reduces crimes and helps elevate humanity by raising the energy vibrations higher than 528 Hertz, the vibrational frequency for love & compassion. Group meditation and Satsang sessions by the Foundation are a movement towards global peacefulness through alleviating the pain and suffering of human life.


May this life be a truly joyful experience for each human being! 

~ Adiguru Prakriti ~


ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय । मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय । ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥


Free 10 Hours Online Course


Purple Blossom





One on One 

Learning with Adiguru Prakriti 


Your Inner Self, the Real You

Personalized Learning for 

Ultimate Transformation

3 Sessions of an hour each online through Skype or Zoom. Fees - AUD $599.00




Adiguru Prakriti is a Self-Realised Guru and provides many different types of Initiations; suitable for the Seeker's spiritual journey. The required initiations (Shaktipath, Guru Deeksha, Mantra or Tantra Deeksha and many more) can be combined with the One-on-One Sessions with her. Initiations can be taken without the Course as well. 

Our Course Benefits


Ancient Wisdom

Adiguru Prakriti is a Self Realized Guru and her Wisdom, Shakti & Siddhis are beyond Time & Space. She imparts ancient wisdom in a powerful way, so the Seeker is transformed forever and is able to experience the world beyond senses, body & mind. Perception & Consciousness alters and gives seeker an ability to reach Samadhi (Enlightenment).


Personalized Curriculum

One-on-One sessions with Adiguru Prakriti are personalised as per your need & helps you; walk your spiritual journey with conviction, clear your doubts, get personalised spiritual practice and transform speedily without falling into pitfalls.

Enlightened Guru can see within you!


Adiguru Prakriti provides all different types of Deeksha/Initiation to the seekers.

Fees for each Deeksha/Initiation is AUD $550.00.

Donate for the Shiva Temple ANADILINGA

Eastern cultures have witnessed the glorious, sacred consecration of thousands of Shivlingams in different countries since time immemorial. Anadilinga is another magnanimous one, the consecration of which will be witnessed esoterically by graced ones. 

Anadilinga will be the essence of entire yogic sciences and it does not attribute to any particular belief system, religion or faith. It's purely scientific and existential in nature. It's a technology that works regardless of one's faith in it and will benefit all around tremendously in breaking the unconscious patterns and raising their consciousness. People of any race, religion, caste, creed, gender will be able to come together and Meditate in peaceful surroundings. The esoteric consecration process will ensure that it doesn't require any ritual or worship going forward and will reverberate pure cosmic energy for possibly thousands of years to come.


The mercury-based Anadilinga will be consecrated by the Self-Realized Guru, Mystic and Yogi Adiguru Prakriti through intense Meditation (Samadhi) for months/years through the ancient process of prana-pratishtha. From the metaphysical standpoint, Anadilinga will be a Master, a Guru with tremendous energy to unlock the potential of everyone around. By helping spiritual practitioners achieve higher meditative states, Anadilinga will offer the presence of a living guru. 

For more information about Anadilinga please visit

Please Donate Generously 

A Word from Our Yogis


Enlightened, Self Realized Guru, Yogi & Mystic

Adiguru Prakriti is an Enlightened, Kriya and Tantra Guru who is a reincarnated disciple of Great Kriya Yoga Guru Shri Lahiri Mahasaya. In this life, her Kundalini Awakened in 2011 and through opened Guru Chakra and visions of Guru Lahiri Mahasaya she walked her journey and did her remaining Sadhana until she was Enlightened on 5th March 2015. Months-long Samadhi led her towards Self-Realization in 2016. She is born and brought up in India, lived in the USA for more than a decade and now is living in Melbourne, Australia. After completing her own journey, she started teaching people around the world.