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On what does astrology truly works?

What is in you on which the planetary impact actually takes place? What is in you which when is removed defies all astrological predictions?

Solar System

The position of #planets, stars, during the event of your birth has an impact on you that is often described in your natal chart (#birthchart/Janam-Kundali) #horoscope. So many people are born at the same location, time and date, hence so many will have similar planetary positions or horoscope. But in fact, no two lives are similar despite having a similar birth chart. No two people are impacted the same way. Why? What is it in you that these planets impact on?


Whatever you would like to call them; #Sanskaras, #Vasanas, Set Patterns, Engrams, Imprints or Chitta-Vritti. Some call it "compulsive behaviour/actions/reactions" because people exhibit them as an unconscious compulsion as opposed to conscious choice.

I like to call them Vasanas (Vedas: #ChittaVritti) which means latent tendencies residing in your Unconscious Mind (#Chitta) which when becomes active are called as Sanskaras. Vasana in action, in play, is a Sanskara. Vasanas and Sanskaras have a one-to-many relationship. One Vasana could unfold into many Sanskaras.

The most important thing to understand is that you are born with them. You have accumulated them through your life experience since lifetimes. For example, some are born with the Vasana of "lack of self-worth" and they will go on looking for outside approval and appreciation for everything that they do since childhood.

Some are born with the Vasana of "lack of self-love" and the whole life they will run after love & relationships, to the extent that they will bear any abuse on the name of love/relationship. Some are born with the Vasana of "anger", they are angry as a child, throwing temper tantrums, and they grow up as angry adults and go through anger issues/management. Many are born with the Vasana of "Pain of #Separation" or "#Abandonment" or "inability to grasp knowledge/wisdom of life - lack of purity of intellect" or "Self-Centricity" or "Solidified Ego" and their life is all about "I, Me, Mine" or the Vasana of "#Jealousy" or "Grudge Holding" or "#Attachment/#Clinging" or there may be something else.

Not all Vasanas are bad. There are some good Vasanas too. Being an #Empath, #Intuitive, #Healer, #Visionary, #Creative, #Psychic, #Gyani (Life Wisdom), Pure Intellect, Vairagi/#Renunciate, Courageous and so on are some of the good ones.

Everyone is born with a few good and bad Vasanas. Everyone is a bundle of Vasanas. Now planets are humongous existence in comparison to the human body. Hence planets do impact your existence. Like Space-Time distortion on Earth is felt as gravity by us, it's similar to that. It's pure science. You can read/watch about Einstein's theory of "General Relativity" to understand how space-time & everything that exists within it impacts each other including humans. You can also read/watch about another Scientist Nassim Haramein's theory of "Connected #Universe".

Finding the truth behind everything requires learning new things and unlearning a lot of old. It also requires purity of intellect (Sattvik Buddhi) to grasp.

However, planets cannot push or pull your physical body directly due to the high density and distance. But, you are not just your physical body. You also have an energy body (#Pranamaya Kosha), mental-emotional body (#Manomaya Kosha), intuitive body (#Vigyanamaya Kosha) and bliss body (#Anandamaya Kosha). Where is the "inner-space (#microcosm)" dimension in you which is connected to the "Cosmic Space (#Chiddakasha/#Chittakasha - #Macrocosm) dimension of the Universe?

Your Chitta (Unconscious Mind). #Vasanas (Vedas: Chitta-Vritti) are stored in your Unconscious Mind (Chitta), means they are part of your Mental-Emotional body (Manomaya Kosha). Planetary impact happens directly on your Chitta, your Unconscious Mind which is the storage house of all Vasanas. Planets in Cosmic space-time (#Kala/#Kaal) impacts your personal space-time (Chitta/Unconscious Mind).

If all the above seems too complex to understand, then, in a nutshell, know that planets impact your Vasanas. And because everyone is a different bundle of Vasanas, have Vasanas in different permutation-combination, therefore, the impact varies, life events varies, life scenarios are different and Choices are different. Overall the effect seems to be different.

