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All About Spiritual Non-Profit Organisations

Information to understand Spiritual non-profit organisations, who they serve, their primary purpose, and how they operate. It will also help you know what Being Shiva Foundation is, how it works, and what it does.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker


A non-profit organisation that is not based on any particular faith or religion and whose work, teachings, and efforts are for every human being regardless of their faith, religion, gender, race, caste, creed, nationality, or any other differentiating factor. In other words, these organisations provide services to all human beings without discrimination. These organisations are unlike "Religious (Christian, Islam, Abrahamic religions) organisations", which mainly serve those who belong to their religion/faith or are ready to convert. In other words, Spiritual Organisations do not try to convert anyone or change their religion/faith. Spiritual organisations serve humanity and do not abide by any religion or faith's traditional, narrow concepts & constructs.

One interesting fact to know is that the "concept/philosophy of spirituality (Sanskrit: Adhyatm)" only existed in Vedic, Hindu, Indian, Indus Valley Civilisation & Culture. This concept of Yogic Sciences, Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Journey, Mukti/Moksha, Nirvana, Samadhi, Enlightenment, Self-Realization did not exist in any other country, culture, religion, or civilisation. Some ancient tribes & cultures have had somewhat similar concepts, but they mostly vanished, and most of the teachings were oral and couldn't be survived or used by those alive. Hence, Philosophy, Science & Technology of Dharma, Dharmic living, Spiritual Well-being through Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual practices only exist in Vedic/Hindu/Indian Culture.

Most Enlightened Beings & Gurus belong to Vedic/Hindu/Indian culture & civilisation and are the guiding light to humanity. India & Indus Valley civilisation reached the pinnacle of raised consciousness and was "Global Guru (Vishwa Guru)" for thousands of years. Out of 27,000-30,000 years of that continuous culture & civilisation, only a couple thousand years were spent in serious wars, colonialism, and foreign invasions. India, Indian Civilisation is still the richest in the concepts of Yogic Sciences, Spirituality, Truth, Dharma, Universe & Creator and still holds the position of Vishwa (Global) Guru for the welfare of humanity.

Therefore, the responsibility and position of the Spiritual non-profit Organisations that Indian Gurus and Enlightened Beings launch are of utmost importance for the well-being of entire humanity, all living beings and Mother Earth.


Spiritual non-profit organisations primarily serve "Seekers or Spiritual Seekers". A spiritual seeker is a person who has realised that material achievements cannot eliminate their suffering and is not trying to quick-fix the issues by reaching out to religious organisations and other types of organisations, psychologists, and magical/occult people. The spiritual Seeker is not trying to change their spouse, relatives, family, society & the world, instead have come to an understanding that they should transform themselves & have gained a basic understanding of the principles of Karma and Dispassion (Sanskrit/Hindi: Vairagya). Some of these seekers are of high-level who are fully committed to their transformation, and most are mid to low-level seekers whose commitment to their own transformation varies from time to time. Spiritual organisations also work & serve the general public who are not seekers yet, to help them start on the path of their transformation so they suffer less in life.

One crucial point to understand here is that Seeker is the one whose basic needs have been taken care of and is not struggling with basic human needs; only such people have the time & resources to commit to self-transformation. Those who struggle & suffer with basic needs like food, clothes, shelter, education, and poverty etc., require different kinds of guidance and help, which the grassroots socio-public organisations take care of.


Out of their ignorance, many people wonder why spiritual organisations are not working towards socio-public issues & problems at the grass-root level when they have plenty of resources to spare. It is because Spiritual Organisations led by an Enlightened Guru are attacking the "root cause" of socio-public issues, which is "low-level of consciousness" where people are driven mainly by fears, insecurities, jealousy, hatred, attachments, lack of compassion, greed & lust for power, name-fame, recognition, lies and whatnot. Such low-consciousness people are leaders of for-profit organisations, authorities/government people, political leaders, social influencers, and the people, in general, doing anything/everything and due to that, socio-public issues are created in the first place. Poverty exists not because there are fewer resources on Mother Earth; it exists because some low-conscious greedy ones decided to hoard it all. The climate is negatively impacted not because there was no other way of advancing humanity but because some low-conscious greedy, fearful, ignorant ones chose to exploit it beyond the limits, and so it is with other grassroots-level issues.

Spiritual Organisations and their Enlightened Gurus never are the wealthiest people on planet Earth, and they comparatively have a shorter life span to work on the "root cause" of human suffering.

Raised Consciousness
Raised Consciousness

Raising consciousness and living consciously are sure ways to eliminate human suffering, pain, psychological issues and diseases. Only high-level conscious people can create a society, a world where there are fewer socio-public issues to resolve in the first place.


