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Secret to finding the Experiencer

Is Experiencer hiding behind senses? Is it hiding behind your desire to seek happiness? Or is it hiding behind the walls of an ambitious personality?


Hurrah! Wow! What an amazing view it is? Isn't it? Seashore, waves hitting the foothills, wet fog all around, water shining as sun-rays hit it. The Experiencer within you feels so elevated. Not that there is anything wrong about being in Nature, but this article pertains to an Experiencer persistently running outwards.

“You visited so many places, climbed so many mountains, swam in so many waters. But when you went back home, you were still empty within. Mountains, sea, forests, scenic vistas, new faces all stayed where they belong. When you went there you were empty, when you came back you are the same. Nothing changed!”

Yes, this Experiencer will not fill that painful emptiness within. You go on living as an Experiencer and keep running after experiences. When you are living as an Experiencer then how to see it objectively? How can a subject see, examine, itself from the distance, as an object? A division within needs to happen, right? You are identified with the personalities that you are, you don't know the real you yet.

The Real You

Why are we trying to find, and know the #Experiencer? Because we want to remove all that you are not. We want to get to the bottom of "who you really are?" You must have already heard that you are not your body, you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts. So, in a nutshell, we can say that you are not your personalities, identities. Experiencer in you hides behind one or many of those personalities which you have created, like Adventurous, Traveller, Sporty, Hiker, Biker, Mountaineer, Swimmer, Gardener, Mother, Father, Lover, Spouse, Employee, Business-person, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Child, Sibling, Asian, Caucasian, Diabetic, Anxiety prone and so on. But if you look carefully, deeply then you will realize that you constantly indulge in activities to strengthen that Experiencer, and the real you stays hidden, silent. If I constantly stay busy with improving, mending, fixing, polishing my mask, then I won't have time and energy to take care of my Real face, and I will be least bothered about it anyway because I will have to wear a mask on top of it. But, know that Real You can come out, it need not be hidden, first, you need to know all the masks of yours and remove them. The journey to be Real You is all about discovering the False You(s).

Jay Shivay!


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