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I Am The Vasana

This realization could send you on the wild goose chase or might help you Realize The Self.


Imagine for years, months, weeks, days and hours you were diligently cleaning your house, every nook and corner, front-yard, backyard and finally it starts to look all sparkly clean and you are so proud of your intelligence, sincerity & skills to clean it and are in gratitude for those who time to time helped you. And while you are basking in the glory of your work and are finally at ease, a little happier, then you realize "You are the real dirt/trash in that house".

Now what?

After walking the spiritual path seriously and doing your Sadhanas diligently, removing, dissolving all Vasanas, raising your energy/Shakti, the day comes when you realize "I am the Vasana". Yes, "I am", "I" is the Vasana. The last Vasana (#ChittaVritti) to whom all the other #Vasanas belong to.

Since you are identified with your Ego (Aham) this "I am" or "I" means your #Ego. Now, this realization could send you in frenzy. Ego fears this realization the most because it's an announcement of death-sentence for the Ego.

Ego's Tantrums

Now, the ego says "what the heck?". How can this be? This is not true. This is not possible. The one who is making me realize this (perhaps a Guru or your own Intellect/Buddhi) has no experience or idea about all this. After all, there are thousands of Spiritual Paths, there are many ways to Realize the Self. I will not suffer. I will not dissolve myself. I will not die, else who will be Enlightened/Self-Realized. This suffering is not the only way. I will burn my way and with tears of joy and gratitude side by side I will keep healing myself. I can be in my la-la-land and still be Self-Realized, will still attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Hang on, let me "prove" it, that there are a thousand ways. And that my way is one of the possible & the right way.

There you go, on the wild goose chase. #Ego becomes your Guru & your Buddhi/Intellect.

Crown Your Ego - It is your guru now
Crown Your Ego - It is your guru now

It is not so easy to see the drama & tantrums of your own Ego because it is You. After years of sadhana (spiritual practices), your ego has transformed itself into a Spiritual person and you feel you "know" the way. You start looking deep within and you see the positive transformation, you pat yourself. Mind it, who is looking within for analytical judgments? Intellect/Buddhi (Inner Guru) or Outer Guru? None! You, Your Ego. After a lot of analysis and judgment you create supporting "arguments", you come up with proofs (at least you think so) that support your argument that "I am not the Vasana, hence I stay, I do not have to suffer, I do not dissolve".

Well, you can waste months, years, perhaps a lifetime on this wild goose chase. It's your choice!

Know one thing though - From this point on you are neither on #Bhakti Yoga path nor on #Kriya Yoga path. You are not on #Karma Yoga path either and you "definitely" are not on Wisdom (#Jnana) Yoga Path. From now onward you are on the glorious path of Bullshit Yoga. You are in Union (Yog) with Bullshit of your Ego. Now your Sadhana will be "aimed" towards denial of your ego's presence, justifying your ego's way is the right way.

You on Bullshit Yoga Path
You on Bullshit Yoga Path

Such people after a few years are 100% able to justify to themselves and to the world that they are now Enlightened and/or Self-Realized. There you go, start teaching, preaching around the world. But wait, don't forget to save your face, hide your personality/ego, hide your human emotions, your childishness, your goofiness, your mistakes, your bodily needs, your crazy habits, and above all your #Anger!

Mind it here, that a real Self-Realized Guru can beat the crap out of you, can show you stars in full daylight and will not frown at all if it goes viral on all social media platforms (means become public). Not because they are licensed to do so. Only because You, the Real You matters for them more than their image in the eyes of other's ego. Some of you are hell-bent upon going against yourself, the life that you are. Real Guru can set you straight. They do not bow down to your Ego or the entire humanity's ego, their commitment is to the Soul that you are and to the Divine/Supreme Consciousness that is.

But since you are going via #BullshitYoga Marg/Path, you design and create the best cover-up possible for your human-nature, and appear Divine. Ta! Da!

When I see such people & their years of successful covert-operation I wonder why Intelligence Services do not send their commandos to train with such Gurus. They are perfect not just for Brain Wash, instead, a Total Identity Wash, literally, without billion dollar scientific equipment.

Their Mantras are -You are not Potato! You are Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! You do not have Mind, Thoughts, Emotions! Open your 3rd Eye! 3rd Eye! 3rd Eye!

I AM 3rd EYE
I AM 3rd EYE

I don't want to go into any more details about "what happens when one becomes a "#YogBhrashta?".

Yog Bhrashta - Yoga warns against a fall from grace when you waver from your Awareness of the goal of Vasanas Removal & Self-Realization (Chitta Vritti Nirodaha). Yes, one falls from the Grace of Inner or Outer Guru when one discards their own pure #Buddhi/#Intellect, Pure Awareness instead, become slave of their Ego again, despite knowing that they have already spent hundreds of lifetimes in that slavery.

Is there a way out?


You need to be very strong in your fight with your Ego. You need to be cautious about the moves, tantrums and drama of your own ego. Do not get into ego's trap. In every moment be very sure about "who are you crowing as your guru?". Must not be "your ego", or you are doomed. You need to have "faith" on your "inner or outer Guru". Understand that your Guru is like a Mother, who will embrace you in all pains & suffering. Your Guru is there with you at all times. Do not fear what is to come.

That's all that is needed.

Jay Shivay,


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