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When Universe catches your Attention

Life keeps on moving, changing, going at a fast pace, but then suddenly Universe catches your attention. There is your ability to transform yourself, your life!


Nature of life is to keep changing, moving. Many are used to of changes happening at a fast pace while those who are fearful, who avoid changes, changes still happen in their life, but feels like accidents. Those who are used to of the normal behaviour of life which is movement, change, one after another, their perception of life is "continuous movement", "rhythmic dance" their energy keeps moving and they are in acceptance to whatever comes. Those who are not courageous enough to accept the speed and movement of life their perception of life is full of accidents in one way or the other. Changes to them are another name for accidents, karma, fate, flaws of their stars and what not.

One of the greatest of all is the Fear of Change!

Now suppose you are living your life where you are walking your Spiritual Journey, living consciously and your Karmic cycle has sped up and changes are happening quickly or many at once, then life just consumes you. But then you suddenly realize that there are things which are not changing since last few months or perhaps years. There is stagnancy in some area of your life.

There is something which hasn't changed for you since long. This realization might make you wonder "why"? Then there comes a time when you "do not even want to know why". It might be for whatever the heck reason. But you want to "change" it this time. You want it to transform.

You do not feel angry about the stagnant situation, you just feel stuck. Because the rest of the life around you is dancing, moving, flowing. Just this one situation or a couple may be out of sync with the rest of the movement. Imagine if one of two dancers in a group stops dancing or are sloppy?

That will just destroy the whole performance, isn't it? To many of us, this sloppy performance of life is just not acceptable at all. Leela (play) of life, of Consciousness, must be intense, magnanimous, must be gracious, glorious, must be smooth, must be loving, it should be a melody, a rhythm, unstoppable dancing spirit like. Great! You have realized that you need Transformation. Now you look up!

Universe caught your attention! The universe is always communicating with you. Anything out of sync in life, the snail movement, the stagnant energy, choked up emotional situations, the dead pace is how Universe catches your attention. You look up! Now you and the Universe face to face, communicating directly about the situation. You are head-on with Universe to change it. You exert your Will in a doubtless manner.

Yes, a Tandav, Shiva's Tandav, energy of raptures & closures, the energy of change, the dance of Shakti starts!

You are not angry or emotional about your stagnant situation. Because you can NEVER bring any transformation in yourself or your life if you are emotional or angry about your situation. Emotions/Anger can induce that "moment", that "state" within you from where the transformation is made. That moment, that state of transformation actually is "Absolute Surrender", where your Will and Universe's Will are NOT two different things, but it's one and the same. You and Universe are One! Then it doesn't matter which way the energy moves, towards opening, rapture or closure.

Then it doesn't matter how many events happen or what exactly happens, as external events no longer matter to you. You are an external life event agnostic, you are independent of what happens in your life or in the life of people around you. You have doubtless faith that Universe/Divine is loving and whatever will happen, will be for the good of all. You are looking for a transformation "within" and for that whichever way the Universe moves the external situations, you are open to it.

You have doubtless acceptance towards what will happen before it happens.

Unconditional Acceptance, Unconditional Surrender. Now, changes to external life will happen for you and for others around you as a result of the manifestation of the Transformation Within. Means transformation in you takes place first and then Universe changes the life around to exactly match with your transformation. Within you if a rapture happens then New Life Openings/Situations are created, if a Closure happens then many people are lost from your life forever, chapters are closed.

The interesting point here in duality, in the polarity of life is that neither Rapture exists alone, nor Closure. One is always followed by the other. All "ends" are new "beginnings". All new beginnings mark the end of that which was. In order for transformation to happen, you must be in acceptance of both! You must be in surrender to the duality the way it is. In acceptance of Life, you accept Death too.

May you all be successful in Dancing with Shiva & Shakti and Transforming Yourself, Your Life!

Jay Shivay,


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