There are mainly three types of Spiritual Organisations:

TYPE 1 - Organisations Founded by Enlightened Masters/Gurus

Here, Enlightened Guru is the product and the main service provider; hence organisation means the Enlightened Guru. For example, Isha Foundation means Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev; Being Shiva Foundation means Adiguru Prakriti; Osho International means Osho etc. In other words, people (seekers, students, followers) come to the Guru, not the organisation. There are three subtypes:

a) Organisations with Alive Guru – Isha Foundation, Being Shiva Foundation, Mata Amritanandmayi's Trust etc.

b) An organisation whose Guru has attained Maha Samadhi – Ramana Maharishi's Trust, Osho International, Maa Anandamayi's Organisation, Maa Nirmala's Organisation, Paramhansa Yogananda's Organisation (SRF) etc. When Guru is not alive, these become "Type 2" kind of organisations, because the Shakti of a living Enlightened Guru is not there anymore.

c) Enlightened Beings – Most of these Samadhi/Enlightenment attained "Beings" never create an organisation and never become a Guru as they do not have Prarabdha Karma of that type; hence they remain "unknown" to the public and stay immersed in Samadhi mostly. Their Prarabdha is to bring balance to humanity through subtle cosmic ways.

TYPE 2 - Organisations Founded for Dharmic Wisdom, Spiritual Wisdom purpose

The Guru here is not Enlightened most of the time yet is a Guru. There are many junior and senior Gurus, and different programs are conducted from time to time where one or the other group of Gurus can provide a product or a service. Hence, an organisation name is not synonymous with the Guru's name. In other words, people (seekers, students, followers) are reaching out to an organisation, not necessarily to a Guru. These could be of the below subtypes:

a) Sanyasa Ashrams – These all come under "Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad", and there are approximately 18 sects of Sanyasis.

b) Mathas – These are Mathas established by Adi Shankaracharya

c) Peethas – These are Peethas established by Ancient Gurus

d) Others – These are organisations established by ancient Lineages of Ashrams, Gurus etc. Like Brahmakumaris, Chinmaya Mission and many other Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist organisations

TYPE 3 - Organisations founded by anyone -

To tap into the Multi-Billion Dollar industry of Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Retreats, and services/products related. These we do not need to elaborate upon as they are mostly For-Profit organisations.

Note : There is another type; "Religious Organisations" like Church Missionaries, Islamic Mosques, Hindu Temple, and Jews Temple Organisations. These are faith (religion) based organisations and promote a particular Faith or Religion.

Being Shiva Foundation is NOT a "Faith/Religion" based organisation, and as per ACNC (Australian Charities & Non-Profit Commission) classification, it is NOT classified as Religious Organisation. Being Shiva Foundation's ACNC registered purpose is Advancing social or public welfare (through spirituality which is religion agnostic).

Note : There are other "socio-public welfare" organisations, also called "grass-root" level organisations which directly work for local/global social causes like poverty, hunger, shelter, gender equality, climate, art & culture etc. These are not called "spiritual organisations".

Below highlights the Key Differences between Type 1 and Type 2 spiritual organisations:

The difference between spiritual organisations led by an Enlightened Guru/master (Type 1) and those led by a non-Enlightened Guru/master (Type 2) lies primarily in the spiritual authority, depth of teachings, and impact on the spiritual journey of the followers. Here are some key distinctions:

Spiritual Authority and Realisation:

TYPE 1 - Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: An Enlightened Guru has attained a higher state of spiritual realisation and self-awareness. They have transcended the limitations of the ego and have direct experiential knowledge of higher truths and ultimate reality. Seekers, Followers consider them as spiritual guides who can lead them towards self-realisation and liberation (Mukti, Moksha). Enlightened Gurus create other Enlightened Gurus for Humanity by successfully leading the genuine seekers all the way to Samadhi/Enlightenment. Enlightened Gurus have the ability to look into seeker's Karma and their hardened mental-emotional patterns (Vritti). Without attaining Samadhi/Enlightenment, no one has this capability. Enlightened Gurus "create & explain" Dharma to Type 2 organisation's Gurus, acharyas and people.

TYPE 2 - Non-Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: A non-Enlightened Guru may have knowledge and expertise in spiritual practices and teachings but have not necessarily experienced higher states of realisation. Their teachings may be based on the study of scriptures and traditional knowledge, but they might have yet to achieve a direct experiential understanding of higher truths. These Gurus can impart ancient wisdom of scriptures and traditional ritualistic teachings to the seekers. However, they cannot "see within the seeker's lifetimes of Karma & Chitta (Mind-Body)" to successfully lead them all the way to Samadhi or Moksha. Any Yuga's/Era's Enlightened Guru's explained Dharmic Principles are further simplified and explained to the laypeople, and society by these Acharyas, Gurus and their organisations of Type 2.

