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2 Different ways you can take Echoflections Program

Online Echoflections Program

Empower Yourself to build the life the way you want to!

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Spiritual Healing

​​Journey towards Liberation

The only way out is through head-on collision with all that you call "I, me, mine" ~ Adiguru Prakriti

Echoflections is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It’s a technology for Empowering Yourself to build the life the way you want to. Techniques will produce results irrespective of who you are. ~ Adiguru

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In Person Echoflections Program

Shaktipath Initiation is a serious process. During the process of Initiation, the Spiritual Energy of the Self-Realized Guru generates a thought, an intention for the benevolence of the Shaktipath Receiver. The Energy is projected towards the receiver through the medium of a mantra, or by merely casting a look, or by the simple touch of a hand, or by mere thought. The mantra is not mere words. Words are the exterior body of the Mantra. The sound of words holds the seed for the power of that Mantra. Within Mantra the Divine Power (Shakti) is hidden as the seed and stays in a inactivated mode. Adiguru Prakriti initiates unconditionally and you can benefit from her power. Learn more about INITIATION  >>

Self-Transformation through Echoflections - 4th Dimensional Yogic Science

  • A course for Untangling your Mind & Emotions
  • Path towards Moksha/Liberation
  • Inner Tranquility through the purification of Mind
  • Attain Emotional Equilibrium
  • Dissolve Karmic knots & issues
  • Practice Mindfulness 
  • Understand & Learn life lessons
  • Inner well-being and Self Realization
  • Learn Shivay Mahamudra
  • Rebuild & recharge Etheric Body
  • Take charge of your well-being
  • Learn Wholistic approach to managing life

Echoflections is a Science of achieving a complete transformation of Body, Mind, and Emotions. It’s a science for complete well-being. Echoflections means observing your reactions/echo through the world, people around you and making your unconscious conscious by reflecting upon your Unconscious Patterns, Karmic Impressions. 

Echoflections Program – Provides practical techniques and solutions to empower yourself to create the life the way you want it by taking full control of mind, emotions & body. It gives you an opportunity to explore yourself, your life using the methods from the 4th-dimensional essence of yogic sciences. This program imparts practical wisdom to increase and manage your life energy within. It helps you bring clarity to mind & emotions by removing Karmic Impressions, Unconscious Patterns. You will be learning Shivay Mahamudra to enhance your vital energy. 

Shaktipath Initiation & Mantra Deeksha

This program has been designed by Adiguru, a yogi, a visionary, and the foremost authority on ​4th-dimensional yoga which involves Mind, Emotions & Energy!

 Healing is a four step process - 

  • Healing the physical body, if manifestation has happened in physical body 
  • Increasing the prana-shakti (vital energy)   
  • Healing of Etheric Body, Chakras
  • Removing Unconscious Pattern (Karma)

Energy body needs to be healed, Chakra blockages need to be removed so prana-shakti (vital energy) can be increased and once the vital energy is sufficient enough then finally Karmas/Unconcious Patterns need to be brought into Conscious Light, so they can also be removed. HEAL YOURSELF >>