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Swa Yogi Program

A unique program to transform all you are not; and be who you are. Through ancient Kriya Yoga & Echo & Reflection methods, bring your Unconscious out in the open, remove the blockages, break the boundaries, uncover the lamps and let the light shine bright. Let the Real You live the life. A powerful invocation to the Real You!

Raw Diamond
Swa Yogi - Invoke the Real You Program

Chetan Yogi Program

A unique program designed by Adiguru Prakriti to awaken the inner power in people of any race, age, gender, or religion. The source of life doesn't discriminate and is a technology that is a proven science to awaken the light within, regardless of your beliefs. It's a set of specially designed Kriya & Meditations that will expand your consciousness level and give you an experience that will completely transform you if you continue to practice.


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Date: Will be held in the year 2025 
Time: To be decided

Venue: To be decided
Fees: Will be published by December 2024


Date: Will be held in the year 2025
Time: To be decided
Venue: To be decided

Fees: Will be published by December 2024

You can attend either of the program or both. If you are registering for both, you can change the "quantity (qty) to 2 on the payment page.
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Program Information
  • Each program has a limited number of seats only. Hence we encourage seekers to book the program as soon as they become available for booking. 

  • In-person Programs are for initiation, learning & doing required practices intensively with Adiguru Prakriti face-to-face.  

  • In-person Programs are held in Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

  • Once you book the program, you can arrange for your Visa, Travel and Lodging, Food etc. We do not arrange for these, but we can certainly guide & advise you. 

Do's & Don't for the Program
  • Children are not allowed on-site during the program. 

  • You will be given a code of conduct for programs; please follow that. 

  • Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Fit-Bit watches & other electronic items are not permitted during programs. You can lock & keep them in a safe place. 

  • If you have any major health issues, we need a doctor's certificate to ensure you are fit enough to attend the spiritual practice sessions.

  • If you provide false information in your program form, your entry will be rejected, and no refund will be given. Your records will be reviewed & checked. 

  • Entry to program is subject to approval by our staff. 

Terms Conditions & Refunds

Submitting and paying for the program form means you agree to the Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You can review our Legal section to understand everything policy and can email us with your questions at -

You can also review our Refund Policy before purchasing the program. 


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