Nirvana Deeksha/Initiation

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Ultimate Consecration of the Soul, also called Shambhavi Deeksha

Nirvana Deeksha
Nirvana Deeksha

There are many different types, levels of initiations. You might have heard some of them like Mantra Initiation, Yantra Initiation, Tantra Initiation, Shaktipath etc. Only few might have heard about Nirvana Initiation, also known as Shambhavi Deeksha. As per #Agamas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures), Initiation/Deeksha is the consecration of the Soul. That is what helps you (#Jeevatma) to pursue Spiritual Journey towards Self-Realization. That is what helps you see delusional nature (Maya) of this relative reality. That is what helps you realize the Ultimate Truth/Shiva/Brahm/Christ Consciousness.

Note that, not every Guru believes in Initiating you, some believe you should be able to lit the fire within you by yourself. At least once, if you can't ignite yourself, what is the guaranty that you will be able to keep the ignition on for so long. Also note that Initiation is not a one-time thing/event until you have been given Nirvana Initiation, o