For example, if one person is born with Vasanas (latent tendencies) of "Courage & Lack of Self-Love", while the other person born at the same location, date, time as the first one, but with the Vasanas of "Fear & Lack of Self-Love". Then when these Vasanas come into action due to planetary impact and becomes Sanskaras at almost similar Kala (Cosmic Space-Time) in both, then that means both will deal with "Love & Relationship issues/events in life" but since both are born with different Vasanas, the planetary impact will be different, despite the same birth chart and #ZodiacSigns.

At the same Cosmic space-time (Kala) on one person, the planetary positions will work on the Sanskaras (active tendencies) of Courage & Lack of Self-Love, while on the other person similar planetary positions will work upon Fear & Lack of Self-Love. Their life choices will differ from each other. Their Karmic Lessons/Life Lessons will differ from each other. Hence it is perceived that despite similar birth charts two people are having a totally opposite life.

Vasanas combined with life events, choices is what you call Fate or Karma.

Creating your own destiny

Now if you want to change the planetary impact then should you take a space-shuttle and go fooling around with planets and their positions? If you want to change your horoscope then should you go to as many astrologers as possible until one writes it the way you want? To change the horrifying impact of #planets should you go and do as many #rituals, #poojas, #prayers, #yagyas and all that? No! None of these work.

Because you are trying to change the "impact/pain" not the "cause of the impact/pain". Cause of impact on you is your Vasanas (Chitta-Vritti) and not planets. If you did not have certain Vasanas, planets would have done nothing. Walking your Spiritual Journey through #Yog/#Yoga-Sadhana is what is needed to remove the hold of Vasanas from you. #Patanjali (Father of Yog/Yoga) gave the definition of Yog as: Yog - Chitta Vritti Nirodhah ( योगः चित्त वृत्ति निरोधः ) It means Yog is the way to remove Vasanas/Chitta-Vritti.

Why did Patanjali start Yog Shastra/Scripture with such a definition? Because removal of Vasanas/Chitta-Vritti is the most important thing to know & do in life. Vasanas are all that matters actually and creates pain, suffering and wreaks havoc in your life. Vasanas are the roots & cause of your broken, unhappy, unfulfilled life as you live it. It's what creates #Karma or fate as you call it. Vasanas is what keep you in the loop of birth & death cycle. The net result of removal all Vasanas is #Moksha/#Liberation. The event when all your Vasanas including Cosmic Space-Time (Kala) are gone is #Enlightenment/Self-Realization (#Atma-Bodha).

Now you know why should you remove Vasanas? So your life, every action, every thought becomes a Conscious Choice as oppose to Compulsive Reaction. When you walk Spiritual path, a path of Yoga-Sadhana your Vasanas are dissolved, removed, your Karma is all depleted, Life lessons all learned, your inner-space (Chitta) starts expanding to become Cosmic Space (Chittakasha), your personal space-time starts expanding to become Cosmic space-time (Kala/Kaal), your perception is changed, and the Real You (Atma/Soul) starts living the life. The soul is Pure Consciousness (Shuddha-#Chetna), all-pervading awareness.

Hence the life choices are made Consciously. Thence A Soul creates/writes his/her own Destiny. That's how you become the creator of your own destiny. Until this is achieved, your Vasanas and not the planets will kick you like a rock here and there and you will keep on tumbling till eternity.

Make a Conscious Choice and start walking your spiritual journey now. Many knowledgeable astrologers do not create the horoscope for those who are walking the spiritual path. As now they are on the path to defy all predictions and astrology. When you are no longer you then whom is the horoscope for?

Self-Realized/Enlightened ones do not have Vasanas hold onto them, hence their birth chart, zodiacs, do not impact them any longer. Their horoscope by any astrologer after Self-Realization becomes invalid. Those who try to predict the future of Self-Realized one do not know what does planets impact on?

The way Self-Realized ones live life going forward is all based on remaining momentum of #Prarabdha (Current Life Karma), Divine Will & Eternal Surrender. Where Divine Will means Conscious Choices made by Pure Consciousness, all-pervading Awareness. They are the Creators, not just of their own destiny but the destiny of all those lives they come in contact with.

Though shocking truth of the moment is #destiny no longer matters :-)

Jay Shivay!


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