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Nirvana Deeksha/Initiation

Ultimate Consecration of the Soul, also called Shambhavi Deeksha

Nirvana Deeksha

There are many different types, levels of initiations. You might have heard some of them like Mantra Initiation, Yantra Initiation, Tantra Initiation, Shaktipath etc. Only few might have heard about Nirvana Initiation, also known as Shambhavi Deeksha. As per #Agamas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures), Initiation/Deeksha is the consecration of the Soul. That is what helps you (#Jeevatma) to pursue Spiritual Journey towards Self-Realization. That is what helps you see delusional nature (Maya) of this relative reality. That is what helps you realize the Ultimate Truth/Shiva/Brahm/Christ Consciousness.

Note that, not every Guru believes in Initiating you, some believe you should be able to lit the fire within you by yourself. At least once, if you can't ignite yourself, what is the guaranty that you will be able to keep the ignition on for so long. Also note that Initiation is not a one-time thing/event until you have been given Nirvana Initiation, or you have attained the Pure Consciousness state permanently. Until you have started living as a Soul/Pure Consciousness/Atma, you may be initiated many times.

Yes, for some disciples like me, one Shaktipath initiation is all that is needed. So, if you are going for a second Shaktipath initiation, ask yourself first what happened to the first one? How far did you reach? How much internal work you have done within? How much time have you dedicated to your own spiritual journey? How serious are you about yourself? Do you have hidden agendas on the name of spiritual journey? Is it about powers/siddhis? It is also possible that you may not have received the Shaktipath from a Self-Realized Guru and hence in this case going for the Initiation from a Self-Realized one is necessary.

What type/level of initiation you should be given should be solely at Guru's discretion. You don't know at what level you are, at what point in your journey you are stuck at, which rest area you are wasting time at. So, let Guru decide that. No initiation ever goes waste. The power of Initiation is always with you because it's about removing that innate impurity of the Soul/Consciousness which brought Soul (Atma) in existence by separating it, veiling it in the first place from the Supreme Consciousness (Paramatma).

You may take tens of bodies in hundreds of years, still, the power, intensity of any type/level of initiation is never lost. Initiations do not require the physical presence of the Guru and the disciple/receiver. Initiations are not for the physical body, hence your body need not be present in front of the Guru. Initiations are for the Soul, for the Consciousness that you are, and Guru is the Supreme Consciousness himself/herself and of the size of the Cosmos, Infinity. You think of physical presence only because you are still identified with your body and it gives you more psychological satisfaction. You can read more about Mantra Initiation and Shaktipath here.

Type/Level of Initiation

It is about you, your receptivity, as much as it is about the power/Shakti. Ultimately, what can cause a breakthrough in you as of now is what matters. Where you need a needle, a sword is useless. Yes, Mantra Initiation is much less powerful than Shaktipath, but that's what you may be able to handle for now. A guru cannot fuse the 25 watts light bulb that you are as of now, through his 10,000-watt power/Shakti. The higher the Shakti, the higher the degree of commitment to your own spiritual path.

Higher the degree of #Vairagya/#Renunciation in your mind, higher the level of Initiation. Higher the intensity of you burning within, higher the level of Shakti that you can be given. #Mantra, #Yantra and lower level of #Tantra are all "external ritual" based initiations. Where a receiver/person is asked to do something externally. Like Japa, Pooja, Anushthan, Yagya, Rituals etc. Such a person is a newbie on Spiritual Path, a youngster who has just started or has got the desire to start. Higher/Deeper levels of Tantra & #Shaktipath is for more serious seekers. Sadhana for these is internal.

It's about working upon yourself, your vasanas, your blockages, your ego/aham, your body, mind, emotions, your chakras and a whole lot that you think is you. It's about directly awakening your Kundalini Shakti. Regardless of through which path (Jnana, Kriya, Bhakti, Karma Yoga) or Initiation, you reach the end (Self-Realization), ultimately, your #Kundalini is awakened. So these type/levels of Initiations are about #Shakti #Awakening, balancing the Feminine & Masculine within.

