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Time for a change

No, not the external change. Not the change for the Experiencer. Damn it!

Time for a Change
Time for a Change

Whenever you are asked to change yourself, you go on changing the personality connected to that person, job. You go on changing the personality traits of that role which creates problems for you or others. Isn't it? And how do you change it? Becoming more acceptable, humble, soft-spoken. So it's like moving the pendulum to the other side. If by control, by external force you can change the behaviour and push the pendulum to other side, then just imagine how much life-force you will spend to keep it to that other side? If old can be changed to something new, then that new stands a chance to be back to old with just a small kick, just one push.

“Transform yourself. Experience the Experiencer, Know the Knower and Be the Being!”

How about introspecting and dissolving the boundaries of all your personalities? That doesn't mean not playing the role of a parent, child, employee, business-person, artist, activist or whatever. That simply means not being bound by the limitations of those roles. You are an infinitely abundant being. Just be that!

Be Life itself

Yes, you do not have to wear face masks of your personalities every time you go on dealing with the world, or especially dealing with your inner world. Just see even when you are thinking you are wearing one or the other face masks. Sometimes in your thoughts one face mask is fighting with the other. For how long you will be just somebody else? When will you be truly yourself? When will you be Life itself?

Jay Shivay!


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