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Varna Vyavastha: Ancient Indian Test for education & career decision

Are the modern tests like Aptitude Test, Cognitive Skills Test/IQ Test, Personality Test, Perception Test successful in their purpose? Was the ancient Guna/Virtue test more successful in career/life determination? How such tests change society, a country over the period of time? What is the ultimate goal of structuring society, city, nation?

Surrender your head/ego/aham
Surrender your head/ego/aham

The modern goal of structuring society, city, nation is based on Money, Resources, Power and Politician's Ego. In other words, the goal is "Rajasik", which means Worldly, Resources, Desire, Power, Ego driven. You all know that.

What you might not know is that in every human being, there are 3 Gunas/Virtues: Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. In ancient times, based on these 3 Gunas, people were divided into 4 Categories: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra for the purpose of education, career decision and duties allocation. And such exercise of determining the Guna by the Enlightened/Self-Realized Gurus & King/Queens and allocating duties was repeated every few years, because people change, evolve hence accordingly their work, duties, responsibilities must change.

Note: Here, we are not talking about the Hindu Caste System based on Birth Family, which is the adulterated, severely corrupted, unconsciously created version of the Varna System by Rajasik and Tamsik people. When will you lie, cheat, corrupt? When you will realize that something is beyond your capability/limits, but you still want it for personal gains.

What is Sattva, Rajas and Tamas? Who are Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamsik? As I explained, every human being is a mix of 3 Gunas/Virtues: #Sattva, #Rajas and #Tamas. Those who have Sattva as their predominant virtue they are called #Sattvik people. Those who have Rajas Guna predominant in them are called as #Rajasik people, and those who have Tamas as their predominant guna/virtue they are called as #Tamsik people. Rajas and Tamas are predominant in most people, which means their life decisions, choices, intentions are driven by Tamas and Rajas mostly, and Sattva remains in a seed form, waiting for the perfect ground to sprout.

Sattva Guna: Sattvik People: Pure Virtue: Brahman

People with predominant Sattva Guna are Spiritual by nature. They not only think about themselves but for every being. They abide by their existence not just in a city or nation but in the Cosmos. The purpose, the goal of their life is attaining #Moksha/Liberation/Ultimate Truth/Shiva/Shoonya/Christ Consciousness/Christhood/Buddhahood/Enlightenment/Self-Realization and helping others attain the same.

Shiva - Brahm
Shiva - Brahm

Human beings should attain #UltimateFreedom; that's what they work upon. They share the ultimate wisdom of life and are the bridge for others between their body and soul. They can help people/souls/Atma during & after the death of the body as well. They are easily able to Meditate and pursue spiritual practices and persevere for that. They have no problem understanding the Truth from Vedas, Agamas, Nigamas, existing Sacred Scriptures, and they can explain to others as well.

The wisdom of scriptures does not look like the Da Vinci Code to them. They have Sattvik Buddhi (Intellect) & Sattvik Dhriti (Perseverance). They are Sattvik Karta (Doers), and their worldly life is a #KarmaYoga in play. They are peaceful, joyful and loving by nature. They do not have worldly desires or goals or hidden agendas; hence their advice is not biased by anything or influenced by anyone. The only purpose of their life is Human's Ultimate Well-Being. They sleep less, they eat less and they are mindful of the planet's resources as they are Cosmic #Beings. They help not only humans but animals, insects, birds, spirits, ghosts, angels, devas and other #Celestial Beings too.

Enlightened/Self-Realized Gurus were able to recognize the Sattva Guna in young children and people. Such people were categorised as #Brahmans, and they were given the opportunity of learning spirituality, studying sacred scriptures, learning spiritual sadhanas, pursuing the spiritual path and later on spiritually teaching, counselling, guiding the King/Queen and the whole nation.

Spiritually evolving the #nation. Protecting the Wisdom of Sacred Scriptures by assimilating it, embodying it (Yes, not by hiding it from others or locking it in the #TreasureChest). Such people required to live in consecrated energy places to be successful in their endeavours, and general public interference was not needed. They were given all that was needed by King/Queen.

