Being Judgmental

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Normal people have one use of being judgmental, Spiritual seekers have another. While Gurus have yet another.


How many hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades you spent judging others & yourself? Countless. Right? As if most of your time goes into just that. Is being judgmental so bad? No, it is not if you are conscious about it. If it's not your unconscious habit. If you are actually 100% conscious about it then it can serve a really beautiful purpose. Let's understand.

Normal People - Hiding their own Vasanas

When "being judgmental" about yourself and/or others is an "unconscious habit" of yours then it doesn't do any good to you or others. That's what most people are doing and that's why we think being judgmental is bad. It's not that being judgmental is bad, being unconscious about anything is not good for you. Eating, walking, working, breathing or doing anything else unconsciously is not good for you or others around you. Hence so much emphasis on Spiritual Journey, because it's all about becoming more and more #Conscious.