Depth of Teachings:

TYPE 1 - Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: The teachings of an Enlightened Guru are profound and transformative, as they come from direct experiences of spiritual awakening. These teachings go beyond intellectual understanding and offer insights into the nature of consciousness, the self, the universe & it's Creator. Enlightened Gurus translate experiential wisdom according to the time, era, and Yuga of people. People who have imbibed the teachings from any Type 2 organisation in any lifetime are the most suitable people to be taught, initiated, and helped by the Enlightened Guru. But, because an Enlightened Guru is such a light & powerful Shakti, most people flock towards type 1 organisations/Enlightened Gurus and hence type 1 organisations also end up offering traditional teachings, programs, yoga classes, workshops/retreats etc. Otherwise, an Enlightened Guru's original, fundamental purpose is to "initiate" genuine seekers and "meet, guide them in small groups or individually".

TYPE 2 - Non-Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: While non-Enlightened Gurus may have knowledge of spiritual texts and traditions, their teachings focus more on intellectual understanding and practices rather than direct experiential insights. These Gurus may translate the ancient wisdom texts and scriptures in a simplified way for consumption by the layperson public. These organisations have many Acharyas & Gurus offering textual & traditional scriptural teachings, and they prepare people to be ready to be accepted & taught by an Enlightened Guru (Type 1) organisation. But, these days, every student, follower believes they have enough wisdom to be accepted as a disciple by an Enlightened Guru. 90% of the population of the spiritual community should reach out to these types of organisations, but they do not; hence the reason type 1 organisations end up offering courses, teachings, programs, workshops, yoga classes and retreats etc.

Impact on Disciples, Students, Seekers, and Followers:

TYPE 1 - Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: An Enlightened Guru's presence and teachings can profoundly impact the spiritual growth and transformation of their disciples, seekers, and followers; because of the Shakti of Enlightenment that they have. Their guidance and energy/Shakti catalyse shifts in consciousness, leading to personal transformation, growth, and self-realisation. Enlightened Gurus know and can help genuine seekers to remove their spiritual blockages.

TYPE 2 - Non-Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: A non-Enlightened Guru can still provide valuable teachings and guidance, but the impact may be more limited to intellectual understanding and adherence to spiritual practices. When a student, disciple or follower reaches out to these Gurus to remove spiritual blockages, these Gurus can provide guidance but may not have the required Shakti to help the genuine seekers.

Approach to Spirituality:

TYPE 1 - Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: An Enlightened Guru's approach to spirituality is often based on direct experience, compassion, and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. They emphasise self-inquiry, meditation, and inner transformation as paths to self-realisation. An accepted seeker" is called a "disciple".

a) 100% Genuine High-Level Seeker (Disciple) – These types of people will "always" find an Enlightened Guru and will be initiated & guided by them and attain Enlightenment/Self-Realization in this lifetime or at max in the next lifetime. These are genuine disciples of an Enlightened Guru for lifetimes and never look for another Guru. These are the only ones who can handle Shakti through an Enlightened Guru and have the power to Invoke the "Guru" in many subtle ways. These are very few in number in the entire world.

b) Mid-Level Seeker – These types of people will also come to an Enlightened Guru and will be initiated by them but may not seek active guidance from the Enlightened Guru, as these people may sometimes get caught up in their force of Karma. And Shakti of an Enlightened Guru is too much for them to handle.

c) Low-Level Seeker – These types of people may come once to an Enlightened Guru but may run away as the Shakti of Guru provokes them to Transform, while they have not committed themselves to their spiritual transformation yet.

d) Non-Seekers, Followers, and General Public – This constitutes the majority of the spiritual community who reaches out to an Enlightened Guru out of fascination, belonging, or some other worldly reason. Some low-level Shakti-infused initiations can be given to them in a Mass-Initiation type of setting, and they can be brought into the Dharmic setup for Sewa/Volunteerism etc., so their Karmic footprint improves enough, and, in some years or lifetimes, they will be ready for serious Meditation & Spiritual transformation.

I. Bhaktas (Devotees) – Some people can cultivate Bhakti towards the Enlightened Guru and reap the rewards because of Surrender/Samarpan to their Spiritual Transformation.

II. Non-Bhaktas (Not Devotees) – These people are entirely worldly; their consciousness is outwardly focused only, and they are with Enlightened Guru to improve their Karmic footprint and gather enough Good Karma (Punya) or just to fool around, meet new people etc.