To maintain the sanctity and pure energy, their food, clothes, body, bed, belongings were not touched by other people without going through purification, #consecration. Unless their entire family was Brahman, such children were asked to leave the family and join the #Gurukul (Spiritual Studies School), so they are not raised improperly by the Rajasik and/or Tamsik parents and relatives and are not forced into worldly life, which is of no use as they are #Vairagi (Non-Attached) within.

This is who a Brahman is. This is the Cosmic, Timeless, Ageless, Eternal Truth about being a Brahman.

Rajas Guna: Rajasik People: Kshatriya

Rajas Guna is highly dynamic; it's the energy in high motion/vibration; hence it rarely exists alone by itself. Rajas exhaust either Sattva or Tamas. Usually, people have Rajas + Sattva or Rajas + Tamas mix of Gunas predominantly, and pure Sattva is in a dormant seed state in them.

Sattva when is mixed with little bit of Rajas, then such people are healers, music composers, innovators, idea generators, artists, poets, author, creative people. Such people stand a high chance of being Enlightened sooner than others. Such children should not stay with high Rajasik and Tamsik guna parents, or they will suffer emotionally & mentally, as they will be forced to suppress their creativity. Kabir, Rumi were poets and were Enlightened through Bhakti Yog.

Rajasik + Sattvik: Kshatriya: Warrior Class

Every nation needs fighters, an army, courageous people to protect the population and resources. People with strength and courage to kill the enemy and protect. People who can pursue a goal even if it means death. People who are aggressive and can direct their aggression for the right cause, like protecting Dharma.

These are the people who have a very large sense of responsibility. It's not just limited to their family or society or city; instead of the entire nation and its population is their responsibility. They are courageous enough to die, leave their body for humanity and Dharma. Like Self-Realized ones are courageous enough to die the Real Death for humanity's sake (Bodhisattva).

Such people possess Rajas Guna with a touch of Sattva. These people were categorised as #Kshatriya, #Warrior Class. Enlightened/Self-Realized Gurus were able to recognize such traits, and Rajas Guna with a mix of Sattva in it in young children and adults. Children were asked to leave the family and join the #Warcraft School, so they are not raised improperly by the Rajasik+Tamsik parents and relatives and are not given the wrong diet or forced into other professions which are anyways useless as their high energy, strength, courage, fearlessness, aggression, expanded sense of responsibility will not let them stick to anything else. They won't be happy doing anything else. They will not evolve if they are forced into something else.

Shiva - Kshatriya
Shiva - Kshatriya

They were taught Warcraft. They were also taught Meditation & Yoga by the Spiritual Masters to cultivate mindfulness which is highly needed to fight the enemy and protect Dharma. They were specially trained and treated. Their diet/food, clothing, living, routine, discipline, upbringing was very different from other categories of people. Since they were fighting for their Kingdom, protecting the entire nation, they had many privileges, and they were taken care of properly.

Tamas Guna: Tamsik People: Vaishya & Shudra

Tamas guna is highly impure. But in many people, it exists with Rajas Guna, so its deep, dark, dense energy can be exhausted and purified.

Rajasik + Tamsik: Vaishya: Business Class & Agriculture

Every nation needs people to manage the resources and run the economy. These people's goals are money, power, name, fame, resource gathering. These people are business people. They pick up a resource and manage that and keep recycling it in the economy. Like a recruitment company keeps recycling you as a resource for many companies, and money, skills, knowledge keeps on moving, rotating. These people are the providers, social & economic nourishers.

Enlightened/Self-Realized Gurus were able to recognize such traits, and Rajas Guna with a mix of Tamas in it in young children and adults and they were categorised as "#Vaishya". These children were not asked to leave their family and society as many people belonged to the Rajasik + Tamsik category. Children stayed in their family and learned from their parents the skills for business. They were #HomeSchooled. Their parents, relatives, family members, other business people used to teach them what was needed. If the parents and family members were Tamsik/Shudra, then such kids used to go to other business places & families to learn the necessary skills and they were allowed to choose a resource to manage & recycle it in the economy.

