Spiritual Paths: Gyan, Bhakti, Kriya, Karma

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

You take pride in multitasking, don't you? But when it comes to your evolution it should be a linear sequential progression. Why?

Four Paths: You are the center
Four Paths: You are the center

Aren't you a proud multitasker?

Most of you are. Very much.

Though when it comes to your transformation you suddenly go, no no no, not all at once, not from all sides, please, please, please, one way at a time, please beat me up on one side at a time. You think Universe listens to you? Since the day you are born you grow in all directions simultaneously isn't it? Or did your kidney, liver wait for you to shed skin first? Or did your nails, hairs wait for your pancreas to be fully grown first? No! All layers of your body grow simultaneously. You transform inside out and outside in simultaneously. This is how evolution works. Transformation happens in all layers of your existence. Though you may not be able to cognize it, because your mind, your awareness is limited and in a way, it is very good, else most of you may not be able to decide what to grow first, Heart or Liver?