You exist, because I do. You are because I am.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Only because you can refer to thyself, I exist. When I cease to exist, You will too.

You are because I am
You are because I am

When it gets tough in love and relationship and you start suffering the pangs & fangs and you wonder Why the hell did it happen? What just happened? How come you fall in love? Is that what love is? How can you be so foolish? And all those hundreds of questions that never get answered.

Incessant pain squeezes the life out of you and you no longer know whether you are dead or alive. Your senses go numb and the only feeling is deep piercing pain which occasionally gives you a sensation of being alive, though you wish not to be or you wonder why. Love hurts! Love burns! Many of you know that many of you have had that experience and may be many times in life. But what you may not know is that "Devotion hurts beyond your imagination". Devotion is the fire of highest intensity. Devotion not just consumes your body, mind, emotions, it consumes your entire existence. If you ever were able to stand back on your own two feet, if you ever got back your life, then that means you were in love and have not known #devotion. If your life is lived in constant burning pain and you never come back alive, if you are transformed then it is Devotion. Devotion is "deathly-evolution" means evolution through death of all that you are not. Devotion is a point of no return.

Mind it, here I am not talking about obsession. Don't confuse!