TYPE 2 - Non-Enlightened Guru/Master led organisation: Non-Enlightened Gurus may focus on teaching established spiritual practices, rituals, and traditions without the same depth of personal realisation. They may suggest teachings based on their areas of specialisation, regardless of whether a person needs that or not. For them, it's one size fits all kind of scenario, irrespective of the fact that each human being is a unique bundle of "Karma + Vrittis", requiring specific guidance and Shakti to remove blockages.

a) Mid-Level Seeker – These people get in touch with the Gurus/Acharyas of Type 2 organisations and may or may not get the specific guidance they seek.

b) Low-Level Seeker – These people can benefit significantly by contacting the Gurus and Acharyas of Type 2 organisations.

c) Non-Seekers, Followers, General Public – All these people "must" reach out to Type 2 organisations, but mostly do not due to their ignorance and the fact that the Gurus of Type 2 organisations are not so famous or influential. These people should attend the programs, teaching workshops, yoga/meditation workshops etc, offered by these Acharyas/Gurus to refine their mental understanding and ability and expand their consciousness to the level where they can be ready to be genuinely helped by the Enlightened Guru.

NOTE – The reason we do not have to talk about the TYPE 3 organisations (Organisations founded by anyone to tap into the Multi-Billion Dollar industry of Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Retreats, and services/products related) here is that they cater to the people looking for "mental relaxation, emotional healing, physical well-being, dating spiritual people, getting fit body through yoga, time-pass, occult practices etc.

Such people are unsuitable candidates for Type 1 Organisations which Being Shiva Foundation is. Such people are mostly turned away by Enlightened Gurus and Type 1 Organisations.


Fake Gurus and organisations can exist as Type 1 and Type 2 organisations, but these organisations mostly die their natural death when the Guru is caught up in scandals. Yes, such fake organisations do much damage to society & its people. Hence, the seekers and followers must report any human-rights issue or other wrong-doings of such organisation/Guru to the country's authorities and not succumb to their inner greed & insecurities. Usually, it has been noticed in the past 100 years that most of these fake organisations have had political affiliations.

At times even genuine Enlightened Gurus or Dharmic Gurus and their organisations face defamation, court cases & tarnished image due to wrongdoings by someone else in the organisation or a conspiracy against the growing organisation. Hence the Genuine Guru's Organisation & people must be aware of laws, human rights etc., and keep the management people in check.

Still, at times it happens because only the Guru is Enlightened; the other people working in the organisation still have Vrittis (hardened psychological patterns) breeding anger, jealousy, greed, insecurities, and whatnot. Genuine spiritual organisations of Type 1 or Type 2 do not have any political affiliations.


Only general public, in other words non-seekers with utterly worldly problems, desires can be influenced, fooled & harmed by fake organisations and fake Gurus. Low level seekers can only be fooled for the time period when they are not seeking, instead busy with worldly goals & desires. Mid to high level of seekers can never be fooled by such organisations and Gurus. Mid to high level seekers always reach out to Genuine Type 1 organisations & Real Enlightened Gurus.


Like fake organisations and their leaders negatively influence and harm the general public, there are "fake seekers, fake followers, fake devotees" who are in the groups and gatherings organised for various purposes by genuine spiritual organisations and their Gurus. Spiritual organisations cannot do a background check for each attendee. These "fake" ones are there for personal benefits like espionage, religious conversion, selling illicit substances, dating spiritual people, gathering knowledge to sell it later, having sexual relationships with others, and they may be on the hunt for innocent ones for some illegal work/trade and whatnot. Many such fake people are so-called Yoga & Tantra teachers looking for students/clients for their businesses. Many fake ones take initiations from the Enlightened Gurus only to create the harmful business of Fake Initiation by themselves or misuse the Shakti and, in the process, create bad karma for themselves & wreak havoc in the receiver's life. Hence, all seekers must be vigilant about the people & activities around them and maintain their worldly-wiseness and common sense. Seekers must report the illicit activities & concerned persons/people to the management of the Spiritual Organisation. More information about the abuse that may happen to people can be found here in detail.


We have vigilant, experienced volunteers on our staff when retreats and spiritual gatherings occur. And one wrong signal or nonsense from the "fake/ill-intent" person will allow our team to "escort" such a person outside the premises of the gathering/event, and if anyone is found involved in illicit activity, a police report will be made. No refunds are made for such cases. We are an ACNC (Australian Charity & Non-Profit Commission) registered organisation, and we follow the Australian National Code of Conduct and adhere to the Overseas Code of Conduct defined by ACNC. Still, unfortunately, if anything happens with any attendee, seeker, volunteer, staff, or support person, they must urgently reach out to the Being Shiva Foundation's management person there and report it to take further action.