They did not need any special diet or clothing. People with Rajasik + Tamsik Guna mix are fearful people; hence they were not fit to do anything else. If you make them learn Spiritual Sadhana, they will sleep instead. If you make them a warrior, they will run away from the battlefield. They won't be happy doing anything else. They will not evolve if they are forced into something else. Their needs, #desires, #goals are #worldly. They create the world and then live in it and often complain about it. Their fundamentals are achieving worldly goals by hook or by crook and persevere for those goals.

You see when people with such a mix of Guna (Rajasik + Tamsik: Business class) becomes Politician and Leader of a Nation. Every citizen becomes a commodity for them, a means for adding onto their power, wealth, and fame. Progress happens in most lucrative areas by exploitation, not in the purest areas for human life. Leader/King/Queen of the Nation should possess Rajasik + Sattvik gunas, Kshatriya traits. Only then a country can evolve humanely.

Tamsik + Rajasik: Shudra: Helper Class/Employees

Those who had higher Tamas mixed with Rajas belong to a #helper class, #employees. They were categorised as #Shudra. They can never get into business as they fear risks in life, even if someone gives them that on a plate. Forget about putting them in extensive Warrior training or Spiritual Sadhanas. They will not be happy doing those, they cannot endure them either. Their main idea of life is avoiding the pain of any type.

They are good at doing what they are told without using any higher cognitive skills. They need someone to lead them, verify their work, promote or demote them (tell them their place). The majority of the adult population today belongs to this category. By nature, such people are helping and they are busy helping their friends & family.

Shudras were tasked to help #Business category, #Warrior category and #Spiritual category people directly or indirectly. And that way their Tamas Guna will deplete in this lifetime and they will be better off in their next birth. Due to their helping nature, they may be able to earn a Grace from a Guru to be initiated and that grace can flourish in future lifetimes.

That's how the ancient society, the nation was structured. No one was less or more important, everyone was needed. Without Spiritual Guidance, society, people behave like misguided missiles, suffer their own doings and will miss the goal of being born as Humans. It's like boarding a ship without a #Captain. Without strong Leadership, Kshatriya King/Queen & Army will implement a workable, non-chaotic system and then protect it from any harm from inside or outside. Without Vaishya, Business class and Agriculture, how will everyone survive and nourish themselves? Without Shudra, Helper/Employees class who will help other 3 categories/classes. In return, Shudras were spiritually guided, protected by the army, and nourished/provided by the Vaishyas.

All this was done not to undermine anyone's capability, but so that everyone is effortlessly joyful and peaceful. Remember the saying - "Do what you love & you will never work another day". Work doesn't feel like work to you. You enjoy and love what you do. You choose work according to your Swabhava/Nature/Gunas. You see all these enjoyable places, bars, nightclubs, even many of the so-called yoga & peace retreats, why do they exist? Because people are not doing what they love or what is natural to them. People have forced themselves into odd jobs and professions against their nature. Your nature (Swabhava) is your Gunas & your life should be designed accordingly. Though everyone should aspire to purify and increase Sattva. Due to working in the odd profession you are not peaceful, joyful effortlessly, instead you have to make extra efforts, get rid of your work for some time and go for a drink, or strip club, go to an exotic place or do something crazy to be joyful and peaceful. Most people in society are living in suppression.

What kind of a Nation will such people build? What impact their negativity, unhappiness will cause on Global Consciousness? How polluted the life energy in their surroundings will be?

Ancient World: Society, Education, Nation

In ancient times in India the goal of structuring a #society, #city, #nation was "Sattvik" means Spiritual. It was the goal of the King/Queen to make sure everyone was effortlessly joyful & peaceful doing what they are supposed to do. Everyone was progressing on their Spiritual Path in the time that was left from sustaining their life & other duties. When you are happy doing your work, you find time for other activities as well.

Everyone was able to evolve Spiritually & ultimately surrender their Head/Ego/Aham and get rid of their limitations sooner or later and be a better version of himself/themselves. So that the entire society, city, nation could evolve Spiritually. So that everyone can at least do Karma Yoga. Spiritual Evolution, making the most out of human life was the goal of every Soul/Atma. For King/Queen, Higher Authorities and Spiritual Gurus that was the basis for decision making for education/subjects allocation, career decision, duties allocation.

