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Worshipping Powerlessness

Fear of power is deeply ingrained in you through the millennia of power abuse by the rulers. On the spiritual path you can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape the powerful presence of Shakti.


Since ages, throughout history, you have learnt about abuse of power by powerful people in one way or the other. You have witnessed the greed resulting into power abuse. It could be the power of beauty, money, land or physical strength creating imbalanced #patriarchal societies.

Power abuse through authority you still experience in the form of politics, corporate, and government systems. In relationships, especially the close ones, a subtle power abuse through ego-trips is all so visible. As a child, your small body stature didn't help either in front of parents/elders.

Now there is some truth to this. That yes, when power is held by abusive people then they can misuse it and they often do because of their greed for one thing or the other or their fears. Alas! The world is “blind”, people are less Conscious, so their actions, thinking is less conscious too. They are enslaved by their greed and fears. What does all this do to you? You learn that having power is wrong!

Power makes you arrogant, less caring, selfish, cruel, egoist and non-spiritual. Deep down in your heart, you start #worshipping #powerlessness. A seed of being a #rebellion against the power of any kind is sown. Helping the meek-weak people, society around you feels like compassion, and fighting against power misuse by sociopolitical giants or even an elder in your family gives you a humane feeling.

There is nothing wrong with #Charity or helping the weak, meek and underprivileged in the society or standing against what is not beneficial for you, for people. But it should not be the "expression of your inner power struggle". This is a deep statement. Ponder it for few weeks and see if in a way you do worship powerlessness and hide your powers.

Understand that if you are doing charity or are helping #underprivileged around you, then you are powerful than them. You do hold more power than those around you in many different ways. So, you are powerful enough, but not in acceptance of your own power because you love powerlessness because power is equal to Egoism for you.

The need for power

Most people secretly desire to be super powerful either in terms of wealth, or health or through superhuman powers. Many people who fear their own powerlessness do blunders and wreak havoc. What was #Hitler so afraid of? His human race becoming less powerful through crisscross breeding? What did he fear the most?

His own powerlessness within. Which drove him mad as he didn't want to feel it over and over again. 90% of the people walk the spiritual path to gain powers of some kind. Most people are after Siddhis. Why?

Because of the deeply ingrained powerlessness that most of us have felt since lifetimes. Whenever you are asking for the power of #teleportation, #telekinesis, #bilocation, the #materialization of objects, #influencing others, #financial power, you are doing that because you feel powerless within, you feel you are small, you are nothing.

To be something, to be special, to be powerful you need these #Siddhis/Powers/Influences and you go after them. You go on justifying your powerlessness through social & humane causes. You hide it behind being simple, you cover it with your spirituality & morality. Will you ever get any power with such a powerless internal state? No! Why? Your external world is a reflection of your inner world. If there is powerlessness within, then you will be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, authoritatively, relationship-wise challenged and will have a powerless life.

You will remain spiritually poor too! You will not progress on your spiritual path. Just examine deeply in what areas of your life you are challenged right now. Relationships, money, health, spiritual progress? For those areas of your life, you are harbouring powerlessness within.

Being Powerful

Know that the True You is Ultimate Power. True You is Shakti-Shiva!

You don't feel that way. You don't know the True You, the Real You. Since ages and lifetimes, you have only known your small #ego/I-Maker, which is bound in thousand boundaries, which is half-dead due to so-called society & family pressures, which is the object holding burden of other's expectations.

Your Aham/Ego/I-Maker is what gives you the feeling of powerlessness. When you feel powerless, it's the Ego/Aham feeling it, not the Real You. When you feel that way, negate it. Right at that moment be conscious and remind yourself as to "who" in you is feeling powerless right now. Your power comes from Being #Shakti. This shouldn't be your friend's or family's responsibility to give you back the throne of your power by praising you endlessly.

They shouldn't be the #Knights fighting your fight by appreciating you for anything or everything that you do and you don't. No one should be emotionally bandaging you. Grow up! Your journey is your journey. Be your own Knight and Be Mighty through your own efforts. Enhance your Perception and find the True You.

Powerfulness doesn't equate to Ego, it's Love within. The real power originates from Love. In other words, powerlessness is absence of Love, a sign of closed Anahata Chakra.


On the spiritual path, you start experiencing the powerful presence of #Shakti. It comes as powerful waves and is gone after a couple of hours, sometimes a couple of days. You wonder what happened? Why were you not able to hold it? Well, look within! Look into this #Vasana of powerlessness. See if you are harboring it in any way.

Para Shakti
Para Shakti

Shakti at 75th Dimension is highly vibrant, unstable, and volatile. When it descends in you, it dissolves a lot in you. It melts & evaporates the "Experiencer & Knower" in you. All that is left is True You.

To behold such a power, Shakti in it's highest (Para-Shakti/Supreme Power) you need to be free of any powerlessness within.

Jay Shivay!


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