Being Shiva Foundation abides by ACNC-mandated operations & code of conduct laws & rules, regardless of the country it operates in. Hence, if you are a person to create nonsense or have ill intentions or tendencies, you are advised not to attend the programs, retreats, workshops or any other event/gathering that we organise; instead, if you genuinely need help, you can book guidance sessions online. Do not bring your harmful-Vrittis (psychological patterns) and harmful intentions to the event; leave your religion/faith's conversion/spreading missions at home, or there will be severe repercussions. You cannot hide behind any mask for long.

Perpetrator behind mask
Perpetrator behind mask

When Being Shiva Foundation organises programs/events for the "Vulnerable, Disabled" ones, it is on the premises offered by organisations concerning those Vulnerable/Disabled ones like Hospitals, Prisons, Psychiatric Wards, Speciality Schools, Old Age Homes, Shelters etc., to not give any chances to perpetrators of any kind.

Still, no system or place is fool proof. Hence we urge you all to stay conscious!


Below are the programs, courses etc., that Being Shiva Foundation offers that are "Spiritual Transformation (Raising Consciousness) Focused". In other words, self/spiritual transformation is the primary way of achieving "Advancement of social & public welfare". Because through spiritual transformation, an individual's consciousness is raised, and they become much healthier physically & psychologically and much more open to life and compassionate to others.

When the virtue of an individual is enhanced, it benefits the family, friends, colleagues, and society around such a person. Such a person lives a Dharmic (righteous) life, does good deeds/Karma and is socially beneficial.

1. INITIATION & GUIDANCE (Individual Focused)

  1. INITIATION (Individuals) – This is an hour-long individual online or face-to-face offering or session. Initiation & Guidance | Being Shiva Org

  2. GUIDANCE (Individual) – This is either an hour-long One Session or three hours of Three Sessions to guide the seekers. Initiation & Guidance | Being Shiva Org

WHO ARE THESE FOR – Genuine/High-Level Seekers, Mid-Level Seekers, Seekers with serious problems.

2. PROGRAMS & RETREATS (Group Focused) – Two Signature Programs

  1. Swa Yogi Online Program – Online Program – Pre-requisite for attending Swa Yogi Retreat

  2. Swa Yogi Retreat – Only for those who have completed the Swa Yogi Online Program

  3. Kundalini Yogi Online Program – Pre-requisite for attending Kundalini Yogi Retreat

  4. Kundalini Yogi Retreat – Only for those who have completed the Kundalini Yogi Online Program

WHO ARE THESE FOR – Mid-level, Low-Level Seekers, and Starters of spiritual path. These are helpful for high-level seekers due to Guru's presence.

3. ONLINE COURSES - Being Shiva Gurukul (Academy)

Carefully curated courses taught by Adiguru Prakriti, bundled and created in a way that can help any level of seeker or even generally curious, interested people eager to remove their ignorance. These courses are launched through an Online Gurukul, making them accessible to people worldwide. These courses are also helpful for people living far away from Indian culture in Western & European countries where genuine Gurus and Spiritual Teachings are scarce.

WHO ARE THESE FOR - Mid-level, Low-Level Seekers, and Starters of spiritual path. These are for the benefit of general people and those looking for well-being.

There could be many more such activities like "Satsang", "Darshan", or "Sacred Yatras", or some special programs etc., that the Enlightened Guru can conduct to increase their time spent with seekers.

Mainly the Type 1 organisation focuses "only" on the above types of programs and activities, where the Enlightened Guru leads most activities. For example, Ramana Maharishi's organisation, Maa Anandamayi's organisation, Being Shiva Foundation so far and many more.

Many Enlightened Gurus did not have any organisations, yet they helped thousands of seekers and the public like Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Neem Karoli Baba, Lahiri Mahasya and many more. But in modern times this is not workable due to human rights & other laws of the countries.


As time passes and the number of people reaching out to Type 1 organisations/Enlightened Guru increases significantly & then, more activities and programs can happen. Also, significant gaps are left in the dharmic wisdom work by Type 2 & religious organisations and gaps in social work by socio-public welfare organisations.

One of the major cause could be the “unavailability or less number” of genuine seekers.

Below are some activities that are mostly to help the "general public" and may or may not be directly led by the Enlightened Guru, but instead by the Volunteers and Seekers who are interested in improving their Karmic footprint and establishing Dharma in the world, in the society. These are "socially focused" programs, projects & activities, which is another way of achieving "advancement of social & public welfare".