Enlightened/Self-Realized Gurus were leading and guiding the King/Queen and nation.

Then #GlobalConsciousness (Jagat-Chetna) started becoming impure, #Yugas (Time-Cycle) changed and there were very few Self-Realized ones and more nations & Kings/Queens to lead. The population of Sattvik people went down, Rajasik and Tamsik went high up. All pure systems were corrupted by Rajasik and Tamsik people. A few centuries later, humanity ended up self-destructing itself with #WorldWars and #NuclearExplosions.

A century later we are in a bit better position now. Yes! That is correct. Let's keep going.

Modern World: Society, Education, Nation

Modern tests like Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Perception Test all are designed for Tamsik + Rajasik means Employee nature/category of people. All college/university entrance exams are like that too.

Designed by Rajasik + Tamsik: Business Category people to generate certain kind of Employee population in the country, else, later on, they will have to invite especially skilled immigrants to work for their business or they will have to pay higher wages due to the scarcity of resources/employees. Which means a lesser profit margin.

Cognitive Skills Test/IQ Test is designed to separate out the population with Sattvik + Rajasik Guna, creative people especially visionaries, innovators, scientists to envision, create something that can be used by Rajasik+Tamsik: Business Category people for their hunger games of money & power. They are not looking for other creative arts cognitive skills while labelling these kids as "Gifted" in America & globally. Their criteria are to only select visionaries, innovator kind of kids and they are lured to be admitted in Science & Technology streams (STEM) to become a royal peg for money, power, business-driven leadership.

Military these days will admit anyone who is young, physically fit and can endure different skills training and is not super foolish. There are military-specific aptitude tests to identify which skills, training, the challenge can or cannot be given. That's why so many military people commit suicide, live in depression, suffer from post-war trauma or are mentally & emotionally challenged and are left alone by their own families. And they are not given any #SpiritualEducation to support them. In other words, since the Leadership of the nations consists of Rajasik + Tamsik: Vaishya: Business Category people, they do not know whom to admit and whom not to, and it's simply a system of global resource exploitation in the name of protection. All the remaining people who have higher Sattva with Rajas like artists, poets, healers, writers, creative people and those who are Sattvik people, Spiritual by nature & goals, may never pass any of the above tests. It is like giving a swimming test to an elephant or a tree-climbing test to a fish.

There is no test designed by anyone to test their capabilities because their abilities & characteristics are not predictable set patterns of the finite number (Unconscious Patterns) to be generalized as a Test. Now you know what is Test and what testing is about. Did anyone test Beethoven, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rumi, Kabir, Yogananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ramana Maharishi and other artists or Self-Realized beings? Do they really need to be tested?


They do find their own way and achieve what they have to. Their wisdom, creation is eternal. They are fearless Karma Yogis. Do they ever expect any recognition, certificate? Nope! They get a Divine, Cosmic standing ovation with celestial orchestra and permanent joy, bliss and peace. Is there anything else needed after that?

How are we better off now than a century ago?

Well, the number of creative people & the avenues for them have skyrocketed. Many people are leaving jobs and doing something on their own. And the number of people experiencing flash awakenings, temporary Kundalini Awakenings, momentary Samadhi has increased a lot. As a result, many people have understood the #MayaMatrix. Such people are trying to live consciously and are working to save life & life-forms in all possible ways. Such people are being activists and standing up for life and teaching/helping others while pursuing their own spiritual journey. The number of Self-Realized Beings is more than what it was a century ago. Due to the increment in the population of people having Sattva guna partially or fully, the Global Consciousness (Jagat-Chetna) is becoming less impure and the purity of it is influencing the Rajasik and Tamsik people to dissolve their Unconscious Patterns and become Sattvik in one way or the other and lead a life that leads to peace, joy and compassion for all.

Note: During the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna asks questions about Karma Yoga, Gunas, Varna System which can help achieve the goal of True Dharma. Krishna explains to him in few shlokas which are consolidated in Bhagwad Gita. This article explains those shlokas as well as provides information for Spiritual Seekers.

Krishna & Arjuna
Krishna & Arjuna

Jay Shivay!


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