This is a serious work, demanding full dedication and renunciation within, and is geared towards your energy/Shakti and Vasanas, Blockages that are in your mind/emotions (4th-dimensional body). Which can be removed through Kriya/Kundalini Yog along with Self-Enquiry/Deep Introspection (Jnana/Gyan Yog). External rituals, Hatha Yog or Asanas are not needed.

Nirvana Deeksha

“When a Guru initiates & puts you into the Cosmic Consciousness, that is Nirvana Deeksha. This is the point of no-return. You surely will attain Nirvana! When is a question, you need to ask yourself. It's your life and it runs on your timeline.”

Yes! While all other Initiations help you clear your blocks, awaken your Kundalini, see within, #Nirvana Deeksha directly puts you on the spot where you are trying to reach. While all other initiations are like taking a passenger bus which stops at every big and small bus stations, gets stuck in traffic, stops at traffic signals, rest-areas, Nirvana Deeksha is like disappearing from the starting place and appearing close to the destination. The result of living in Sahaja (with ease) after Self-Realization is Liberation/Nirvana/Moksha. When the Guru initiates you into Nirvana Deeksha it is about directly through ParaShakti (Unmanifest Supreme Power which creates AdiShakti/Primordial Power) changing your perception, transforming your personal/individual Consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness. This is the point of no-return, you will surely attain Nirvana in this lifetime, granted you are ready.

Only the Self-Realized ones (living or dead for less than 140 years roughly) who are/were also Shaktas/Tantra Masters can give Nirvana Deeksha, not just any or every Guru or those who have had glimpses/awakening, breached Enlightenment or mystical experiences.

Because this is the highest, the most powerful Initiation, direct #Samadhi, one must be really ready to receive this. This is given to very few by Self-Realized Gurus, as only very few are in such a deep receiving condition. Blessed are those! Ultimate Grace!

Shaktipath is Shakti (Manifest) infused initiation, while Nirvana Deeksha is Shiva (Unmanifest) infused initiation.

Free Flowing Shakti

Self-Realized ones are the source of ultimate power/Shakti. Hence Shakti is free flowing through them. Whenever too many desirous people ask for Initiation, Self-Realized ones just touch on people's head, or forehead or third-eye or may do so in a distant mode and the Shakti flows through the Self-Realized one to the receiver/person. How much Shakti will flow through them and will be received by the person, depends upon the receptive capability of the receiver. Shakti cannot ever flow more than it should, it can never flow too little either. It's always as per the capacity of the receiver. So is this Shaktipath Initiation? No! It is not. Shaktipath Initiation is not just about giving you Shakti to awaken your Kundalini (Serpent Power), it is also about teaching you, giving you the Kriya that you need and then guiding you going forward. It's a serious commitment for the Guru as well.

It's the most sacred bond.

Once Guru gives Shaktipath to the disciple, an unseen golden bond is created between the two and the disciple is held in Guru's awareness always. Even when the Guru and/or disciple leave their body, the bond stays alive/active until the disciple is Self-Realized.

Be Initiated

No matter what you are or you are not able to do, if you wish to attain Moksha/Liberation sooner rather than later, then at least once in this human lifetime be initiated by a Self-Realized Guru/Tantra Master/Shakta. Shaktipath, Kriya Initiation was given to me by my #Guru #Lahiri #Mahasaya (great-grand guru of Paramhansa Yogananda) in my past life, and in this life, Self-Realization happened. After Enlightenment, for 7 months my Guru's Visions were guiding me and took me all the way to Self-Realization. See the power of sacred golden bond.

तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

Sri Lahiri Mahasaya
Sri Lahiri Mahasaya

I can't stress the importance of Initiation by a Self-Realized Guru more than this. Be initiated!

Jay Shivay! Prakriti

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