Some of these activities help the general public "start" their spiritual journey & be a Seeker.

1. Deity Consecration

2. Temple Creation & Consecration

3. Building Consecrated Spaces

4. Spiritual/Bhakti Music/Cultural programs

5. Publishing Books, Wisdom materials

6. Partnering with other Non-Profits, Volunteers for –

  • Policy Change for Global, National, and regional issues – Like Climate, Soil, Water, Climate Refugee/Immigration, Amnesty, Democracy, Gender equality, One World-One Family (Vasudev Kutumbakam) etc.

  • Grass-root level issues - Like Poverty, Girl child issues, Orphanages, Nursing homes, Shelters, Pandemic etc.

7. Teaching Sewa – Compassionate Service

8. Well-Being Programs – Hatha Yoga, Healing, Kriyas, Daily Practices, Healthy Food, Ayurveda, Medicines, Herbs, consecrated items/rudraksha/bhasm-vibhuti etc.

9. Last-Rites, Shraddha, Bhoota-Shuddhi – Removal of ancestral Karma, Teaching Ancient Rituals

10. Giving Sanyasa Initiation – To make people Sanyasi & Bhrahmcharis

11. Constructing Ashrams for Sanyasi/Brahmcharis

12. Spiritual education to children, spiritual schools, dharmic schools/Gurukuls (like Being Shiva Gurukul)

13. Celebrating festivals at a large scale for the general public to participate

14. Uphold art & culture in various ways

15. Giving simplified dharmic & spiritual teachings to armed forces, corporates, prisoners, media people, governments etc.

16. Activities/Programs to cover the "gaps left by Type 2 organisations & religious organisations & socio-public organisations."

All the above are "primarily" the activities/projects/programs of "Type 2 (Dharmic)" and "Religious" types of organisations. Because "Type 2 and Religious (temple, mosque, church) orgs" cannot achieve the goals of "social & public welfare" through "Spiritual Transformation, Raising Consciousness".

Raising global consciousness (Jagat Chetna) through individual spiritual transformation can only be achieved by the Enlightened Guru and their organisation.

Enlightened Gurus are the fixer of worldwide consciousness and, as a result, bring harmony to entire humanity and balances the five elements of creation.


Most people daydream about living in the golden age (Sata Yuga) without realising that a society, a world, comprises "individual" people. Raising an individual's consciousness will increase the global consciousness, resulting in community, in the world where hunger and poverty don't exist, where natural resources, people, and animals are not exploited to cause sudden, serious climate change, where all the social issues that humanity faces in their cities, states and countries do not exist, where wars do not happen.

The golden age, or Sata Yuga, is achieved through individual spiritual transformation. Only the spiritual & transformed people can be leaders and rulers who serve humanity and work selflessly for human welfare without greed, jealousy, insecurities or lust for power, money, resources, authority, name, fame & recognition.

Hence, Enlightened Gurus and Type 1 organisations are very much required; only then will the number of socio-public welfare organisations will decrease. A better society; a better world where Type 3 (Spiritual For-Profit) are very few in number and Social/Public Welfare orgs either do not exist or are very few in number because there are fewer public or social issues to fix and fewer social problems to solve.

A highly raised consciousness in individual people creates the Golden Age (Satya/Sata Yuga), a better world.

When Social Welfare Organisations exists in large number, that means individual people's consciousness has gone so low that society & world is full of human suffering and issues to be fixed at the grass-root level. Increment in the Grass-root level human welfare organisations is a sign that people live in fear, greed, jealousy, lust for power, money, resources, name-fame, recognition, insecurities, attachments & hatred. In other words, in such a society, people are not living a "Dharmic" life. And Dharmic life can only be lived through Individual Spiritual Transformation.

Hence the need for Enlightened Gurus, their Shakti, and their Type 1 organisation.

A better world is not created by doing lots of work at the Type 2 level or Grass-Root socio-public level organisations or increasing the number of these organisations. A better world is created by not creating these issues & human suffering in the first place. The root cause of human suffering and socio-public matters is not something alien outside somewhere but the "low consciousness level" of individuals who create the society, city, country, and world.

The consciousness remains low because people do not work upon themselves, do not become spiritual seekers and are driven mainly by their Vrittis like fear, insecurities, anger, jealousy, hatred, lust etc, instead of living the life of Dharma and choosing Truth over lies, choosing courage over fear, choosing compassion over hate and so on.

Hence Individual Spiritual Transformation is a "must" to reduce human suffering and transition to the golden age or a better world.


TYPE 1 ORGANISATIONS (Spiritual, Enlightened Guru led Organisations) – Enlightened Gurus & their organisation's main success factor is their availability for any level of "seekers". They have programs, courses, and teachings for different levels of seekers. Seekers should be able to reach out to the Guru. It's not about "how many" seekers have reached out to them; “how many” followers they have on social media or otherwise, it's about if a handful of seekers attain Samadhi, Moksha or reach closer to that in the lifetime of the Enlightened Guru & start serving the humanity.

Genuine Spiritual Seekers "never or rarely" exist on any social media or online platform. They know about the Guru through other existential, mystical means. Enlightened Gurus know about the seekers through Cosmic Shakti.
The social media existence for Type 1 Organisation/Guru only represents the "social-work" being done by an Enlightened Guru or their organisation. That social work may include but is not limited to the "YouTube Videos/teachings, programs/events being conducted, social-causes being taken care of" and so on.
The social media numbers of followers, likes, reactions, emojis, comments only represents the social-work and is in no way a representation of the "actual purpose of the existence of an Enlightened Guru or their type 1 organisation". Those who search for famous Gurus or Gurus by their online or social media presence, likes, followers are highly mistaken because they are looking for spiritual Guru to transform themselves, while they are counting the numbers of social-work being done. It's like looking for an Electrician to get the electric system installed in your house, but counting the plumbing works done by the electrician in his/her free time, or the hobbies that an electrician may have in his/her free time. When you look for a Music Teacher, you do not count or look for how many Math tuitions that music teacher may have given to pay their bills or run their household, or how many corporate jobs they have been successful into while pursuing music. Such irony, such human ignorance exists.

The impact that Enlightened Gurus have on the consciousness level of people is not directly measurable; hence may not be a tangible outcome, though the effect is quiet tangible & visible in people's lives & their friends, families, and society around them. One cannot say that all people are spiritual seekers who reach out to the Enlightened Guru or their organisation; one also cannot say that people/seekers volunteering or reaching out to Type 1 organisations are conscious all the time. Yes, they mostly become conscious & aware in the presence of the Guru, but it all depends on how seriously committed seekers are to their spiritual practices and goals or self-transformation.

The success of the Type 1 organisation or Enlightened Guru largely depends upon the "availability" of the "genuine spiritual seekers". In today's era, most people seek something else in the name of spirituality.

The unavailability of genuine seekers is also one of the reasons why Type 1 organisations and Enlightened Gurus start doing Type 2 organisation-level work, religious organisation-level work, and Socio-Public Welfare (grass-root) level work.


In ancient times, only in the India the Indus Valley Civilisation, the socio-economic structure was such that the rulers, the Kings, the Queens, high, middle class income holders, even humble farmers, villagers used to take care of all the needs of the Type 1 and Type 2 organisations as consciousness of the people was high. They understood the "value" of such organisations where so many Gurus, Acharya, and Swamis devoted their lifetimes to understanding the human architecture, finding ways to eliminate human suffering, and serving as the guiding light for human welfare. No student was ever turned away for food, shelter by anyone in the society, however poor they might be. Because even poor's children were educated by these Acharyas & Gurus for no fees or late fees or fees after education or fees through the service.

Alas, in modern times, no such system exists. Most countries do not even have a Non-Profit category for Spiritual Organisations. Non-Profit categories only exist for Religious or socio-public or art & culture etc., types of organisations. No government grants (monetary & lands) are available unless an organisation promotes religion, builds Temple, Church, or Mosque, or works to relieve some grass-root level issues primarily created by the corrupt government and greedy for-profit corporates.

In such modern times, Type 1 and Type 2 organisations are left mostly on their own to partially provide paid services to the Seekers & general public to gather sufficient funds or ask for donations from wealthy ones. Rarely would donations from wealthy ones be anonymous, and no favours will be asked in return. Most wealthy are looking for name, fame, recognition and personal favours from Type 1 and Type 2 Gurus if they donate a large sum of money or land etc. It's an ironic & painful situation of the social culture and socio-economic structure that people take for granted the value of Enlightened ones and the use of the ultimate science of human well-being to which Type 1 and Type 2 Gurus have dedicated their life, yet so many just dream of Satya Yuga and La La land, or suffer due to social-issues & injustice.


This question comes into the minds of all Indians, not so much into the minds of Westerners, because Westerners are not living under the age-old misunderstanding, ignorance that Spiritual Gurus imparted education, teachings for "free" and that Educational infrastructure (Buildings or Online Platforms) can be built just through donations in modern-times. Although, it should be Indian minds who should understand the principle of Karma way more than any Westerner, but reality is exactly opposite. When it comes to donation or giving, Indians take a back-seat imagining someone else may be giving, or might have donated, why should I do that? But when it comes to taking anything or free, Indians jump the opportunity. Everyone must know that there is no receiving without giving, that's the law of Karma, payment though material means is much better than paying through your Punya or Good Karma. Real way of teaching, initiating, imparting wisdom is through "Silence" by Enlightened Guru, but in modern times, unless gazillion words are spoken, written, recorded on Audio/Video platforms, mental gymnastic is performed the concepts are not understood by most people. Everyone loves to watch spiritual videos and teachings through social media without ever donating a single-penny.

People need to understand who is actually "worthy of free teachings, education or anything" from any Guru? In Hindi we call it "Adhikari of Daan by the Guru". So, who is the rightful, worthy person to take, to receive "Bhiksha (Charity) of Teachings, Knowledge" from the Guru? Actually no one! Why?
Because if someone's mind has been purified enough to receive knowledge, teachings, they will end up providing services, seva to the Gurus if not material fees/donations, while if someone still has impure mind to take Bhiksha (Charity) from the Guru is not worthy of any knowledge/wisdom, regardless of how many videos they watch or satsang they attend or Gurus they follow. Bhiksha of Gyan (Charity of Knowledge/Wisdom) is not possible to impure minds who have not understood the basic principle of Karma that there is no receiving without giving.

To learn more about why you should donate or pay to the Guru, you can watch this Video here.

Some people think that they feed animals, feed poor people, or do charity in other ways then they can be exempt from the charity towards Type1 Organisations or Enlightened Gurus. Here one needs to understand that all other kinds of charity, donations accumulate towards Good Karma, Punya, but nothing makes you worthy of Wisdom/Knowledge/Shakti from an Enlightened one, nothing makes you worthy of the Prana-Shakti, Chetna-Shakti of the Enlightened Guru. It's only your refined understanding of the laws of Karma and the purity, Sattva within you. Hence the reason either you should donate directly to Type 1 Organisation or Enlightened Guru or must provide services to the Guru or their organisation.


Below are some things that must change in the countries, nations, states, governments & socio-economic, socio-political systems & society/people in general:

  • A Spiritual Non-Profit Organisation category must be created.

  • Government Grants (monetary & land) must be available to Spiritual Non-Profit organisations as well.

  • 1% of the profit from High Profit making organisations must be donated to Type 1 & Type 2 Spiritual Organisations.

  • Medium to High revenue & profit-making company leaders/corporates must come forward and take care of the needs of the Spiritual Non-Profit organisations.

  • Private Corporations must provide IT infrastructure, expertise and other services to Spiritual Non-Profits.

  • General Public must donate a smaller percentage of their earnings to Spiritual Non-Profit Organisations.

  • All the 16+ years of Youth & Adults must "Regularly Volunteer" for Spiritual Non-Profit organisation as it helps them cultivate: Inter-connectedness, Gratitude, Compassion, Kindness, Less ego, less hardened mental patterns and they grow up as healthy adults and live a fulfilling life.

This is a must for all human-beings to improve their Karma and reap the tangible benefits that comes from Good Karma.

TYPE 2 ORGANISATIONS (Spiritual Wisdom, Dharmic Organisations) – These are spiritual organisations where the main success factor can be tangibly counted in the number of people reaching out to them and being helped, guided, and served by them, number of books, publications created by them, number of schools/academies built by them, amount of Dharma work completed by them and so on.

For example, on average, every year, 6 Million new Sanyasi/Monks are initiated into Sanyasa/Monkhood in India by some of these organisations; these people organise Mother Earth's largest spiritual & religious gatherings like Kumbha Mela, and hundreds of thousands of Temples are taken care of, thousands of original ancient scripts & scriptures are translated in national & international languages, a lot of simplified books are written for modern minds, ancient traditions and culture are sustained and so on.

In modern times these organisations are most crucial for improving the existing condition of humanity.

Great are those Gurus who head such Type 2 (Dharmic, Wisdom) organisations and serve the society selflessly and provide the basic understanding of Karma & Dispassion (Vairagya) to laypeople and prepare them as a Seeker to be helped by Type 1 Organisation's Enlightened Guru. These organisations bridge the gap between laypeople and Type 1 organisations.


Being Shiva Foundation's work

Raised Global Consciousness Impact | Being Shiva Foundation
Raised Global Consciousness Impact | Being Shiva Foundation

Dharmic World - Global Harmony | Being Shiva Foundation
Dharmic World - Global Harmony | Being Shiva Foundation

May you all be blessed, attain Samadhi & get rid of human suffering!

Adiguru Prakriti

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